CP14 Recce Day 6

I’m too exhausted to write.

I won’t be able to think straight.

I won’t be able to write straight.

See? That’s bad grammer. It should be, “I won’t be able to write straightly….”

Or is it “grammar?” Not “grammer?”

Im exhausted and I haven’t walked a kilometre. Or is it kilometer? What will I be like next wee, when I have to walk 25kms + every day.

I’m putting in typos. I never typo. I’m always so particular about typos. And correcting auto-correct when it goes psycho on me.Like now. It didn’t space there. And I still don’t know whether is an “e” or an “a” in grammar….

If I wash;t so tired I would know there things. I would look them up. I’ve become lazy. How can I be lazy when I have to walk all this long way in a couple of days?

I’m scared.

Scared of my laziness.

Scared of auto-correct.

It has a mind of its own. Should it have put an apostrophe in there, back there just then? Is it messing with me, because I said it was psycho?

I’m so tired I can;t go back and fix all these mistakes.

you are seeing me raw.

Un auto-corrected.

I am naked to you all.

Ugly, isn’t it?

Or pathetic. I’m not sure which. If I wasn’t so tired I;d know if I was ugly or pathetic. Perhaps I’m both.

I have to sleep.

This is the best shot I took all day. It is total crap. I’m ashamed to put it up here, but this shows you that I am a) not a good photographer, and have no right to be teaching people how to take photos, and b? how vain I am, because this is a shot of jennifer cutting off all the tassels of a scarf I bought for the camino, because I don’t like girly tassels on my scarves.

or is it scarfs?

I called jennifer my camino daccy. I mean caddy.

she hit me.

I’m gong to sleep.


Jennifer cutting off tassels

24 thoughts on “CP14 Recce Day 6

  1. Hi Bill and Jennifer, at least you managed to post something so maybe you ain’t as think as you tired you were! Sleep well.

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    • Haha thanks Julie! Another late night doing the blog, then finding out I couldn’t post because I’d run out of data on my iPad, and the hotel wifi wasn’t working. We met up – most of us – late yesterday, which I’ve detailed on my post – wonderful to finally,wet these guys! Bill


  2. Hi Bill

    Once you take that first step, it’ll all come back to you.

    It’s fantastic!

    We’re starting day 4 at Sao Joao and are “skipping” into Porto tonight.

    Looking forward to catching up.


    Pete and Julie


  3. Fabulous Peter – sounds like you and Julie have hit the ground running – or at least walking…!! Are you meeting up with Ken and Angela this evening? And are you staying at the Grande Paris or somewhere else? Can’t wait to see you both! Bill


    • Hi Bill, we crammed 4 days walking into 3 and arrived a day early. Couldn’t get into the Grande Paris so we’re slumming it at the Sheraton. Will transfer to GP tomorrow. Currently washing away today’s labours with wonderful Ferreira port.

      See you tomorrow. Pete and Jules


      • Hey Peter, it’s 4:30am here now. Had one of the worst nights sleep ever. The room is beside a lane way and football fans or just partygoers have been going up and down the lane making a huge racket.

        I’m either going to change rooms or find another hotel. My Spanish phone number is +351 91 907 4214. I won’t call you in case you and Julie are sleeping in, but please call when you’re up and about and we’ll figure out how to catch up.


  4. Hope you have a good night’s sleep! You have a wonderful couple of weeks starting. A couple cafe creamas (sp) and some coke Zero tomorrow and you’ll be set.
    Bom Camino!

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    • Hi Anne – whoo hoo! Thank you! They needed that win, after their first two disastrous games. Fancy losing to GWS! This will hopefully get their percentage up to, so that they shift into the top 8. For some reason the Swannies always start the seasons from behind! Thanks again! Bill


  5. Hope by now you’ve got some sleep – and now I have the answer to my question of what sort of scarf or towel you’re wearing on this walk, ie an untassled one and sort of green like your old one!! Enjoy that, meeting up with everyone and this walk underway. We had a great Friends of the Camino meeting at the Sydney RSL today – your ears must have been burning (a Danish way of saying that you and your blog and this walk were talked about!) 🙂 Britta

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  6. Ok all of you, I expect a group photo at some point, please! Wishing you a wonderful Camino, hoist a beer for me, and if you have an itch on your shoulders…. ahem… it’s me! 😉 Ingrid

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    • Yes, Yes, Yes!
      Pictures galore.
      Can we have a little video of the meeting? With sound!!!
      Oh, Ingrid, I too would love to be there!
      Last year, an unexpected payoff of an unexpected pension for my17 years as a volunteer firefighter and EMT paid for our flights and some equipment but nothing this year. Think I have run out of possible windfalls! Saving now though for next trip.
      Oooooh just think, a VIDEO with SOUND! If only we knew a film producer that would have the knowledge and expertise to post that. Hooly Dooly/Holy Moly!
      HA Ha!

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      • Hi Lynda, I don’t do video but put the camera on continuous shooting mode and got shots of walking up to Steve. Didn’t post though… 🙂

        Great to finally meet these Steve and Arlene, and to meet up again with Marie, Greg and Donna!



  7. Hi Bill, Jen and gang – Almost at that first step! So exciting! Bill – I hope that you were able to get a better night’s sleep and that you’re back firing on all cylinders.
    Very best wishes to everyone for your first get-together and for the whole Camino Portuguese. What a special, special time that first get-together’s going to be!
    Cheers everyone – Jenny

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    • Dear Jenny, you’re right it is going to be a special time. Thank you. Special people make for a special time! And we’ll be walking along a very special path too!!



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