Mill Valley – Northern California

Yesterday was non stop.

We drove 320mls (515kms) from a truck stop near Bakersfild, north of LA, straight to a meeting with two Medical Intuitives in Mill Valley,

Mill Valley is a beautiful town / village across the Bay from San Francisco. It has a very famous film festival, and I was once a guest of that festival for about a week. One of my films was in Official Competition.

I didn't realise at the time that Mill Valley is a major centre for the teaching and practice of Medical Intuition. Aspiring medical Intuitives come from all over the U.S. to study at the Academy of Intuition Medicine –

There's also a University offering degree courses and PhDs.

What is intuitive medicine? That's why I drove 320mls for that meeting. The meeting was with two women – one was a graduate of the Academy, and now a practicing medical intuitive. Her name was Lisa.

The other lady was older. Tall, greying hair, with eyes that were both compassionate, wise, all knowing, and all seeing. She radiated. You meet these people occasionally, and it's hard to classify them, to put a name to them, other than to understand that they're plugged in to a power socket that's beyond the reach of most people.

In times past she would have been burned at the stake.

Her name was Christine, and she too worked as a medical intuitive.

I wanted to know from these two women how medical intuition works. It's a complex practice, but in simple terms what they told me is this:

A medical intuitive first “grounds” herself and the client. Grounding is an essential part of medical intuition. It involves literally anchoring your etheric body into the earth.

The medical intuitive then begins a process of establishing an intuitive link or connection with the client, so that they can effectively read the database of that client. This enables the intuitive to determine what's wrong with the client. Sometimes they discover medical issues that the client wasn't even aware of.

Medical intuition is used both in the diagnosis and treatment of health issues. Treatment involves the medical intuitive harnessing and focusing various energies into the subtle body of the client.

After the meeting Jennifer and I checked into our hotel, and then we went to a class at the Academy. The Academy was founded in 1984 by Dr. Francesca McCartney, and she has pulled together an impressive list of consultants that includes research scientists, surgeons, academics, and practising physicians.

She'd invited us to the last class of the semester.

The class was held in a large room up a flight of stairs in a small building opposite a supermarket. There was maybe 25 students in the class, and quite a few teachers.

Dr. McCartney had invited kennifer and myself to this class, to show us how it all works.

The first part of the class involved each student recounting how their practice had developed over the semester. The second part involved “lab work,” in which the students practiced their techniques on each other.

One of the teachers did a session with me. Poor thing. It sent something like this:

She – Close your eyes and imagine you're sending down roots to the centre of the earth. Now, describe to me how you feel…

Me – I don't want to be earthbound. I want to fly.

She – (taken aback) Oh. Why do you want to fly?

Me – So I can see everything.

She – But you can see everything and still be grounded.

Me – Yes, but when I fly I'm closer to the Galactic Cosmic Rays.

She – (blinking fast now) Oh. But imagine you're a tree. You can still take in the Galactic Cosmic Rays as a tree.

Me – They're most beneficial closer to the sun.

She – But trees get sunlight.

Me – (impressed with her unwavering doggedness to get me grounded, and thinking I better stop being a smart arse) Yes, I guess as a tree I could photosynthesise the Galactic Cosmic Rays.

She (relieved, suddenly beaming) – Yes, you could photosynthesise!

Me – But I would need to be a big tree, like an old Oak. Or a giant Redwood. I don't want to be a piddling little tree.

She – Oh yes, I see you as a giant oak tree!

Me – I still want to fly. I do my best work when I'm flying.

She – (blinking fast again) Oh…

The class was fascinating. And there's no doubt that Dr. McCartney is a leader in the U.S. in energetic teaching and healing. I'm doing an interview with her later today, and with Christine too, the tall elderly lady. Both will provide very interesting insights.

But the first interview today is with Dr. Dean Radin from the Noetic Sciences Institute. I'm very much looking forward to that.

Then after those three interviews we begin the drive back down to LA again this evening. I have meetings back to back tomorrow when we arrive.

Crazy busy, but good.


6 thoughts on “Mill Valley – Northern California

  1. You are a naughty boy, Bill, to give the women such trouble.

    I know you want to “fly”, because you believe that is the only way to “see” and be closer to the rays. You might be an airbound being. But remember what happened to Icarus! ZING!

    There is much wisdom in grounding. Light and energy workers ground themselves all the time. I am earthbound, so grounding is second nature to me. In Reiki, it is essential and for me especially at night, because I never know if I will be in a lucid dream or travel a bit. Just imagine, without grounding, I might not find my way back. “woowoo” here comes Ingrid and bugs the heck out of Bill. 😉

    BTW, it looks like the cosmic rays have left Dallas. Intense fog has settle over Dallas. I saw an aerial shot, with fog and black things sticking out on top – made the Canadian news!. Looked weird, but it turned out to be the tops of the skyscrapers peaking out.

    Thanks again for the links, very interesting to check out.

    Light and Love, Ingrid


      • Then is this any different than all the other alternative “medical” practitioners that proliferate the internet today? What do you mean by “very delicate work which needs to be done by very proficient practioners”? Are they capable of diagnostic analysis (legal or not) or do they just go by gut “intuitive” feel as to what is wrong, and after they reach a conclusion, what are they capable of doing to assist the patient? Another form of Christian Scientist from a different belief base? When and under what circumstances would you suggest someone rely on such a Medical Intuitive, or would you.

        I know you are just reporting what you see and hear which may or may not be in alignment with your beliefs, but I remain curious. And, certainly anyone who claims to be an intuitive of any nature is fair game for the film. I realize that.



        • Hi Steve –

          had a really tough few days. Flew from Dallas, picked up a rental at LAX – left the airport at 6:30pm and drove for three hours up the 5 – stayed in a $49 a night hotel right by the highway, noisy as hell. Got up at 8am next morning and drove 350 mls to Marin County north of San Francisco for the two intuitives – that lasted 2 hrs – then checked into hotel, dropped bags, then had to be at class for a 3 hour session. Got back to hotel 1t 10pm. Wrote blog etc, woke up this morning at 5:30am – drove 30kms north to Petaluma, did unbelievable interview with Dr. Dean Radin, Chief Scientist with the Noetic Sciences Institute – had 30 min lunch break – drove about 25mls to San Rafael to do interview with an Intuitive healer – again a wonderful interviewer – then drove back to Sausalito to do interview with the Head of the Medical Intuitive Academy – another great interview, but man o man each of these interviews lasts about 1 hour, seriously, and THEY ARE INTENSE. I’m exhausted at the end of one, much less three in a day. Then that interview finished at 5:30pm, then we began to drive back to LA, but the traffic was bumper to bumper all the way from Sausalito to the turn-off to the 5 some 90mls south – took 3 hrs to travel 90mls, and not at another Econo-Lodge at Westerly somewhere north of Bakersfield. Have to drive all day tomorrow – 300+mls – back to LA for a lunch meeting, then dinner tomorrow night with a financier. I am whacked. So I can’t answer your question because I’m too rooted. Sorry. Ask Jill, she knows all about this stuff… 🙂 Your mate, Bill


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