PC #120 – All work and no walk…

… makes Bill a dull boy.


I ran out of gas yesterday. I needed to step away from the blog for 24hrs and just regroup. Re-energize. Rethink things.

It’s springtime here now, and I haven’t been able to walk because of my crook knee. It’s getting me down. Walking always was a great stress reliever. It was always a meditative time. A time for myself, where I couldn’t be contacted, or connect to others. It was a quiet private compartment that I could crawl into for 2 hours or so.

I miss it.

Also, I discovered there were major formatting errors in my book when it went up on Kindle yesterday. I was so excited to see it finally published, then I had to haul it back down again and go back to the formatter. The preview copy he’d sent me was all okay – however when it went through the upload to Kindle, for some unknown reason all the italicised text came up bold. I was very disappointed.

And then to cap it off, my footy team got hammered last night in the preliminary finals. The poor blokes had played their hearts out all season, and were just exhausted. The team they were playing had had a rest week, and they were everywhere on the field. The good thing is the team that beat us will now be in the grand final for the first time in their club’s history, so I’m pleased about that. But it was heartbreaking to see my time so thoroughly mauled.

So when it came time to write a blog, I felt I had nothing to give. I said I felt empty, and that’s exactly how I felt. I’m sorry if I came across whiny – and I thank all of you who sent me kind and caring messages. it was very sweet of you.

Last night I slept 9 hours. I never sleep nine hours. I must have needed it. This morning I got up and instead of immediately hopping onto the internet, I did two hours of yoga and meditation. And out of that meditation. certain things became apparent. I have to change some things, if I’m going to remain productive and relevant this next decade of my life. I have to :

  1. Do a minimum of 1hr yoga each morning.
  2. Not go on the internet until I’ve done my yoga.
  3. Do a minimum of 30 mins on the bike each day, and increase that as my knee improves.
  4. Do a fast and reset my body and mind.
  5. While raising money for the PGS film, write the book.

After the yoga and meditation this morning, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed. Recharged. The long sleep helped too. And then I got notification that the book was now up on Kindle, and the formatting errors will be automatically rectified in a day or so.

Now I feel great. I am aiming at having the PGS book done by Christmas, I hope. End of January latest. And with the sizzle reel, I am confident the money for the film will be found.

Sorry for the wobble. Thank you for your love.

Bill on track

19 thoughts on “PC #120 – All work and no walk…

  1. Bill, I’m happy for you that the sun is shining through the clouds again. I really like your resolutions and I think you are right that doing those things will make a real difference between burnout and having a healthy balance in your life.

    And congratulations on finishing the Kindle version of the book and having it up on Amazon. Of course I went straight to it and checked it out. It looks so good. I love the cover, and I think the final version is perfect. I love your title page as well, and the photos at the beginning of each chapter.

    Ka pai! I’m so proud of you.


    • Elizabeth –

      thank you!

      I’ll put up a blog page shortly for the PGS gang to send me their email addresses, and I’ll send them a free copy – so look out for that.



  2. Hi Bill !

    Fantastic this habit to do yoga and mediation every morning. You are inspiring me, pushing me to do the same. What about doing it on Portugal tour ? you will lead us.
    congratulation for your book .


    • Ah marie –

      My yoga is a bit of a hodge podge of various styles.

      I have maintained my yoga over the years principally because it keeps my back free of pain. I have two metal plates screwed into my spine in the lumber – the residue of a bad car accident when I was much younger. I’ve found the yoga keeps my back strong, and keeps me relatively free from back pain.

      Myyoga is a blend of Ashtanga, Iyengar and Bikram. Things I’ve picked up oner the years. I did Bikram for about 5 years and was on the verge of doing the instructor’s course in LA, and then I moved out of Sydney and there are no Bikram schools anywhere near where I live now. The studios have to be heated to 38C.

      So on the tour I wouldn’t probably be a good one for showing other people how to do yoga, or leading a class, because it would be a bit of a mongrel!!

      But I do think it’s wise to start off a walk each day on the Camino with even a short spell of yoga, or some stretching. And of course even ten minutes of meditation would be worthwhile.

      Thank you for the suggestion! Bill


  3. Bill,

    Yesterday after you blogged and said you felt empty I told my husband that I was amazed you had lasted as long as you had! You have accomplished so much since April…you are truly amazing! Not only do you accomplish tons of things but you do them all “top notch!” I am only four years older than you and you run circles around me in what you accomplish and I am no slacker!

    Take care of yourself and thank you for all do!



  4. “I think you can. I think you can. I knew you could. I knew you could!!!” Yep, rest, faith and yoga keep the little engine humming, and voila, confidence and action return.. 🙂 Yeaaah!


  5. With all you try to accomplish, my friend, I am not at all surprised that you ran out of steam. I am so glad that you have reconnected with your yoga practice. I personally know your frustration with not being able to walk. I am anxiously awaiting my own healing process. I, too, miss both my meditative hiking and my yoga practice. I can’t speak for all members of this blog, but to me you NEVER come across as whiney. Some frustration perhaps, but we are all friends here. On this blog, we watch each other’s backs, and stand with one another in support and appreciation. As far as I am concerned you needn’t apologize for any feeling you share here. This is a place of love, and warmth without judgment. That is what friends are for. This friend is extremely happy to hear that you have rediscovered yoga and your bike to tide you over until you can resume your cherished walking. Be at peace with the space you inhabit now. Hugs, Julie


  6. Bill, I was shattered also to read of our beloved Swannies. I really hope Freo can knock over the Hawks.
    Now in Leon and have posted briefly before sleep time. Have 2 days here. Will offer mass at the cathedral tomorrow for the PGS family.


    • Anne –

      such a lovely gesture re the PGS offering at Mass. Thank you.

      And yes, the dear Swannies just ran out of puff, and out of their elite players through injury at the pointy end of the season.

      Goodsie, Tippett, etc – although having said that, even with those blokes on the field, the Dockers were playing like a team inspired, and I think if they can sustain that this coming weekend, they’ll swamp Hawthorne. It should be a fascinating game.

      And as for the Bloods – well, the thing about supporting a team, you support them in good times and bad. On the Portuguese Tour, I’ll be wearing my Swannies cap!!

      I hope you are enjoying Leon, my favourite city along the Camino, and that the start of your pilgrimage goes well.



  7. ‘Great to hear that you’re back on deck Bill.
    Sometimes you just have to take a step back from everything that’s happening, even though it can be energizing and stimulating, and take stock, otherwise it can become overwhelming.
    I heard a fantastic expression coined by the daughter of a friend of ours over the weekend … when she has too much on her plate she’ll simply say “I just HAVEN’T got room in my head for …” (whatever is being asked of her). I love that!
    The famous Camino sign, which I think is at David’s Cantina of the Gods, between Hospital de Orbigo and Astorga, says it all for me … “Santiago stays still … slow down”!
    Best regs – Jenny
    PS – Britta will be back in time for the next Pilgrims in Sydney Meeting which is at 12 noon Saturday, 5 October and it’s still at the pub – the Sir John Young Hotel – as the new Spanish Club premises aren’t ready, sadly. Hopefully we’ll see you and Jennifer there if you’re going to be in Sydney that weekend.


    • Hey Jenny –

      that’s a great saying – Santiago stays still – slow down. That’s a cracker!


      Let me know if you want a book by the way. Just email me on billpgsblog@gmail.com

      Not sure if we’ll be in Syd that weekend, but would love to see you guys again, and catch up with Britta after her trip.

      I’ll let you know.

      Hope you’re well! Bill


      • Cheers Bill – if you and Jennifer could manage the meeting that would be great, but if not there’ll be another opportunity, particularly with Britta ‘back in town’.
        I’ve emailed you re the book – thank you so much for this – fabulous! I can’t wait to read it!
        I’m really well – I’m having a day just hanging out at our house at Culburra Beach by myself after a busy few days over the weekend with friends who stayed with us. Gorgeous Spring weather and it’s so quiet here – just what I need!
        Best Regs – Jenny


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