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Professor Giuseppe Cognetti teaches Philosophy at the University of Siena, which is one of the oldest and most respected universities in Italy, dating back to the thirteenth century.

Professor Cognetti is a fascinating man. Not only is he a world renown scholar, he’s also regarded in academic circles as being an expert on eastern esoterica and mysticism.

He’s an adviser to the International Association for the Study of Religious Phenomena, plus he teaches yoga and Taiji Quan.

He’s also published several books with such titles as:

  • The size of the Heart
  • The Lost Ark
  • Beyond Nihilism
  • Is peace an utopia?
  • The Dark Age

Today he did a wonderful interview with me for the film.

He spoke passionately and volubly – all in Italian! – referencing Jungian psychology, the Collective Unconscious, contemporary scientific thought in physics, and ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle – all to explain the phenomenon of intuition.

His son Paolo translated wonderfully, and his wife Mariaester watched on and occasionally chipped in. Giuseppe explained to us how his intuition led him to the young lady who would later become his wife. And he stressed that intuition should be tempered with logic.

Prof Cognetti + Mariaester + Paolo

We did the interview at his home in the Tuscan hills behind Florence. In the far background the huge dome of the Duomo gleamed in the late afternoon sun.

The professor is the first of quite a few interviews which I’ll be doing over the next several days in and around Florence, and next week in Rome. Our researcher / production assistant Elena is doing a terrific job at securing these interviews.

Elena -

As well, she’s found a great location in the heart of the historic centre of Florence to shoot a sequence of me researching medieval texts on intuition.

Finally this Italian part of the film is coming together!

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  1. As always, you have to be a bit cheeky… giggling at the last photo. Much easier to leave some stuff at the Cruz de Fer. 😉 Ingrid


  2. Just joined the Australian pilgrim site, which led me to your blog. Fascinating to read! Absolutely, agree about intuition, I decided 12 years ago to be open to it….and speaking as a Pom who lived in Oodnadatta a few years ago, I learnt a lot about intuition from the locals there, as well as my teaching in India. I first walked El Camino 10 years ago & it certainly changed my life…walked it again 18 months ago and met my new life partner David in Finisterre, and totally because I listened to my intuition! We are now in his home town of San Francisco, returning to Sydney in November for 3 months, house sitting for friends in Paddo. My daughter lives there now…my son and wife in Rome and in April 2015 we 2 pilgrims intend to walk there from Canterbury….following our intuition! I look forward to following your blog! Best regards, Patricia


    • Hi Patricia –

      welcome to this crazy blog! We’re all a bit eccentric here. I’m the only sane one. But it’s a wonderful bunch of people.

      Wonderful story about how your intuition led you to your life partner. I interviewed a wonderful Italian Professor of Philosophy in the hills behind Florence yesterday, and he told me a very similar story – about how following his intuition led him to his life partner.

      On Sunday night I will be in Rome – for three days filming – and your walk next year from Canterbury sounds like it will be amazing. That’s the original Via Francigena isn’t it? How many kms is it?

      Anyway, sorry for my tardy response – I’ve been filming here in Florence these past couple of days – but again, welcome to the blog, and please feel free to jump in and comment and tell us your views. You’ll find it’s a very supportive place here.



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