It takes me such a long time to write a post for this blog.

A minimum of an hour, and usually more.

It may not look like it, because my posts usually read fast, right?

I hope so.

That’s what takes me the time – making the writing simple. Easy.

I don’t dash it off. I can’t. I’m not that clever.

I have to use craft.

And part of that craft is checking for typos. Typos bug me. They indicate a lack of attention to detail.

A sloppiness.

I let a screamer go through on that last post: Reading.

Third line.

All kids of books. Instead of All KINDS of books.

I went over that text, in review, several times. And I never saw it. Until I read it after I published it.

Maybe I shouldn’t write blogs at 4am…

7 thoughts on “Argh…

  1. I saw it, Bill, but a bit like when you meditate and let thoughts flow in and then out, I just let it slip by! I know how you feel, though. Just ‘caus that’s how I’m built and since it was part of my job for many years, proof reading is simply something my brain does without necessarily engaging on any conscious level. I suggest you forgive yourself and get on with all that heavy reading!!! 🙂


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