Some pics from Italy – pt 1

While waiting for the Vatican to make up it’s collective mind on the worthiness of speaking to me about intuition, I’ve been busy doing other things: like lining up interviews outside of the Holy See.

And with Elena and Piotr’s help, it looks like this coming week will be full on, with some very interesting people agreeing to be involved.

In the meantime I thought I might post some pics that I’ve taken these last several days –

Monk at Assisi Basilica -

Cross 2 at La Verna - @gonetours.compine cone on door -

Perugina chocolate fish-

cheese board -

Assisi Basilica -

5 thoughts on “Some pics from Italy – pt 1

    • Hey Lynda, I try and mix the pics up. These ones appealed to me for different reasons. I don’t expect others to like the shots I like. My tastes in photography are sometimes obscure. I can’t for instance bring myself to take landscape shots, or “tourist” shots. I can’t do it. I just can’t see the pictures in my head. I admire people who can do that kind of photography well. There’s a market for it. Don’t know there’s any market for the crazy stuff I shoot…!


  1. Bill,
    I love the food in Italy, it is truly scrumptious, as with the food in France and Spain and Portugal and Greece. I especially love the cheeses, you have me salivating over the cheese platter, was their some wonderful bread and wine served with it?

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    • Hi Arlene, the cheeses in Itsly are wonderful. A specially the hard cheeses, like the Reggio Parmigiana. Combined with a sublime glass of red wine, what more could you want?


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