Dallas – Day 10 / pt2

My life is becoming more surreal.

This morning I met an angel.

At least, that’s what she said she was.

And I’m in such a trippy head space at the moment, part of me believes her.

Here’s what happened:

I went with Rachit to a small corner coffee shop for breakfast. Jennifer didn’t come, she was feeling poorly, so she stayed behind.

I was sitting at a large communal table when a woman came up. She was – I’m guessing – maybe 40’s. She had on baggy blue jeans, a nondescript bulky jacket and a woollen scarf wrapped around her head, so that just her face was visible.

She could have been a homeless person. She could have been an heiress. There was nothing to indicate either way.

Her clothing was also asexual. There was nothing feminine about it, and yet she was a very feminine person.

She had a beatific face. It was radiant. No make up. But gentle eyes, a smiling mouth, and clear skin. When she looked at you her gaze was unflinching and searching. It was an honest face. And a mirthful face.

If an angel could take human form, then you could believe she was an angel.

There were several newspapers on the table in front of me, and she asked if she could take one. I said fine – and she rummaged through, telling me that it was hard to find good news to read. Everything in the newspapers was full of death and darkness, she said.

I told her that there was good news too if you want to find it.

She rummaged some more, and she began telling me about a fight that had broken out on Black Friday, the big shopping day in the US after Thanksgiving. She told me how crazy it was, that a woman had got injured fighting over a large screen TV.

I told her what I’ve posted on this blog, that shopping rage comes from fear.

She agreed.

Our chat then went something like this:

She – You from Dallas?
Me – No, I’m from Australia.
She – Oh. What are you doing here?
Me – I’m here to change the world.
She laughing – Really? That’s funny. So am I.
Me – You are? And how are you going to do that?
She – I can’t tell you.
Me, offering my hand – I’m Bill.
She, shaking hands. A very firm grip, like a man’s – I’m Madeline.
Me – What do you do?
She – You won’t believe me if I tell you.
Me – I’ll believe you.
She – I’m an angel.
Me – Are you mad?
She, laughing – No. And I’m not on drugs. (then) Are you mad?
Me, laughing – Yes, A little.
She, laughing – No, you’re not mad. I believe you’re here to change the world. (then) You have a big heart. (turning to Rachit) You have a big heart too.
Me – Yes, he does.
She – My real name is Mary Magdeline.
Me – Are you a Christian?
She – No. I’m all religions.
Me, turning to Rachit – I wish I’d brought the camera. We really should be filming this.
She – I wouldn’t have let you.
Me, writing down the PGS blog address on a scrap of newspaper, handing it to her – Here. Read this. It will explain why I’m here. (Then, to make it clear this was not a flirtatious encounter) – My wife is in the hotel next door. She isn’t feeling well.
She – Oh. I can heal spiritually. I can heal by touch. Inside and out.
Me – Thanks. But my wife just needs to rest. (then) How can I contact you? I might want to film with you.
She – You can’t. (then) Do you have a business card?
I gave her my business card.
She – I will call you.
Me, getting up to go – Okay, nice meeting you.
She – This was no accident.
Me – I don’t believe in accidents.
She – You know we were meant to meet here.
Me – Yes. It was in my destiny.

And then Rachit and I left.

I don’t know what compelled me to say: It was in my destiny. it just came out of my mouth before I could stop it.

I have to say, I was really shaken up by the whole encounter. It was like a dream. Like it was on another plane of existence. You just don’t have conversations like this with a stranger in a coffee shop.

Walking back to the hotel, I asked Rachit if he believed she was an angel. He just smiled, and nodded his head. Yes, he said, I believe it.

I went back to my room and told Jennifer. She listened and she too nodded, as though it all made complete sense to her.

To me though, it was just plain weird…


14 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 10 / pt2

  1. Wow it is getting very strange but so natural, in the same time.Meeting angels is even bigger than meeting billionaires.. see what next when she calls you. The least I can say is that is not an ordinary situation or an ordinary conversation. Can´t wait for the next post.
    By the way Bill, now I am addicted.. hooked.. to the blog.

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  2. So the other ‘planes’, ‘spheres’, whatever you want to call them, are reaching out. Why would you be surprised? You were told you can’t do this on your own, weren’t you? 🙂

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  3. Wonderful story Bill.
    Shame you didn’t have a camera at hand. Rookie mistake!
    What’s that saying – the best camera is the one that you have with you!


  4. Wonderfully unusual, fascinating, and would shake me up for a bit as well. I totally believe in angels. But seeing them and having a full conversation is another thing. It would be a wonderful kind of freaky.

    Maybe its a person that considers themselves an angel because of what he/she is working on/ or maybe an actual angel. Hope you meet again, so we can all find out. I think Its always better to believe the best of the situation until you are shown otherwise.


    • Hi Kathryn, I would under normal circumstances just brush it off as an encounter with a weirdo if it weren’t for the other stuff that’s going on around me right now. She could have been a genuine bona fide angel, but if so then why did she present herself so brazenly to me? There are a large number of unanswered questions still.


  5. Wow Bill. Maybe you haven’t picked up on the other angels in front of you so this one was more ‘in your face’ to get you to take notice. Great story. I can’t wait to see the movie.


    • Hey Donna – sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been flat out. No I rarely go anywhere without a camera. That morning was meant to be a quick brekkie before work. But it turned into something much more… 🙂


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