A practical Camino legacy…

I’m just about to head off on a three week trip overseas –

And I’m just taking carry-on!

Usually on a business trip like this, I’d take a check-in suitcase that would weigh a minimum of 24kgs, and then I’d have my carry-on as well, which would normally weigh another 10kgs or so – packed with laptop and photographic gear and books etc.

The Camino has taught me that I don’t need so much STUFF. And here is a practical example – heading off into cold weather for 3wks, with my laptop and camera gear – and still I’ve managed to get everything into a small carry-on bag.

I’m not just shedding practical material stuff I don’t need though, I’m also heading off having just shed some fairly major emotional stuff I don’t need too.

So I head off feeling light.

Thank you once again, Camino de Santiago!

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15 thoughts on “A practical Camino legacy…

  1. Bill,

    Yes a true Camino legacy.

    It is so amazing how post Camino, the unessential and extraneous things can so easily be placed into proper perspective or discarded.

    Travel light my friend! Good luck with obtaining the movie’s funding!

    And, please don’t forget to update us on the wonderful food you and Jen savour along the way.

    Love and safe travels to you and Jen,


  2. Hi Bill –
    As you know, just having carry-on also means no waiting at baggage carousels – what a time-waster that can be.
    Have a successful trip – best of luck with the funding for the movie. Enjoy your recce for the Camino Portugues and the time in Bavaria.
    ‘Looking forward to seeing the photos from your food blog too – even those airline meals!
    Cheers – Jenny


    • haha – yes, the airline meals should be fun!

      Flying Ethiad – first time I’ve flown with that airline, but I hear they’re good.

      Jen is putting a bad through, so we’ll have to wait at Heathrow regardless, but that’s ok.

      Thanks for the well wishes – it’s going to be a fun trip!



  3. Hi Bill

    It’s funny you should talk about this. I did an overnight hike in the bush over the weekend and I deliberately pared down my pack. I took a smaller pack and only took what I needed rather than what I thought I needed. Turns out I still took too much but my pack was easily 10kg lighter than everyone else’s. I had a much more enjoyable walk.

    Have a great trip and we wait with great interest your ideas for the Portuguese Camino.

    Good luck with the financing.



    • Thank you Donna –

      In transit in Abu Dhabi.

      Got a great story for the roadfood blog going through the burnt put blue mountains.


      Will post once I’ve got to London, although I land then have to swing in to a very important business lunch. Hope I get some sleep on this next sector!



    • Donna,
      Bill tells me you will be joining on the Portuguese tour.
      I’m thrilled, can’t wait to meet you in person. I’m sure we will have much fun and good food!


      • Hi Arlene

        I can’t wait to meet you too….and the others that will be joining us. I’m new to all of this so it’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.

        I got verbal approval for my leave today. I think I am being looked after as I work in a Catholic school and my boss has just come back from her own Pilgrimage to Israel, Jerusalem etc. When I told her about this she said it’s too good of an opportunity to pass up and I would forever regret it if I didn’t do it.

        I’ve got 5 months to get myself sorted. Yikes.

        I’ll have to head over to the forum and start asking lots of questions.



  4. Donna, what a thrill to know you will be going to Portugal! You mention you work in a Catholic school. May I ask if your Camino has a religious or spiritual component?


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