Post Dallas – Day 1

I'm out of the cosmic rays.

Sorry, I mean The Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays.

I miss them.

They did me good in Dallas.

Tonight I'm staying in an Econo-Lodge, for $49.95 for the night, including full breakfast and free wifi.

A long way from The Adolphus, in Dallas.

The Econo-Lodge is somewhere along the 5 (interstate highway) part way between LA and San Francisco.

We flew from Dallas this afternoon, the flight was three hours late departing, because of a mechanical problem. On arrival I hopped into a rental and drove north.

I'm heading up to interview Dr, Dean Radin, Chief Scientist with the Noetic Sciences Institute. One of the world's leading researchers into the science of consciousness. He's the guy that wrote the book Supernormal.

As well, I'll be interviewing Dr. Francesca McCartney, founder and head of the University of Intuitive Medicine, in Mill Valley.

Both have spent decades studying the underlying scientific principles relating to intuition. The interviews should be fascinating.

I do miss Dallas.

I genuinely loved the place. I can't understand how anyone could bag it. It's a fascinating city, and I found the people to be incredibly warm and friendly.

Jennifer and I will remember with great fondness the time spent with Joni Patry and her husband Daniel. And personally, I learned a huge amount from Joni – about astrology, intuition, and the divine connection with consciousness.

Jennifer says I have gone through a fundamental change since I arrived in Dallas sixteen days ago. She said that it was as transformative as my walking the Camino. She will write a separate post about it.

I certainly experienced some very weird things during my time there. And I learned a lot. And we shot some terrific film. I should say video. Still can't get film out of my vernacular.

Am I disappointed I didn't receive a bucketload of cash at the end of fifteen days?

No. I never expected that.

Am I disappointed I didn't get my film financed?

It's not over yet, let me tell you. Things are happening, as a direct result of my going to Dallas. Jennifer and I might well be living there soon – you never know. I'm not averse to the idea…

Dallas had a bright shiny energy, even when it was cold and overcast. There's something about the place just shines. The Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays have buffed everything up.

They buffed me up.

Amd now I'm out of their influence, I feel bereft. The world seems a bigger harsher place. Not my room though. My room at The Econo-Lodge is tiny.

Even smaller than the room at the Shady Oaks. And that was half the price.




2 thoughts on “Post Dallas – Day 1

  1. I believe you have access to the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays now everywhere you go because you are open to seeing and receiving them. You (both) made yourselves vulnerable and open to a new way of looking at life and at your place in the world and, as you said, it’s not over yet. May the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays be with you.


    • Haha – thank you Rebecca. Yes I have to say it was a bit scary going in, but I’ve learned so much. So has Jennifer. And yes, things are happening on the film front, which wouldn’t be happening had we not gone to Dallas.


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