The horrific unemployment in Spain…

This is a reprint of a story that first appeared in London’s Telegraph newspaper. It puts a face and a voice to the crippling state of Spain’s unemployment problem –

Next time you walk through a village or town, give some thought to the situation – and how the Camino is at least providing some revenue to the places you visit…

A young Spaniard with three degrees has become the face of the country’s ‘‘lost generation’’ after an online rant in which he complained that the only work he could find was cleaning lavatories in London.

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4 thoughts on “The horrific unemployment in Spain…

  1. Bill,what’s it been like in Australia? I can recall overhearing as a child that it was my fathers generation who were last to be guaranteed a good job if they had a degree.It was tougher when I got out of university -but now, pretty much if the kids aren’t taking technical studies, the diploma is about as useful as a kleenex!


    • Hi Sister – it’s less a problem here, although certainly having a degree is almost a prerequisite to getting any sort of gainful employment.

      Unemployment here though I think is about 6% – for young people though it’s much higher.

      That said, Gen Y kids still have this sense of entitlement that hinders them with employers. Not all, but a lot. I know this being an Adjunct Professor, and dealing with them.

      I’m astonished sometimes just how unmotivated they are –



  2. It has been like that here for a few years. Most of the kids are heading for Australia or Canada now. A lot of rural parishes cannot even field a football or hurling team. A joke for the last while is “what does a person with a degree say” answer: “do you want fries with that”. It is so sad for for these kids now.


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