Room 414 – significance…

Further to my post the other day about signs being all around us…

I wrote how I've noticed that it's odd we keep getting hotel rooms with the number 4 in the room number, and I attached a photo of one of our rooms – Rm 414.

This is after waking up at 4:44am from a dream that told me to go out and make the film. I left Australia on the 4th of September to begin production.

I received an email overnight from Matt and Megan. Matt is Jennifer's brother- he provided the inspiration for my movie THE NUGGET, Matt and Megan are the couple that had the “miracle baby” which I wrote about on this blog some time ago.

If you haven't read the story, do a search on the blog under “miracle baby” because it's a fascinating and moving story.

Anyway, overnight they sent me this article on the significance of the number 414.

Do I believe in this stuff? As hard headed and pragmatic as I am, I've come to this point in my life where I simply can't ignore these things.

So yes, I actually do believe in signs.

Here is the story he sent me…


414 is a combination of the attributes and energies of number 4 and number 1, with number 4 appearing twice, amplifying and doubling its influences.

414 is a message that you are being Divinely and angelically guided. Pay attention to your persistent ideas and thoughts and be aware of your dreams and daydreams.

The angels are assisting you with aligning your vibrations with your life purpose and soul mission. Trust that you are being led along your Divine life path and are being fully supported by the angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Listen to the guidance from the angels and take positive action.

Angel Number 414 is a message from your angels that you are to look to new ways to go about getting your work done more effectively and efficiently.

Listen to your intuition as your angels are ushering positive energies towards and around you. Keep your thoughts positive and optimistic as you undertake an important new role or venture.

Your positive energies, intentions and actions will manifest your expected results. Trust your angels to deliver all that you will need.


2 thoughts on “Room 414 – significance…

  1. You are right Bill. You can’t ignore this. These forces we can’t see and don’t necessarily understand are very powerful. Go with it. And you have the most perfect person by your side for the journey. xx

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    • As I reply to this, Jennifer is standing right beside me having a cafe latte – were in a roadhouse just outside of Bologna heading down to Rome. You’re right!!


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