Dallas – Day 14 / pt2

Today was a marking time day in preparation for tomorrow. Tomorrow is Day 15 – the last day in Dallas – and the day everything comes to a head.

I can’t say more at this stage.
Other than interesting things are unfolding.

Today there was a big Christmas parade that went up the main street of downtown Dallas, right in front of The Adolphus. We filmed some of it – and also filmed me walking around in the Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays.

At lunch time I met a wonderful lady who’d made contact, saying she wanted to have some involvement with the film. Over a $5.95 hamburger, which Jennifer refused to eat because she said it was disgusting, we chatted with this lady. She was retired, a former financial services worker, and she told me very sweetly what an inspiration I was to her, and how brave I was, coming to Dallas on an intuitive whim as I have.

I thanked her for her kind words, but said that I don’t see following my intuition as being brave any more.

I see NOT following my intuition as being brave, because I know that somewhere down the line, I’m going to have to dig myself out of a hole.

THAT’S brave.

This afternoon I spoke on camera to a lovely young woman who works as an intuitive healer. She said emphatically that intuition is all there is in life. That you’re leading an incomplete life if you don’t follow your intuition.

Not following your intuition, she said, leads ultimately to pain and suffering and can also lead to ill health. I’ve had other interviewees say this as well. That getting sick sometimes provides the necessary bout of self-awareness to bring you back to your intuitive self.

I can speak from personal experience and say that’s very true.

The times in my life when I’ve had the biggest setbacks, or been most miserable, have been those times when I’ve shut down my intuitive guidance and operated out of what’s been required of me, rather than what’s been in my heart.

One of the best interviews I’ve done so far for this film was with the head of the Krishna Consciousness Temple here in Dallas. He said that intuition is synonymous with truth, and truth can never be harmful. It can only lead to happiness and fulfilment.

Jennifer and I are exhausted. It’s been an intense two weeks. We haven’t stopped, we haven’t had any time off, we are whacked. Tomorrow, being Sunday, we’re taking the morning off to just relax.

In the afternoon we have some more filming to do with Joni. She has a wonderful concept that each chakra is associated with a particular planet. That effectively the solar system resides within your chakra system. I’m looking forward to learning more about this.

And then tomorrow night is the big meeting.
Which should be fascinating.

The last full day in Dallas.


7 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 14 / pt2

  1. I like it. You added Most to Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays. Good on ya’.

    This is quite the ride you’re on. And you often seem to be saying that is started with the Camino. I hope the Camino brings me some Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays when I finish . . .


    • Hi Rebecca – haha, yes, I have embellished the title of the cosmic rays a little… And as for the Camino, I don’t think the Camino instigated this change, I think I needed to do the Camino to prepare me for this next phase of my life. The change was already in process before I walked the Camino. The inexplicable urge to do this massive pilgrimage I have discovered, looking back, was necessary to cleanse me, recalibrate me, before embarking on this next journey. I’ve only realised that just recently, because I could never make sense of why I walked the camino.


  2. Hello Bill.
    Like so many others, I have read all your posts with interest. I still struggle with much of what is happening but I applaud your total commitment. What do I think of all this? I really don’t know and it probably doesn’t matter. What I do know is that when many small events / coincidences happen in my daily life I am now more conscious of stopping and giving thanks for them. I am sure they are coming from a higher being. As a committed Christian, I give thanks to God.
    Best wishes to you and Jen.


    • Hi Anne – thanks for posting this comment. Yes, people from various beliefs and faiths come to all this from the perspective of what sits most comfortably with them, but what I’m learning is that it’s all the one thing, all the same thing. Just different names, labels, rituals, ceremonies, structures, according to our upbringing, our place of residence on this earth, what makes sense to us – but essentially we’re all talking about the same thing.


  3. Bill, I posted but someone “out there” obviously didn’t like my post. Being late at night, I didn’t keep a copy of my post. That will teach me!! Will try again tomorrow.
    Best wishes to you and Jen.


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