Some Indian pics you haven’t seen…

Here are some shots I quite like which haven’t yet gone up on this blog.

Except for one – the last shot – which is my favourite so far. I think it captures the energy and tone of Bombay beautifully.

But you may not agree. You might think the shot is inept, or stupid, or you just don’t get it. That’s the wonderful thing about photography – it’s a completely subjective and interpretive medium… no-one is right or wrong.

Irrespective, I hope you enjoy these pics –

Sikhs in truck shopfront dummies rickshaw turban monkey god at night

two sikhs sitting down cow at night Krishna avatar cab in rain half out of frame

8 thoughts on “Some Indian pics you haven’t seen…

  1. When we first saw that last shot on day one, I thought whaaat? Then decided he was curious about the camera. I had some shots like that many years ago when I adopted my son from a Romanian orphanage. He had never seen a camera and camcorder and got right up to look inside! Am I right? He was curious about the camera? Great shots! Your pictures and food descriptions have Dale wanting to move to India.
    Lynda and Dale


    • Your son is very sensitive Lynda, that’s what I got from meeting him, albeit briefly. I’m sure he would make a good photographer.

      Say hello to Dale for me!



    • Julie, we were waiting at a train crossing and I saw them, got out of the car, ran back and took their photo. They looked so amazing with their Sikh beards. One of my favs too – thanks!


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