Dallas – Day 1

I’m now in Dallas.

I found my cheap motel.

$28 per night.

I’m not kidding.

$28 per night.

It’s called The Shady Oaks Motel, and its reception is behind bullet proof glass.

They use a grilled speaker system and a metal slide box to give you your keys, and take your money.

There’s a sign up saying:

No trespassing
No loitering
No prostitution
No drug dealing
No weapons

It’s owned by Indians, who don’t believe in astrology.

Shady Oaks - night

Jennifer took all my money.

I’m not allowed to carry any money.

And then we found a cheap place to eat.


Meals for $4.50

Lupitas ext signLupitas extThis is a Bail Bond neighbourhood.

A scary place.

But the Cosmic Rays are very beneficial for me here…

Lupitas ext wall


10 thoughts on “Dallas – Day 1

  1. I have a friend in Japan who says that is not an earthquake!
    I am a capricorn and like the American Indians we capricorns don’t believe in astrology.
    I thank my lucky stars that I wasn’t born in a different month and had to read predictions every day!
    Good luck Bill and Jennifet with avoiding all those temptations on the hotel list


    • haha – yes Clare, I guess you can’t get much cheaper than $28 per night.

      I had a look at a trailer park down the road. That might have been cheaper, but Jennifer didn’t want to stay in a trailer park. And my PGS told me it wasn’t the right place for us to be.

      There is a motel up the road called The Galaxy Motel, which I might check out if these people in the room next door get too problematic.

      I hope you’re recovering well from your walk – and you’re beginning to settle back in again.



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