Queensland trip

The Queensland University of Technology has asked me to continue on as an Adjunct Professor in their Creative Industries faculty for a further three years.

So this week I’ll be in Brisbane, holding a master class for film students, and judging the student “pitches” for their productions next year.

I’m driving up, and last night I stayed in Goodiwindi, a small country town on the border of New South Wales and Queensland.

I love Goondi, as the locals call it. It is a quintessential Queensland bush town.

This morning before sunrise I went for a walk with a new compact camera – the Sony RX100 M3. It’s a terrific little pocket sized camera, and if I were to walk the Camino tomorrow, it would be the only camera I’d take. Small light, and terrific images.

Here are some shots I took on my walk this morning:

hotelhouse MS bridge


donutscustoms house old man red wall raffle plain jacaranda targetwater towers

19 thoughts on “Queensland trip

  1. Love the photos Bill!
    I’d never think to take a photo of a shelf full of meat pies.
    Wouldn’t think twice about eating one (or two) of them though!

    Does this camera take them in the wide format or have you cropped them all?


    • Hi Greg, the camera has a 24-70mm equivalent zoom lens, and it has various ratios, such as 3:2,16:9 etc. I’ve set the camera to 16:9, because I’ll also use it for video, and my eye is conditioned to that format. It is a well specced camera, this one!

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  2. As if you didn’t already have enough to do! I can’t believe how much you pack into a day in the life of Bill.
    Beautiful pictures! Do you know the name of the purple flowered tree? Gorgeous!


    • Thanks Bill,

      Im an expat banana bender Bill so I loved the photos.

      I had to stop at the photo of the old man for quite a while. My dad would be 92 if he were alive and that is so similar to how he would dress. The hat would be a little different and the shirt probably checked but the black glasses case bulging in the pocket is exactly Dad. The harry-high-pants belted dress shorts are spot on. I swear he had exactly those socks and although I never saw him in slip-on shoes, I reckon by 92 he would have made that adjustment.

      The jacaranda trees are magnificent this time of year although as a kid I always dreaded them as they meant exams. As a smaller child in early primary school I used to sit under the jacarandas at lunch time with my friends. We would put the flowers on our finger tips and play witches, ladies, fairies and I’m sure a lot more. Good memories.

      I’ll be in Qld in a couple of weeks to visit family. I am so lucky to be able to reconnect with all those memories as for so many people in the world their circumstances make it simply impossible.

      Congratulations on your appointment Bill. I swear I get tired just reading about all you do. And great heads up about the camera.

      Love deb


      • Hey Deb, I spent from age 12 months to 22yrs in Brissie. The Jacarandas were always linked to exam time!

        That elderly gentleman was wonderful. He was 83, and had lived in Goodi for 80 of those years. Jennifer noted on seeing that shot that he wore the Queensland gentleman’s uniform. So many men I knew growing up wore those shoes, those socks, those shorts and shirt. He’s a bit of history, that fellow.



      • Looks like my Dad too Deb. I also had to pause and check out his attire. Jen is right. It is the Queensland gentlemen’s uniform.


    • They’re jacaranda trees Lynda. Beautiful big deciduous shade trees. They have a beautiful fine bright green foliage most of the year but in spring just before the new leaves arrive they burst into that beautiful blue/purple colour. There is even a jacaranda festival in Grafton in northern New South Wales.

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    • Hi Lynda –
      Here’s a link to a gorgeous song about jacarandas – and love! It’s a beautiful ballad by Adelaide band Junior. The images of all the jacaranda trees in the video are stunning. Enjoy!

      ‘Hope you can open it … you might have to type in all the letters and numbers.
      Cheers – Jenny


    • Hi Lynda – The Jacaranda video … WordPress surprised me and you can just click on the forward arrow! Fantastic!
      Cheers – Jenny


  3. Hi Bill –
    Gorgeous photos as always – Goondi looks like a great place to visit. Those lovely country pies are always such a treat too!
    Cheers and safe travels – Jenny

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    • Jenny, I think you’d love Goondi. Very down to earth place. Some beautiful old houses too. And there’s a path that runs by the over, that goes several kilometres. I walked there this morning at sunrise. With all the bird life, so beautiful!

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  4. Ah, Bill, seeing those photos (and I of course agree with everyone else that they’re amazing, but wouldn’t make to make your head bigger than it already is, by telling you so!!), makes me want to do another road trip!! 🙂


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