Another cracker 5 star review

I notice another wonderful review for my book up on Amazon –

Bill Bennett may well be the new Bill Bryson in his self deprecating description of his pilgrimage along the ancient Way of St Francis. 
He meets wonderful characters, endures physical and emotional hardship, and makes us question what is truly important.
This is a wonderful account of a personal journey. The physical journey is the Camino de Santiago, but this journal is so much more.
Sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes emotional, but always engaging, this is also a spiritual journey for someone searching, but for what? A truly uplifting story that left tears in my eyes. A great read.

12 thoughts on “Another cracker 5 star review

  1. I will post a review as soon as I’m finished reading, I’m a slow reader, I guess 😦 But I have to say all these wonderfully written reviews are starting to intimidate me a little lol

    I’m not sure my review will be up to your standards. Although I am loving the book I am not as good at writing as some the 5 star reviewers. I promise I will try though, once I have finished the book. Slow reading when I’m using a ereader that doesn’t read PDFs very well 😦


    • Dear Emily, my sentiment exactly and I’ve not even bought the book yet!! That’ll happen as soon as I get out of the jet-lag fog that I’m currently swirling in 🙂


  2. Bill,
    I will post my amazon review when I return from Camino.
    Did I tell you I will be meeting with Ivar Revke about the alberque listing when in Santiago? I will also mention your book to him when we meet.


    • Dear Arlene –

      thank you! Meeting Ivar will be a trip in itself! He’s done so much to promote the Camino.

      Pass on my best wishes to him please.



    • Hi Arlene –
      Please tell Ivar he has LOTS AND LOTS of fans in Australia! In particular, all of us at the Pilgrims in Sydney group love him ! The latest updates on the Forum always have us talking !!! Thanks and best regs – Jenny


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