Mill Valley – Day 2

I’ll keep this brief because today was a huge day, and I’m beat.

The day started with an interview with Dr. Dean Radin, Chief Scientist with the Noetic Sciences Institute, in Petaluma. The interview lasted about an hour – and he was terrific. He’s one of the leading researchers in the US into the study of consciousness. He was articulate, knowledgeable, and witty.

It was a broad-ranging interview and incredibly well argued. He’s the first person I’ve interviewed that’s given a scientific view on intuition.

He talked about Mozart, and genius. He said scientists don’t have a clue where artistic genius comes from. He acknowledged that historically, some of the great scientific breakthroughs have come out of inexplicable dreams or other intuitive insights.

Then we drove to San Rafael to interview Christine, the woman I met yesterday. She works as an Intuitive Healer, but I was more interested in her views on intuition generally. She spoke from the point of view of someone who makes their living out of using their intuition.

She was fabulous.

Lastly was Dr. Francesca McCartney, founder and head of the Academy of Intuition Medicine. She’s been teaching students how to use intuition for over thirty years, so she was able to express her views in a very powerful and persuasive manner.

Wonderfully for me, she concurred absolutely not only with my notion that intuition is a personal guidance system, but she also teaches three of my five stages for becoming more intuitive. She teaches her students to ask, trust and follow.

I advocate:


Each of those stages will be discussed in full in the film.

Dr. McCartney at the end of the interview suggested I come and teach at the Academy! That was the ultimate compliment for me…

Someone today asked me how much of the film have I shot so far. It’s a hard question, because i’ve now shot about 35 interviews I think – and very few of them are less than 45 minutes long. Most are longer.

And I’m not finished collecting interviews yet by a long shot. I also have a lot of shooting of visual material to do too. As well there’s all the animation and CGI work to be done in post production.This is going to be a massive post job.

How much have i got so far? I’d say maybe 30%. A good 30%. Out of about 40 hrs of shot material, I might have about 30 minutes. That’s a shooting ratio of about 80:1.

All I can say is: Lucky this is video!


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