Guest Posts – How the Camino changed me…

Given that there’s been some interesting discussion here about how the Camino changed me, it occurred to me that it would be interesting to get other instances of people being changed –

So here’s what I’d like to do –

For the next seven days, I’d like to offer the blog to anyone who wants to post a guest blog talking about how the Camino HAS changed them, IS changing them, or WILL change them.

In other words – you either have walked the Camino, you are currently walking the Camino,  or you plan to walk the Camino.

What you need to do is just post a comment here saying you’d like to be involved – then when you’re ready send me your Guest post either in email form or MS Word – and a photo if you’d like that included – and I’ll do an edit if needed (will get your approval on final edit) then post it.  (My email is

I’ll do that for the next week. Seven posts.

(It won’t stop me posting blogs during that time too!!)

But it will be fascinating to get some other perspectives on the transformative power of the Camino.

Camino signs


8 thoughts on “Guest Posts – How the Camino changed me…

  1. Bill,

    I will be happy to send you a post of the changes I feel the Camino brought about in me. I may even touch on the reasons I am returning in a exactly two weeks.



  2. There is NO WAY I could fit mine into a blog post.

    It’s just much MUCH MUCH !!! too MASSIVE and ALL-ENCOMPASSING.

    I became basically an almost entirely different person. I have NO IDEA how to even BEGIN to express this in writing, even after 20 years of pondering how.

    Sorry !!! 🙂


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