PC #91 – Transparency & Respect

We each see life through a prism.

No prism is the same.

That prism refracts our image of life in ways that are particular to our DNA, to our upbringing, to chance experiences, to the circumstances of our place and time.

I believe that angels cross our paths, at various points in our lives, and try to guide us. Those angels might manifest in moments of synchronicity, in chance encounters with an old friend, or a stranger, in a piece of wayward music at a critical point in your life – in ways that are not obvious. Not necessarily as an ethereal being with translucent wings.

At a crossroads, they are there to point the way.

This is my personal belief.

We each see life through our own particular hand-hewn prism, and our refracted view is unique to us. To you. To me. To us all.

I have asked that anyone contributing to this blog, and the forum too, not hide behind a user name. That they identify themselves. Because I believe you should stand behind your comments. I believe this transparency is the first step towards honesty in expression, and respect for others.

I have been on forums in the past – photographic and film based forums, and a Camino forum too – where people have said the most horrible and vicious things to one another, hiding behind user names.

Would they say those same things had they posted under their real names? I don’t think so. Anonymity gives a person license to be cruel, judgemental, and at times hateful. The Ku Klux Klan wear masks. Drivers exhibit road-rage in the protective shells of their cars. A bandit holds up a convenience store wearing a balaclava.

Anonymity leads to contempt.

This blog isn’t large – nor the forum. And I like that. Because I know most of you. And there are many that “lurk” – who read and don’t post. And that’s cool too. Hopefully you guys  are getting something from the crazy banter that happens here sometimes.

We are approaching 6,000 comments on this blog. And we’re now almost at 85,000 page views. This since April.

I think that’s pretty amazing, given that I refuse to tag, do search optimisation, take out Facebook or Google ads or post on other forums etc to direct traffic here.

The people who land here are meant to be here. The people who leave obviously don’t feel a connection, or they’ve got from it what they wanted to get. That’s cool either way.

Transparency breeds honesty, and respect. Not only on this blog, but in life. Make processes transparent, you make them honest. Make politicians transparent, you make them honest. Hopefully!

Put sunlight through a prism, it breaks up the different wavelengths into colours. Each of us has a different wave length. And we each have a different prism. So our energy, our “light” creates our own particular colour.

That’s what makes this world such a beautiful place. All the different colours.

And this blog, too.


37 thoughts on “PC #91 – Transparency & Respect

  1. AWWW, Bill, your shining brilliance doesn’t ever stop 🙂 These comments and sentiments put a bubble in my throat. It’s wonderful for someone like me who can ‘see’ things, but not express them, to have you and others in the PGS family put all those words together to create these wonderful pictures. Thanks, mate, you’re definitely one in a mill!!


    • Thank you Britta –

      The blog this morning was a bit wobbly, but hopefully I ended up expressing what i wanted to –

      It’s Sunday morning here, as you know!! (And I haven’t had my coffee yet!)




  2. Bill this is so true. Every other blog or comment, alway positive, that I’ve left online I’ve always done anonymously. Your blog is the first time I’ve ever felt comfortable to do anything under my own name.

    Your comment about people coming and going when they have what they need reminds me of an old chain email I used to get a lot. It was called “Reason, Season, Lifetime”. Essentially it means that people come in and out of our lives for a reason, a season or they are there for a lifetime. You never know why you are in someone’s life or why they are in yours but to accept that not everyone is there forever. We all have a purpose in life we just may not know it. And it’s all these individual prisms that make it so interesting.

    Once again thanks for the thought provoking blog.

    Happy Father’s Day!!!



    • Hi Donna –

      that’s great that you feel comfortable enough here so that you post under your name.

      I think that’s what makes this blog, and the forum too, very special. I do feel it’s like a family.

      And with any family, there are different personalities, different points of view, different ways of expressing those points of view.

      Sometimes there are fractious moments, sometimes there are moments of very real love – which at times I feel coming through some posts and comments here.

      I am very touched, and feel a very real sense of responsibility, blogging each day.

      But you, Donna, and you all, are the ones that make it special. Not me.



  3. As always, wonderful wise words Bill. BTW, just read your first chapter on our first flight out of Brisbane on our way to France via London. Loved the imagery of the wheelchair. LOL. It’s going to be a great read. Peter


    • Peter I will send you the pdf of the whole book if you like –

      I don’t want to distribute it wide at the moment, because it’s not quite finished, but I can do that for you.

      Just let me know which email to send it to.



  4. Bill, I hope you have enjoyed your morning coffee and Happy Fathers Day to you and all the dads in the PGS Blog family.
    As you see, I have replaced my beautiful shell gravatar with a “warts and all” image of self. This is not directly in relation to your comments, but happens to coincide with the arrival of my official work photo. I hope that I have not been considered one who is hiding behind an image before this.
    I continue to value greatly the comments on this Blog and respect all who contribute. I have learned an enormous amount about myself in the past few months, as you have provided a platform for reflection, discussion, support, guidance and friendship. The ruffling of feathers and the prickly conversations are also important in forming and shaping who we are. The “burr in the sock” is character building if done respectfully and thoughtfully.
    The prism I now view the world through disperses light differently, thanks to you Bill, and all your wonderful followers.
    God bless you all.

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    • I really wish there was a ‘like’ button here so I could ‘like’ your comment Anne. I feel the same way as you. This blog is much more than just any old blog.


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      • Thanks Donna. I agree. There are blogs and there are BLOGS!
        We live in so many parts of the globe, we have vastly different experiences, different beliefs and values, yet we come together in this blog as friends helping friends, sharing, laughing, crying and ultimately trying to make a difference in our world and in ourselves.

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    • Anne – so lovely to see you on this gravatar!!

      And thank you for expressing these sentiments so thoughtfully and candidly –

      I’m also incredibly touched that you continue to get something from the blog. It’s the comments where the real action happens, I think! Not my blog posts. That just opens up the room for discussion!

      It’s you, and all the others here, which make this blog something worth reading. And being a part of.

      Again, my thanks.



  5. Hi Bill and PGS Family –
    Anne’s excellent comment sums up completely how I feel about the blog – over the past months it’s been such a place of learning and sharing for me – with very special people. It’s an honour to know you all.
    The post topics that Bill introduces are so thought-provoking at times and some of the topics are fun and light-hearted – eg the post relating to missing Spanish food.
    Many of the comments have affected me in a deep way – eg Peter McG’s comment yesterday and Bill’s response – thank you both for your continued openness and honesty here.
    Thanks again and cheers – Jenny
    PS – Anne – fantastic to ‘see’ you again!


    • Thank you Jenny –

      And it’s great that Rachael has joined in too and we’re now having the discussion I was wanting to have about change.

      Sometimes I struggle with what to write – sometimes it just comes so fast, like this morning’s blog about prisms.

      It’s just wonderful that you and the others here continue to provoke me and cajole me!

      Every day is wonderful!



      • Well that was a bit of divine intervention…..after this morning’s “debacle” I thought I’d zip on to the latest post to see where things are at in the present and…..drum roll….lo and behold, I am mentioned. Methinks a comment is in order;-) So I’ll tell you about my prism. I try to be present with my kids (and whoever I am with face-to-face) and that means limiting my amount of online time – which means NOT reading the comments most of the time. I read (or at least skim) almost every post, but do not engage with them all. It’s almost like I have a semi-presence online as I make an attempt to live in the present moment. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift – that’s why it’s called the present. Straight from Kung Fu Panda which my family is watching right now and I overheard as I typed (and was not present with them!!!!!)

        And sometimes I write nothing because I have nothing to say. Who was it that said finding words is easy, finding worthwhile words much harder?


        • haha – yes Rachael – or the Buddhist saying:

          Those who speak do not know – Those who know do not speak


          Better that you spend time with your children than on this blog – that’s a much better investment of your time!!



  6. I read this blog every day. It is the first time I’ve left a comment. Actually, it’s the first time I’ve ever left a comment on a public site. You inspire me, Bill. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.


    • Well thank you!!

      Who are you? I can’t tell from your email address.

      I’d like to be able to thank you by name.

      And please post again. It would be great to get your thoughts on things.



      • Bill, see, I’m so new to this blogging, I forgot to sign my name. My name is Jill and I am planning my first Camino next year with my son. I’ve been preparing for this walk for more than 30 years without knowing it. When he said he’d like to walk with me, I knew it would become a reality. Now it’s all I can think about.



        • Hey Jill,

          It’s not that you’re new to blogging, it’s just a feature of this particular blog that we use our names – so, WELCOME!

          Your trip with your son sounds amazing. What a great thing to do! It will be something you’ll both remember till the day you die.

          Please feel free to use this blog, and the forum, as a resource. Ask any questions – go back through past posts – I’ll be delighted to offer any advice and help – and I’m sure there’ll be others here too feel the same way.

          Again, welcome!



  7. Everyday I am inspired by something I read on this blog. It is a very special place inhabited by thought-provoking people from around the globe. People of a variety of spiritual persuasions, different genders, and varied life experiences. Yet we have formed — under Bill’s enlightened guidance — a safe haven for each of us to communicate his or her innermost thoughts or fears or share the journey that is our life. So many criticize the expansive use of the web, and its corresponding variety of electronic devices, but without it what would be the chance of us finding one another? I am so glad that Bill wanted to walk his Camino, and decided to start his blog. I am thankful that I found his blog. I am grateful to each of you who are brave enough to share your words with the rest of us. Like Bill I also think of you as “family.” Julie

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  8. Bill, Jenny my sister, introduced me to your Blog at a time when I was struggling with a few personal issues ( she is my Camino Angel). I fall into the “lurking” category, but Anne put into words exactly how I feel, because I also have learnt a lot about myself through the support and guidance provided by you and your followers. I no longer feel the need to see my psychologist as often, thus saving me $40 a visit, so thank you and everyone who contributes to your wonderful Blog. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads.


    • Fran –

      lovely to hear from you. And thank you for so beautifully expressing your feelings here.

      I too have learnt a lot about myself through this blog. Thanks to people like Jenny, and Sister Clare, and Julian (JabbaPapa) and so many others here that I can’t possibly name.

      I’m really pleased you came out of “lurking” to say this – 🙂 –

      I think there’s nothing wrong with lurking by the way. It seems like such a dark and nefarious word for something really simple and passive, and that is someone sitting back and observing, and not feeling compelled to jump in – which is absolutely fine.

      I hope to hear from you again – but if not I thank you sincerely for saying what you’ve said here. I’m sure that $40 could be better spent elsewhere!



    • Thanks so much Fran and Bill – your thoughts are much appreciated. I really do think that everyone in the PGS family has found in the blog and forum a very special place to share thoughts and feelings, and to be open in a way that others understand and support.
      Very best wishes to everyone – Jenny


  9. Hello again,
    Just wanted to clarify my exuberant statements of last night. I meant I was into what your were saying, like “deal me in”, ‘I’m good with this”. And the comment “New York State of Mind” a song by Billy Joel and I was just feeling New York like in my energy and was excited to go out! Just sayin and just playin! xoxo


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