Today I booked flights on the 4th –

Further to my dream last night, and the 4:44 message that the angels have my back – today I booked flights out of Australia on… yes… the 4th of September.

Jennifer and I will be heading first to India, which is where I’ll start filming.

I’ll interview scientists and sadhus, psychics and physicists. I’ll go to sacred cities on the Ganges, and I’ll go up into the holy regions of the Himalayas.

I’ll also go to Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama.

One thing I’ve read which has stuck – if you have purpose and you get a clear message to get on with it, then you have to get on with it.

You can’t ignore these messages.

So I’ve taken the first step. And I’m excited…

(I took this photo below of a holy man on the banks of the Ganges two years ago, while attending a pilgrimage to celebrate the first monsoon waters)




15 thoughts on “Today I booked flights on the 4th –

  1. Bill,

    This sounds like a wonderful project, driven by your heart and, yes, numbers.



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  2. Will be excited to follow your progress and see the outcome in the film. This is bound to be an interesting and exciting adventure! Buen Camino. Kathryn

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    • Many thanks Kathryn – for me it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn. And I’m in the privileged position of being able to pass on what I learn.

      That’s the way I see it – and yes, an exciting adventure!



  3. Go get em Mate. 🙂 You know Jill and I are with you, being your only sure thing investors, to date. I love reminding you of that. 🙂 I also love having you working for us. How cool is that? Gives me a sense of power. 🙂 You better get some more investors, cause I don’t think we can tote the entire load. 😦


  4. Steve, you and Jill put your friendship where your wallet is. Or your wallet where your friendship is. Did I get that the right ?? 🙂 haha!

    (Plus I know you believe in what we’re doing… )

    Jennifer and I are very appreciative!

    And you know that I’ve never sought to use this blog for commercial gain, other than to mercilessly and shamelessly flog my book.

    (Speaking of which, if any of you who’ve read the book haven’t reviewed it yet on Amazon, please do so because it does help. I don’t do any marketing or tricky search optimisation etc. I just put the book out there and hope that it sells by word of mouth. But hey, only review it if you like it!! 🙂 )

    As for the PGS film, if anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll send you a link to the 4 minute promo reel which explains it all. Email me on:

    And Steve, thanks to you and Jill for backing us. Seriously.


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    • Thanks Britta! There was a bit of a scary story associated with that photo. I was on the banks of the Ganges, surrounded by a throng of worshippers, and they suddenly started to get hostile because I was taking this man’s photo. They surrounded me, and I could feel the energy going south, and then the producer I was working with jumped in (he is an Indian himself) and grabbed me and pulled me out of there. I have to say it was a case of me not understanding the culture – even though I had done nothing wrong…


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