Today Jennifer and I begin our long trip home.

We are driving from Munich back to Frankfurt, overnighting just outside of the city, then tomorrow morning we do the 34hr haul back to Mudgee, via Abu Dhabi then Sydney.

Hopefully I can access the internet from time to time and respond to comments.

Back to summer in Australia, and The Ashes – the epic cricket game between Australia and England. Five games, each of five days duration.

Cant wait!

14 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. Well, we’re back to lovely spring weather here in Sydney; something for you to look forward to when you land. A pleasant 25 degree breeze off the harbour today when visiting the Maritime Museum to check out the Viking exhibition – it was hilarious teaching the Scandinavian pronunciations of place names to my Aussie friend! 🙂


  2. Hi Bill and Jennifer –
    Safe trip home!
    To get you in the mood for The Ashes, you might want to read Annabel Crabb’s hugely entertaining article in the Sun Herald on 10 November – here’s the link:
    As with the Federal Election, I somehow think Annabel’s going to the best thing about The Ashes for us Aussies … at least we’ll be able to have a laugh at the Poms’ expense … they’ll be doing a lot more at our expense!
    Cheers – Jenny


  3. Safe trip home you too, at least you getting there to nice Spring weather, whilst I am getting used to old man Winter. Ingrid


  4. Safe travels to home sweet home, you jet setters! WHat a whirlwind of travel, thanks for sharing it. Kathryn


    • Thank you Kathryn.

      Yes it’s been a full on trip.

      Importantly to meet financiers in London and Munich, and of course to do the scout for the tour.

      But it’s been fun.



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