PC #121 – Camino book for free!

So my book, The Way, My Way,  is now up on Kindle. It’s selling for $5.79. In a few days it will also be up on iBooks, Nook, etc. It’s also available at Smashwords.com

For my PGS mates, I’ll give it to you for free. I only ask two things: it’s for your use only so please respect the Intellectual Property Rights; and secondly, can you please post a review on Kindle, and Goodreads.com – and Smashwords too if you can. That will help get the book to a wider audience.

The free version will be a pdf – same text as the Kindle version, except the photos aren’t in color, and it doesn’t have the cover.

if you want a free copy, please just email me at billpgsblog@gmail.com – and I’ll email it back to you. I’ll keep this offer open for a week.

Here is the Amazon site for the book –

I hope you enjoy it!!


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48 thoughts on “PC #121 – Camino book for free!

  1. Looking forward to reading it Bill. I am gonna pay full price so I can see the color photos…your photography is so beautiful, I want to see them it in their full glory as well as ensure your get the $ reward!!!

    I am also going to recommend a new book out about the Camino experience called “A Million Steps” by Kurt Koontz. Enjoy!!


  2. Bill,

    Sorry, but I couldn’t wait and I wanted it NOW and in color! I love the cover!! Now I am off ….to start reading!!



  3. Hi Bill: I purchased the book also. I wanted your beautiful photos in color, plus I wanted to run the numbers up on your sales tally! I will post a review, but I can’t start the book for awhile. My beloved Uncle Zane is in hospice care, and I am in Minneapolis to be with him and my cousins during his final days. I am really excited that your book is now published. Congratulations! Julie


  4. Dear Bill, I enjoy reading your blog and am looking forward to reading your book! I would be thrilled to receive a copy.

    Best regards, Debra Kasel

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  5. Bill,
    I downloaded the Kindle version in the middle of the night and ate it up by my second pot of coffee this morning!!! I too had to have the color photos 😉 Very nice read and I loved it! I’ll work on my review later today.



  6. Hi Bill

    Did you enjoy your Yoga this morning? I just read the weekend blogs so I hope you are feeling better and recharged.

    I too am happy to pay for your book. I’m a novice at downloading books though. If I download this Kindle version can I read it on my iPad?




  7. I like it a lot, Bill — I’d have finished it very easily in one session if it hadn’t been for the Monaco match against Paris last night (1-1, and we’re still clear leaders of the League table !!!).

    Nice, classic Camino journal structure, held firmly but delicately together by the thread of your delightful sense of humour.

    My own PGS-sense did tingle more than a couple of times during the narrative … (no, no, no BIll, NOT *that* way ; *this* way !!!) … LOL, but really that was a jolly good Camino overall.

    You’re 200% right about the Meseta. It’s a mystical place, surpassed in its physical beauty perhaps only by the high road over the Pyrenees that you mostly bypassed, but surpassed in its unearthliness by nowhere else along the Way.

    My first go up that zig-zag cliff-face there in ’93 was the same sheer murder that killed you ; but somehow, don’t ask how, my second go up in 1994 was as fast and easy as walking on a horizontal surface — which only added to the strangeness of my first day on the Meseta that year. Maybe I was already dead, and simply floated back up to my natural environment in the Afterlife. That was my first ever 65 KM day too, and I was most certainly dead when I reached the albergue that evening … but yeah, I caught up with a friend I wanted to walk at least a few more days with, and the meal they’d deliberately set aside for me at the refugio after they’d heard what I was doing that day warmed far more than just my belly and my aching limbs.


  8. Bill, I am 9k outside Santiago with Jane my much better half. Thank you for the book. I have read to page 100 this evening and had a great laugh. This is what drew me to your blog day one through the forum. Loving it so far.


  9. Just wanted to say thank you again for sending me what I know will be a fabulous read! Major kudos! Thank you too for your far reachinh generosity. You take great care of your new “extended” family!!

    Talk about “Hero’s”



  10. I am so excited to read it as well, and you are so generous! but I will add it to my kindle. I got to have the color photos too. Its kind of like getting to visit the newborn at the hospital! yeah! Kathryn


  11. Hello Bill
    I downloaded the book from Amazon as well, for the same reason as many others – so I could soak up the colour of the pictures – and so you could get the $$. I enjoyed it the first time and I’m looking forward to re-reading it. And I’m so glad we are all reading it now – I can talk about my favourite bits (eg. the snoring!) without spoiling the surprise for others.


    • That’s funny Elizabeth!

      And thank you for buying the book – very sweet of you!

      Would you mind posting a review on Amazon? And Smashwords too if you’re up for it!

      The snoring was funny!



  12. Book Review.

    I don’t read travel books and I don’t as a rule read blogs, but after a few exchanges with Bill on the Camino forum I decided to give his blog a go. I liked his shoot from the hip style of writing and sometimes his shoot in the foot style too, so when he said he was expanding the blog of his Camino trip into a book I had to read it.
    I have not laughed out loud at a book since I read “Memoirs Of A Mangy Lover” by Groucho Marx but this book made me laugh out loud. I read it while I was walking the Camino from Sarria with my wife recently and I had to read her passages to explain why I was laughing so much. It was not all fun though, some of the sections that covered the emergence of the “new” Bill were emotional and reminded me of similar experiences in my own life.
    It made me smile to hear how Bills PGS had guided him past the albergue in Ciruena, my own PGS kicked in a little too late in that instance, see day nine of my own blog.
    The total anti climax when finally reaching the Cathedral in Santiago was similar to my own, a fantastic achievement, met by my wife at the steps leading down to the plaza but then nothing. The real joy came afterwards when I met my Camino family with my wife over the next two days sharing vino tintos and meals.
    For anyone who has walked the Camino this is a must read, it will remind you of your own experiences, you will see the places you have passed and you will have a great laugh to boot.
    Well done Bill, I loved it.



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