Dallas – Day 14 / pt1

It seems that some of you have brought your own story to my story. Which I find wonderful. I marvel at our capacity to build worlds where no worlds exist.

This is what I do – and it’s what you do too.
It’s what we all do to find order within chaos.
To make sense of it all.

Let me explain The Texas Cosmic Rays Experiment –

Dr. Bimal Bhatt asked for my birth details before I left Australia to go to India. I’d known him for some years through a mutual acquaintance. His was the only phone number I had with me when I landed in Mumbai.

When we arrived in Mumbai Dr. Bhatt kindly invited us to his house for dinner, and the next day I did an interview with him for the PGS film. The interview was strong. And after the interview he asked if I wanted him to read me my astrological charts, which he’d prepared.

I’d forgotten completely that I’d sent him my birth details, and I had no idea he was such an accomplished astrologer. I knew him to be a spiritual man, yes, but principally a very successful lawyer and businessman.

So the next day we went to his office and he read me my charts.

Dr. Bhatt was as surprised as me when he discovered what my charts predicted. Whilst he’d prepared the charts, he hadn’t actually gone through them and analysed them until that morning.

Why did I film the reading? Intuition, I guess. I had a gut feeling I should. That’s all I can say. I had no idea what was coming.

A while ago I put up the complete video recording of the reading – I dropped the password protection for 24 hrs so you could all see it in full. Those of you who saw it will know that Dr. Bhatt said that I shouldn’t necessarily do nothing. That I shouldn’t be passive.

And if you look at The Prediction video, he said that after the Cosmic Rays had started to infiltrate my body, and make their way to my brain, good ideas would come. And I would make bold decisions. And people would come to me with big deals.

In fact after I told him I was going to Dallas, he gave me a list of instructions, of things to do. He said that I should actively seek business opportunities.

For instance he said that I should go to the biggest church in Dallas, it didn’t matter which church but it should be the biggest in the centre of the city, (to show God that I was pious, he said) and I should talk to the Archbishop or whoever was in charge, and get from him a list of the wealthy people in his congregation, and ask him for an introduction.

Over the following weeks before I left for Dallas, Bimal sent me all kinds of instructions on what to do once I got to Dallas.

Bimal’s commercial business partner is a man named Pradeep. I’ve known Pradeep as long as I’ve known Bimal. Together these men have made bold commercial decisions based on their charts. And they’ve done what Bimal told me to do – they’ve gone to foreign countries and opened  themselves up to the whims of the Cosmos.

And it’s paid off handsomely for them, time and time again.

So when I decided I was going to Dallas, I contacted Pradeep and asked him how I should approach it. Pradeep is a wonderful man. A ball of unbounded energy and optimism. And an extremely clever businessman.

He said that before I leave Australia, I should line up as much as possible, so that I had people to meet and things to do as soon as I landed. He told me that’s what he’d done in the past, when he’d done similar trips with Bimal.

So that’s what I did.

The first thing I did was google “Dallas+astrology,” and up came several entries for Joni Patry. I checked out her website, and saw that she was a published author of several respected and well reviewed books on Vedic Astrology. She was also a major player within the Vedic Astrology community in the US, and so I figured she was knowledgeable and authoritative.

There are a lot of flakey astrologers out there. She was obviously not one of them. She was the real deal.

The reason I contacted her was because I wanted to interview her, as part of the film I was going to make on the “experiment” – possibly a separate film to the PGS film. Basically I needed someone to explain what Vedic astrology really is, and how it works.

We spoke on the phone and she told me that she wouldn’t be in Dallas when Jennifer and Rachit and I arrived on November 23rd. She’d been invited to Turkey to do seminars and predictive readings. She said she wouldn’t be back until two days before Thanksgiving, which would be our Day 3 in Dallas.

Before she left for Turkey she invited us to her family’s Thanksgiving lunch, which was very kind and generous of her. That is the only prior arrangement I made with Joni.

Let me explain Rachit.

In going to Dallas I knew we would be filming. And unlike the PGS film, I knew this would be a film about my journey, and I would be on camera a lot. I couldn’t physically film myself, so I needed a cameraman.

I considered bringing someone from Australia, and I spoke to my favourite (and highly experienced) doco Director of Photography, but I quickly realised it wouldn’t work. Whilst he was excited about the film and what I was intending to do, he didn’t want to stay in a cheap motel, he didn’t want to be “on” 24/7, and he’d cost too much. I didn’t want to spend much money on this.

I thought of hiring someone locally out of Dallas, but again the rates were prohibitive, and also for this to work I needed someone prepared to be on hand, on call, day and night.

And then I thought of Rachit. He was perfect because at his London Film School his major was cinematography. He’d been shooting his own short films for non-profit organisations in India, plus – and this was the biggest plus – he’d been with us all through India.

We had a “shorthand” working together, he knew the gear and what I was doing and how I was doing it, he was prepared to stay in a dog kennel if I was going to stay in a dog kennel, and he was prepared to work for my budget.

Not only that but Rachit is smart, sensitive, and has a very pure compassionate energy. Also, I was about to film an Indian story in the US, and I felt I needed to have an Indian perspective on it all. I value his input, just like I value Jennifer’s. I’m constantly turning to these two people for opinions and advice.

So we flew Rachit out to LA a day before we were due to fly to Dallas, and then we all arrived in Dallas on the 23rd.

Let me explain “no money.”

Again if you look at the extended video, Bimal didn’t say I should go to Dallas with no money. What he said was that I should carry no money. He said that my wife Jennifer should carry the money, and actually he said I could use one or two thousand dollars during my time in Dallas, But essentially he wanted me to feel like I had no money.

In asking my wife for money, he was wanting me to change my mode of thinking about money. And in staying in a cheap motel and eating cheap food, he was wanting me to think about what it would be like to have no money. So that I would be encouraged to change my circumstances. To think of ways of making money. To make me hungrier, not in a literal sense, but dynamically hungrier.

Despite all the instructions from Bimal and Pradeep, I’d left Australia with only two contacts in Dallas, and both weren’t even there when I arrived. Joni was in Turkey, and a Medical Intuitive whom I’d contacted, Dr. Rita Louise, lived about 200mls out of the city. She was prepared to drive in for a day though sometime during my stay so that I could interview her.

So when we landed at DFW airport, I had no-one to contact, no support whatsoever. Which was really what I wanted anyway. I wanted to to start with nothing. So I hopped in a cab and told the driver to take me to the cheapest motel he knew. It took nearly an hour and a half to find a motel cheap enough – the Shady Oaks Motel, for $28 a night.

When we checked in I was prepared to stay for 15 days, and yet my PGS told me not to pay by the week. Bimal had said that someone might come and take us out of the cheap motel, and we’d end up in five star luxury – so intuitively I paid day by day.

But I did not know when things would change.

Meanwhile Jennifer was getting progressively more affected by the foul energies coming through the thin walls from the room next door. At the time she didn’t want me mentioning this on the blog – she felt it would be an invasion of the other people’s privacy – but I can tell you now that there was some ugly stuff happening next door, and it was having a deleterious effect on Jennifer energetically.

Each day she was getting sicker and sicker.

I knew that we had to get out of there, and my feeling was that we would have to move up the road to the Galaxy Motel, which would probably be about $50 a night, but at least it wouldn’t have that foul gunk coming through the walls.

Meanwhile I was carrying no money and we were eating in cheap Mexican restaurants (I refused to eat cheap junk food) and having great lunches or dinners for $4.95.

And in fact we were at El Tequito Cafe in a low rent part of town having a Mexican breakfast when I got a message from Joni on my phone. She’d arrived back from Turkey, she’d read my blog, and she was horrified to see that we were staying at the Shady Oaks Motel. This was the morning of Day 4.

I’ve filmed myself listening to her voicemail message in the El Tequito – and it was wonderful: I’m going to get you out of that HELL HOLE!… get packed up I’m coming right over and getting you out of there… 

She very kindly offered to put us all up at her house, but I gratefully declined. It was coming on Thanksgiving, and she had her sons coming in from other parts of the country, and I didn’t want to impose.

But she and her husband Daniel – a truly delightful man – used their connections in the travel and hotel industries (Joni used to work for an airline and Daniel was a former French restauranteur) and together they set about finding us better digs. And that’s how we ended up in The Adolphus which is, as Bimal predicted, a five star hotel.

Now, as for timing – Joni had been in Turkey. She arrived back on our Day 3, and contacted me the morning of Day 4. None of this had been pre-arranged. That was her timing. based on her work and travel schedule. She took it upon herself to get us out of the Shady Oaks. That was on her instigation – I didn’t ask her to. I was quite prepared to stay in cheap digs for the duration, or until something happened.

Also, some of you might be wondering if Joni knew Dr. Bimal Bhatt or he knew her.


They don’t know each other. They’ve never communicated, and still haven’t. Joni separately later did my charts and came up with the same prediction as Bimal, however she said that wasn’t unusual. If the charts are prepared correctly, with the same information, then the results will be the same.

I’ve tried to approach this whole experiment with pure intent – and by that, I mean staying pure to Bimal’s instructions.

Bimal wanted me to go to Dallas on this particular half lunar cycle because ultimately he wanted me to get the bad Cosmic Rays out of my system – those energies which he believed had been holding me back – and replace them with the good Dallas Golden Cosmic Rays, as he calls them, so that I can fulfil my destiny as predicted in the charts.

And remember, he said that really I should stay in Dallas for 11 years, if I am to fully realise my destiny.

As I alluded in last night’s post. major things are in process. I don’t know how they’re going to play out, but I’m relaxed about it all. If they play out as I’m hoping, then I’ll tell you all about it. if they don’t, then I won’t. It will be just another step along the road – another “sign” that I’m heading in the right direction.

The one thing I’ve learned through all this though – no, I’ve learned plenty – but one thing I’ve learned is that you can be volitional – you must be volitional – and then you must let go, to allow The Most Beneficial Galactic Cosmic Rays to do their magic.

I’m now waiting for magic to happen.

Mr. Bill Bennett

15 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 14 / pt1

  1. Bill Mate,

    Thank you for this post as it clears up a lot of questions I had even if no one else had them or at least voiced them. I was following my own PGS where your blog was concerned and my intuition told me that more was at work than serendipity and astrological alignment of the stars. Seems that was the case. I appreciate your explanations.

    But, I had to wait till the appropriate time to comment, and low and behold, you brought me into the blog yesterday, so I assumed that was my natural invitation. It was my intuition that continued to tell me to wait and post my comments after more information was put forth and not rush to judgment or my own observations. I am not in position to judge you and never would, but I very much appreciate that you have revealed, as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story”. The story, as originally told, just did not make sense to me.

    You stated above that you were prepared to stay the entire 15 days in the cheap motel, but I would have to wonder if you really believed that if Joni had already invited you to stay at her home and have Thanksgiving with her. And by the way, don’t you think your email to me after I invited you to come spend Thanksgiving with my family would have been more forthright if you had told me privately that you had a prior engagement in Dallas. You know that would have been just between you and me and would have made much more sense then saying you could not leave the cosmic rays of Dallas.

    But again, you are a master story teller and I am sure any master story teller lets the story out in bits and pieces and writes it to generate the most interest, and you certainly have done and continue to do that.

    By the way, have you bought any lottery tickets?

    Did the head of the largest church in Dallas volunteer a list of his wealthiest parishioners?

    And finally, I bet that name tag was not at the El Tequito Cafe.

    You are something else my friend, but a master at what you do. 🙂 And this time, you are the star of your own story. It reminds me of the Saturday morning movie serial when I was a kid. You just had to come back next week for more.

    Staying tuned, your Mate and continuing ardent admirer, Steve


    • Hi Steve,

      I think the reason these long comments end up in the spam filter is that Word Press must have an algorithm that automatically assigns a long comment to spam, because most comments are short. That’s the only explanation I can give.

      Mate, can I ask one thing of you – take me on face value, because I don’t play games with you or anyone else. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Sometimes I say stupid things, but that’s something else. 😁

      An instance is your Thanksgiving invitation. Joni hadn’t extended her invitation to me when you very kindly offered. I refused your offer, and if you remember I was very gracious and appreciative of your kind offer, but I refused because of the reason I gave – that I couldn’t leave Dallas. That’s the truth, plain and simple. I had to remain pure to Bimal’s instructions to me.

      That may not make much sense to you – you might think that aw – it’s just a quick drive down the highway for a few hours – but to me it would have been a fundamental breaking of the bond that I’d make with the Cosmos. I simply couldn’t do it.

      While I’ve been here I would have loved to have gone to Austin. It sounds like a fascinating place. But I couldn’t, and can’t leave.

      I sensed that you didn’t believe me, but there was nothing further I could say. I couldn’t leave Dallas.

      I was hoping you’d come visit me from Houston, but you went silent. You did make that initial offer, but then you withdrew it when the Ebola scare happened, remember? You didn’t want to risk coming to Dallas at that time. Then you never offered to come visit again.

      That’s ok. We’ve been pretty busy. Very busy.

      And yes, that place marker wasn’t at the cheap Mexican joint. I was invited to a special silver service lunch, hosted by one of the wealthiest and most influential men in Dallas.

      That was yesterday, a lot happened yesterday, which I intimated in my post last night.

      Anyway, all that aside I’m pleased we’re back on speaking (commenting😝) terms again. I missed your energy and your wit and your provocations!!

      Your mate

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      • Bill,
        It seems to me I read you left Dallas to go to Fort Worth on Day 11. Or at least that is what you said in your Day 11/pt2 blog. Was that not leaving Dallas?


        • Arlene, a couple of points – 1. Fort Worth is virtually on the outskirts of Dallas. It’s about 20mls from the airport, not over 150mls, which is what Steve was proposing. 2. I was only “out” of Dallas for about an hour, not half a day as Steve was proposing. 3. I checked with Joni first as to whether I should make the journey, even this short distance and for such a short period. She said that astologically, it was ok. There was nothing in it. And 4. I find it really really funny that after such a long period of silence, you choose to make this comment, trying to trip me up. I love you Arlene!!


          • Bill,
            Definitely not trying to trip you up. Simply wondering how Fort Worth was different than Houston. I now understand, thanks for the clarification.
            As for my silence, I simply didn’t feel I had anything to add to the conversations although I have not missed a single post.
            And know, I send my love to you and Jen along with my wishes for absolute total success with the film!


      • Mate,

        You are absolutely right. I invited you to Thanksgiving on November 6th, well in advance of your heading to Dallas. I am sure we will share another sumptuous meal in another time and another place. 🙂

        And BTW, I personally never had any concerns about Ebola, ever. I think that was going on at the time, but I always thought the Ebola scare was exasperated by the CDC and the press. I never thought it would have any footing in the US. Glad I was right on that one. I did not try to come to Dallas as it was obvious to me that your plate was full, much fuller than I had originally imagined. But feel sure I will see you another time and another place. 🙂



  2. Dear Bill,
    Remember me? Sigrid from Austria – taking your picture at the 100 km sign on the camino?!?
    Sorry for being silent for such a long time… but I now want to tell you how much I enjoy your daily reports on your blog. Every day, first thing in the morning! 🙂
    It’s fantastic, wonderful, what an adventure – and most of all – I think you are such a brave man! Following your intuition, how much I admire you!
    And I’d like you to know I totally agree with all your believes you mentioned the other day.
    I also got the book about the Yogy you posted some weeks ago….it’s amazing!!! So, since I started reading your blog many months ago I knew you have a message for all of us… even in a tiny mountain village in the Alpes 🙂 and people are listening and following you:-)


    • Dear Sigird, how lovely to hear from you! And hey, of course I remember you! How could I forget you?! That 100km marker was a very special moment!

      Wonderful that you read AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI. I can see why Steve Jobs went back to it again and again.

      Hey and thank you for your kind words re what I’m doing. Sometimes I feel like I’m writing these blogs to myself principally, and so it’s so wonderful to hear from you to say that you’re getting something positive from my crazy foolish antics.

      It’s so encouraging, thank you.

      I hope we cross paths again sometime soon. Perhaps on another long walk?

      Stay warm in that snow up there!!



  3. Bill Mate,

    Again, I posted and I guess again, it went to Spam. Why is that? Never used to.

    Check and tell me if I am doing something wrong, please,

    Your Texas Mate, Steve


  4. Fun to have this synopsis of the events leading up to and in Dallas. It really has been so interesting. I have not had wifi service for a few days so I couldn’t comment but I wanted to share that Mike and I were doing the same Chopra meditations!! such a great way to start our morning.
    Also, loved what you shared about your evolving spiritual belief’s. It was probably a pretty good excersize to put it down in writing. Many of us think about it but probably few ever think to define or write down their belief’s. Recently I gave a talk on peace,prayer and gratitude. In that talk I shared how my prayer life has evolved. It was so valuable for me to observe my own changes in this area of my spiritual life and see the growth through the years. The closer I feel to God, the more peaceful and grateful I feel. I also have less need to contain my spiritual life within the structure of a specific religion or church, although I still enjoy the human fellowship that it can provide.


    • Hey Kathryn – thank you for this wonderful comment. I know what you mean about changes and evolution. Personally, I would never have envisaged myself doing this kind of film, or talking this way, a few years ago… Bill


  5. So, Bill, in your inimitable style, you again have found a few extra hours in the 24 that the rest of us have to make do with, to write this mammoth post. Good to see you’re happy and open to share this much. In between cleansing thunderstorms sweeping large tracts of the country in the last few days, we now have our usual clear blue skies and perfect Sydney summer weather – loving following your thoughts – intuitive or not so – from this blessed place!!


    • Hi Britta – of course Sydney at this time of the year is three things: bushfires, shark attacks, and cricket. Cricket is going to be sombre this summer, with the death of Phillip Hughes hanging over everything… Still, I’m looking forward to coming home for Christmas.


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