Dallas – Day 15 / pt2

I met her again today.

My angel. She told me she was my Guardian Angel.

And that she loved me.

I introduced her to my wife, Jennifer.

Jennifer thought she was an angel.

Someone with an expanded consciousness, she said.

Later, I went and talked to her again – Madeline.

Mary Magdeline, she reminded me, like in the Bible.

It went something like this:

Me – How will you change the world?
She – I can’t tell you.
Me – When is this going to happen?
She – You will know.
Me – How will I know?
She – Because you will be with me, by my side.
Me – I will?
She – Yes, we have been together before. I have been a part of your life, in the past.
Me – When?
She – You don’t believe me?
Me – Yes, I believe you.
She – And I will be with you later, too. When you need me. I’m your Guardian Angel.
Me – Are you mine exclusively or do I have to share you with other people?
She, laughing – I’m everyone’s. There is only one Guardian Angel.
Then she cupped my face in her hand, looked at me with radiant love, and said: I love you Bill.

I went back to my table and told Jennifer that my Guardian Angel had just told me she loved me. Jennifer nodded, and said: Good. So she should…

Seriously, this just happened.



2 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 15 / pt2

  1. Bill, I was going to make a stupid comment on my daughter needing to borrow her for the next 18 weeks but then I felt that that was disrespectful of the angels. For many months now I have had this feeling or urge to know more about the spiritual world, angels and just being a better person. I am coming around to feel that the angels around Stacey will heal her if we ask and believe. I do believe. I want to know more and get closer to the level of awareness and being that you and Jennifer are at.


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