Camino Portuguese – My Packing List

Only 5 days now before I leave, and I’ve started to get serious about training!!

Yesterday (Sunday here) I did a 14km walk with full backpack plus two cameras. I wanted to see if I could find a configuration where I could have the cameras readily accessible, yet not have them interfere with my walking rhythm. I think I sorted it.

Why will I be walking with a full backpack when I have a support van? I could easily just put my pack in the van and walk with a much lighter day pack, but I want to approach this as a pilgrim –

Yes, I know, pilgrims can put their packs in vans too –

Perhaps the real reason is that …

Well, I actually don’t know the real reason.

And maybe that’s what I’ll learn on this walk. Is it bloody-mindedness? If there’s an easy way or a tough way, do I naturally gravitate towards the tough way? Just to try and prove something to myself?

Or am I showing off? Trying to show the other folks – those on the tour – that I’m big and strong and a “true” pilgrim? That I’m a leader? 

Like I said, I really don’t know. But my PGS has told me this is what I must do, and so I’m doing it with the backpack. And two heavy cameras.

Having decided this, I’ve started weighing things again, getting the weights down, and working out what do I really need to carry on my back for some 240kms.

It’s interesting – I learnt a lot from the last Camino. I carried way too much stuff last time. This time I know exactly what I need and don’t need.

As well though, this time I’ll be staying in hotels the entire time, so I won’t need a sleeping bag and towels and soap/shampoo.

For those of you who might be interested, my backpack is the one I used last year – an Osprey Kestrel. The poles are Lekis, and the boots are full leather Meindl.

So here’s the list:

(W = wearing one, or carrying…)

2 trackies W
3 t-shirts W
2 socks W
2 undies W
2 long sleeve shirts
2 long sleeve tops W
windstopper jacket W
rain jacket
Backpack W
Water bottles W
Walking poles W
Boots W
light-weight runners
Scarf W
Cap W
Sunglasses W
money belt W
knee brace W
pantyhose W
iPad charger
Power adapter
Fuji X-T1 W
Fuji X-E2 W
XF 18-55mm W
XF 55-200mm
XF 14mm W
XF 35mm
battery charger
card reader + cable
SD cards
iPad SD card reader
Camera case
Rainproof bags
headlamp + extra batteries
Garmin watch + strap W
Garmin charger + dongle
Opinel knife
Shaving cream
Eye shades + earplugs
Muesli bars
Crepe bandage
Hopefully I won’t need the Ibuprofen and Voltaren!

30 thoughts on “Camino Portuguese – My Packing List

  1. Dear Bill,
    I wish you good Camino! Waiting for travel experiences in your blog.
    All the best,


  2. Hi Bill

    I think I speak for the others on tour too but I’m so pleased to see deodorant on your list this time.

    I need to get serious about packing and my list too. We did a training hike at Binna Burra on the weekend and it poured with rain during it. It showed me my quick dry gear is not so quick dry.

    Do you know if the hotels have wifi?


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    • Hi Donna – deodorant huh?? That’s funny!!

      I can’t recall if all the hotels have wifi, but they should They’re all top class hotels. The casa rurale at Rubiaes probably doesn’t – it’s quite remote. But the majority should. I;ll have a better idea next week when Jen and I do our final pre-tour check of all the hotels…


  3. Looking forward to your blogs again. Will be walking after you as I did last year too……Me from Porto 1. sept. Enjoy your trip
    Lovely shell…….


  4. I didn’t get to comment on the last blog, you are cracking me up, and it am getting quite excited for you all. Buen Camino


    • Thanks Kathryn – I must admit I’m getting excited too! When I start laying everything out on the floor – what’s going into the backpack etc – then I know it’s getting very close!


  5. So, Bill, what’s going to replace your green towel that you spent so much time and energy to return in Santiago?! and I too was glad to hear, on behalf of the others in the group, that you included deodorant, remembering LOL when I read in your original blog about giving it away since YOU can’t smell!!

    I saw my jeweller today and noticed he had a couple of shells on his bench. It turns out he wants to cast those in silver. I’m now discussing with him that he should do some ‘Camino’ shells that I could flog at the Friends of Camino meetings. Will be interesting to see whether he goes ahead! 🙂

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  6. Dear  Bill,


    Before being a pilgrim I am a chiropractor who cares for her patients, and even if you are not one of mine yet,  I cannot stop  myself to tell you that  you should not wear your backpack for the sake of your knees,  the one with the brace and the other.

    I know that from my extensive experience, in this matter.


    You want to lead many pilgrimages, so save your body, I know that you are strrong minded, and that you want to follow your psg, but sometimes we can get things wrong.

    You have one body, save it. Prothesis are not the perfection, it is  a kind of lottery..

    Nobody will judge you, except yourself if you change your mind.  be kind to you, be generous, caring , be your mom and your dad.


    So I try  my best to convince you. i think it is my duty as a chiropractor and a fellow . 


    Un abrazo,



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    Bill Bennett posted: “Only 5 days now before I leave, and I’ve started to get serious about training!! Yesterday (Sunday here) I did a 14km walk with full backpack plus two cameras. I wanted to see if I could find a configuration where I could have the cameras readily acces”

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    • Dear Marie, you are a gorgeous lady. Thank you for this advice. So far my knee is holding up ok. I think if I get even a hint that my backpack will cause me problems, then I will do as you say.

      All joking aside, it’s something I would like to do, if possible. But hey, if I breakdown, then you could use your medical expertise on me!

      So looking forward to seeing you soon!


        • I want to give it a shot Steve (and Marie), and see how it goes. Just about to head out now on my 14km walk. Did 8kms last night – easy walk. Felt good. Next few weeks though will be a whole different ball of wax!


          • Good for you. Personally, I am saving myself for the main event, which is another way of saying I am too lazy to do training walks and will simply have to pay the price in Portugal/Spain. I admire your dedication and fortitude. 🙂


  7. Bill, not long now. Goodness, the time has flown since your last Camino. Cannot believe it has been a year since I discovered your blog. Really looking forward to Breakfast With Bill once again. Not sure of internet access on the ship but I’ll find a way. Currently “struggling” with my 64 kilo luggage limit!! Insane.
    Look after your knee ( and Jennifer)


    • Dear Anne – hope you’re having a great time! And yes, I’m looking forward to getting back onto the Camino, and writing about it. And taking photographs! Very much looking forward to meeting and spending time with the group –

      64 kgs?! What are you carrying? I’ve got my backpack down to about 8kgs. My knee (hopefully) will hold up! Take care, and look forward to swapping posts with you!


      • Bill, a little tongue in cheek comment. The cruise company allows 64 kilos of luggage per person. That’s why it’s insane. I will be taking more than my Camino [7 kg] but far less than 64.
        I have just spent considerable time looking at cameras online and reading the reviews and Forum posts. My current thinking is the Fuji X100S but not sure. There will be a lot of landscapes, ocean, indoors. Any thoughts?
        And then what happened? Your PhotoCamino Blog turned up in my inbox. How amazing! I will follow with interest.
        Enjoy the last few days at home and don’t forget the Swannies hat!


        • The cruise should be amazing though Anne – what fun hey? And yes, taking the Swannies hat. Everyone is having a go at Buddy, but he’ll come good. Champions always do!! Take care, and no doubt we’ll post/comment each other again soon! Bill


  8. Morning Bill. I posted a reply last night but it has not appeared. If you find it, please disregard.
    This was a little tongue in cheek comment. The cruise company allows 64 kg per passenger but there is no way I am taking that much. There will probably be some who do, however.
    We leave on 13th. I plan on matching your km each day, where possible, so can be with your group, in spirit. May even match the vino glass for glass. 🍷 🍷
    Anne 🚢

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  9. Hi all,
    Have got a couple packing suggestions for those that are walking the Camino as a couple.To lighten the load a bit share a “Shower bag”. Have 1 common deodorant, 1 shampoo, 1 toothpaste, common bottles of healing remedies, etc. If you run out all are readily available. You could divide up the “shared items” between the two but a skilled pilgrim could get the husband to carry all toiletries.Holy Moly!!
    Also I walked in August and September when it was really hot and yet the clothes did not always dry. Slow walkers arrived late. Not wanting to have underwear hanging off the pack; for the ladies- pantyliners are great. Could skip washing everyday.
    Being skilled at getting Dale to carry all the medications and toiletries; allowed me to carry some surprise items. I did carry a lightweight red and white checkered plastic tablecloth. We had a couple romantic picnics with it. Well, romantic was the idea I had in mind. But how romantic can it be when you are hot sweaty and dusty? Anyway, it was fun.


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