600th post

I noticed that the last post I just put up was my 600th post.

And this blog is getting close to 200,000 comments.

That’s since April of 2013.

Thank you guys for hanging in there with me on this crazy site. I wanted to shut it down after the Camino, but some of you urged me to keep posting, and here we are!

With each post I learn.
And with each comment you make, I learn.

Thank you…

13 thoughts on “600th post

  1. Bill, as someone said already… it is part of the morning routine. Keeping you and Jennifer in my thoughts today and sending your some “blessing rays” and much love. Ingrid

    p.s. I am very intrigued about Joni’s concepts that each Chakra is associated with a particular planet.


    • Ingrid, gorgeous lady that you are, thank you for your cosmic rays blessing!!

      And yes, after the session with Joni I’ll post up what she told me. Should be fascinating!

      Bill 😘😘😘😘😘

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  2. I don’t read all my emails Bill, but never miss reading your posts.

    Always entertaining or humorous or intriguing or informative or thought provoking and just occasionally, rubbish. But I always enjoy them regardless.

    Thanks Bill and good luck with the film.



    • Thank you Deb for these very kind words.

      And for your good wishes for the film.

      And to add, if I may: One person’s rubbish is another person’s gem.



  3. Bill I don’t think it was an accident that I stumbled across your blog when I did. Had I not I would not have already walked the Camino. I’d still be waiting. But more than that you make me think. You make me challenge my old beliefs. The conversations that happen in the comments section encourage me to keep learning and open my mind to more. For so many things I thank you and Jen.

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    • Dear Donna, that’s very lovely of you to say, thank you.

      If you or someone else can get something positive from our enquiries, then that’s a truly wonderful thing. You know we’re always here for you. Bill


      • I for one have gotten an immense amount of pleasure and knowledge and spiritual uplifting and virtual hugs from the last year and a half of your blog. All the friendships amongst us all are the best. Meeting you and Jennifer were the highlight of the century. I think all of us have received an immense amount of positive thoughts, ideas, feelings and knowledge from you. Can’t wait for the film.


  4. Congratulations Bill!

    600 posts – quite an accomplishment!
    I think I could count on one hand the ones that I haven’t truly enjoyed reading.
    They seem to be getting better and better too!
    The cosmic rays in action perhaps!

    Here’s a proposal for you – when you hit your 1000th blog post in a couple of years, and you’re rolling in money from your intuition film you should fly all your ardent blog followers to Mudgee for a special pgstheway shindig! What a group we’d make!

    I read last week that Mudgee was voted equal winner with fellow NSW rural town, Orange for Australia’s best kept secrets.

    Can’t remember if I sent you the link – here it is again.


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    • Hey Greg, yes Mudgee is a cool place. Orange though is freezing cold in the winter. And it’s got traffic lights. Mudgee doesn’t have one traffic light or one parking meter.

      Great idea about the PGS shindig – in my private jet, of course!!


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      • Bill
        I have looked at a few pictures of Mudgee in the past. It looks rather large in size. I can’t believe it doesn’t have traffic lights! The pictures i saw were beautiful. Large old beautiful buildings and scenery. I saw some pics on the internet and then some I think were taken by your brother or nephew. Beautiful place!! It would be fun to have a premiere showing of your movie and all of us come. Wheter it is Hollywood, Australia or Cannes; us pilgrims could always find somewhere to walk. Looking forward to the film.


        • Thank you Lynda. Yes, it’s something we’re quite proud about – no traffic lights and meters. Population is about 8000 I think. Love this talk about a premiere!! bb


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