Bloody hell…

I can’t believe it.

I posted that at 4:44pm

Did not intend that at all…

(It’s now a bit after 5pm, and I’d just like to add – with that post, I pressed PUBLISH on the WordPress site, then straight away I picked up my iPhone to check for emails. I have my clock on my iPhone as a screensaver, and I saw that itΒ was 4:44pm. Prior to that I had no idea of the time. It could have been 4pm or 5pm or 6pm – I didn’t have a clue.Β I must admit, this has really knocked me sideways. I find this so weird… )


14 thoughts on “Bloody hell…

  1. LOL

    I think God and His Angels talk to us on the basis of what they find within — to me, numbers are just numbers, and I can’t see that He has ever communicated to me through that medium — which does not mean at all that He would not choose that means for you … πŸ™‚

    hmmmmmmm, on page 444 of my English-language Bible, Jeremiah 40 is found.

    Jeremiah 40:4 : Now therefore, behold, I have released you this day from the chains which were on your hands. If it pleases you to come with me into Babylon, then come. And I will set my eyes upon you. But if it displeases you to come with me into Babylon, then remain. Behold, all the land is in your sight. Whatever you will choose, and wherever it will please you to go, so shall you go, proceeding to that place.


  2. 4:44pm COOL !!
    We find our meaning where we find it.
    AND since you have found it with 444 you need to really follow that.
    (I am glad its not 666 though!)


    • On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most weird, I’d say we were 5.5.

      On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most weird, I’d say you were 7.

      And Jill was maybe a 3 or 4.




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