While I was walking…

Only one day now before Jennifer and I set off on our three week trip – first to London, then to Porto to follow the Camino through to Santiago, then we’re flying to Bavaria for a few days before returning to Australia.

I’l be blogging during the trip – and also contributing to my food/travel blog – http://www.billsroadfood.com

Donna has now joined our tour – which is fantastic! It will be her first Camino. We’re as thrilled as she is.

This afternoon, I donned my brace and went for a 6km walk.Β It was late in the afternoon, the air was coolish, and I felt great. It was so wonderful to be walking briskly. And unusually for me I listened to a song. Here are the lyrics of that song…

When I was young and they packed me off to school

and taught me how not to play the game,

I didn’t mind if they groomed me for success,

or if they said that I was a fool.

So I left there in the morning

with their God tucked underneath my arm —

their half-assed smiles and the book of rules.

So I asked this God a question

and by way of firm reply,

He said — I’m not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays.

So to my old headmaster (and to anyone who cares):

before I’m through I’d like to say my prayers —

I don’t believe you:

you had the whole damn thing all wrong —

He’s not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays.

Well you can excomunicate me on my way to Sunday school

and have all the bishops harmonize these lines —

how do you dare tell me that I’m my Father’s son

when that was just an accident of Birth.

I’d rather look around me — compose a better song

`cos that’s the honest measure of my worth.

In your pomp and all your glory you’re a poorer man than me,

as you lick the boots of death born out of fear.

I don’t believe you:

you had the whole damn thing all wrong —

He’s not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays.

(Wind up – Jethro Tull)

Aqualung - Jethro Tull

25 thoughts on “While I was walking…

      • I think so Julian –

        I’ve been really easing into it, and so far my knee isn’t giving me too many problems.

        I think the strengthening exercises for the quads help.

        Good luck with it, Bill


      • Yeah, the brace does help — managed a 10 KM hike this afternoon, just 3 short of what I was attempting.

        I’ll attempt the full 13 tomorrow. Then I can try and increase that in stages, along the bus line back, which I’m happy to say worked perfectly as a safety net this afternoon.

        Learning how to tighten the straps in the optimal manner is liable to take some time though … :p (hmmmm, potential for blisters round my knee ???)


      • I’m not “pushing” anything, Steve, I’m just going to have to find the right balance between my experience and training and the limitations of my knee and my muscular atrophy.

        I’m doing about half the beginning distance compared to when I first started hiking in late 92 or early 93, but really if it weren’t for the knee I’d have happily started with a good solid 30-40 KM hike.

        Don’t worry, I’m being careful — hiking along the bus route, so that when I hit a barrier, I’m never more than a few hundred yards from the nearest bus stop.


        • Good luck. I am still dragging around with sore hips. Every time I get up I waddle for the first few steps cause they don’t work right. Ah, the ravages of old age, but hey, that’s not supposed to happen to me.

          Take care, Steve


      • Discovered something important today — need to make sure there’s enough room in my pack for the BLACK Pilgrim’s cape, for when it gets too hot…


      • I’m resting in the pine-grown foothills, bathed in glorious clear sunshine reflected from the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean of the French Riviera, beneath the glowing hazy Alps that overlook this Ancient Via Aurelia, the Way to both Rome and Santiago, filled with Memory both old and personal, and that I have walked in each direction until direction’s end.

        I can walk again, and I am alive once more.


        • Hi Julian –

          your post made me smile. That’s great news.

          If you can get better, then I can get better, and Steve and others can get better too.

          Your coming Camino is looking much rosier, I think.

          Keep up whatever it is you’re doing…



      • … aaaaaaaand purely by “chance”, yesterday afternoon I stumbled upon the plenary meeting of the regional Pilgrim’s Association.

        This sort of thing has been non-stop since I made my Vow to go on pilgrimage on Saint James’ Feast Day.

        Still — it WAS very pleasant to be in a room with 18 other pilgrims … πŸ™‚


  1. Thank you for the 7:30 am Jethro Tull ear burn! I immediately grabbed my iPod and tuned it to Wind Up and am listening to the rest of Aqualung with my first pot of coffee. Always been an Ian Anderson fan.


  2. Sue- I grabbed my Aqualung, too-and when its done I’m listening to Thick as a Brick.Love Jethro Tull from way back :-)I even tried to learn the flute, but no talent.


  3. Bill,
    Good for you getting in a 6K without pain!
    My training walks always include music. I find music keeps up my pace and helps with the boredom of the same old sights.
    I don’t, however, listen to music when I am out in the desert, just too many things that can hurt you out there.


  4. Dear Bill and Jennifer, have a wonderful trip and hope you get lots of inspiration for places to stay and things to share with the group.
    I was up at Mount White this afternoon taking part in a Hash (House Harrier) run/walk. A beautiful part of the world and since we were close-ish to the river it didn’t feel quite as hot as it might otherwise have! because it was certainly a stinker today πŸ™‚ Here’s hoping the weather gods are kind to you on your trip.


    • Dear Britta –

      you are amazing doing all that walking / running!

      Thank you for your well wishes for the trip – very much looking forward to getting back to Portugal. This time though in a car!

      Yes I’ll be posting regularly and taking photos too – this time I’m taking a lightweight Nikon. It’s not my large professional camera, but it’s better than the little Fuji I took on the Camino. So I should be getting some nice shots, assuming the weather and light is good.

      I’ll also keep the new foodblog updated regularly too (www.billsroadfood.com)

      I’m looking forward to seeing you and Jenny and Janet too hopefully early in December at the Camino lunch!



      • Actually, I won’t be at the December Camino lunch as I’m hosting my bi-annual Christmas drinks party that day. Door doesn’t open until 5 pm (have to keep up traditions you know!) but the morning will be busy getting drinks cold and food hot!! Anyway, if you and Jennifer are in town and interested, would love to see you after the lunch at my place with all my crazy friends!! Will send a separate email closer to the day with details.
        In the meantime, good luck with film funding and hopefully the 2 of you can have some fun in between meetings and glorious meals!! πŸ™‚


  5. Bill, you and Jennifer have a wonderful trip. Enjoy every moment and I look forward to again having breakfast with Bill.
    I hope the travel gods are as kind to you as they were to me.
    I have a post Camino reflection almost ready for you. Returning to a PC life has been difficult.


    • Dear Anne –

      Lovely to hear from you, and thank you so much for your blessings on the trip. It should be fun, and I’m hoping that we secure the financing for the Indian movie.

      That would make for a nice Christmas!


      I was wondering how your post Camino period was going. Any time you feel you’re ready to post a guest blog, please let me know.

      We’ll all be fascinated to get your account of what it meant to you, during and after.

      In the meantime. I’ll be off air for a bit while I’m traveling, but will post regularly once I’ve landed.

      Thank you again


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