Would you be interested if…?

I got an intriguing email today.

It was from my travel agent, a bloke I've knowing for many many years. He organised my flights etc for my Camino in April.

He contacted me and asked whether I'd be interested in hosting a Camino tour. He organises a lot of spiritual tours to Brazil, for John of God followers, but said there would probably be interest in my taking a tour group on the Camino – for maybe two weeks or so… not necessarily the whole pilgrimage.

I'd not given any thought to this kind of thing – but as you all know, I have from the outset approached the Camino using my PGS to guide me.

I'd not intended for this blog to be of interest to anyone other than family and friends, I'd not intended to keep it going, or to start a forum, and I'd not intended to write a book. I've just been guided by my PGS with all these choices I've made.

And so when this email landed in my Inbox today, I just followed my PGS and it said I should take it further.

So, I thought I'd seek your feedback –

Would any of you be interested in coming on a tour that I would lead? I would make it a PGS The Way tour, and so we'd all be using our intuition on the tour, and I'd teach you how to do that.

I'd also teach you how to use a camera too!

It would all come down to cost, of course, and I'd need to figure that side of things out – but in the first instance, can you let me know if it's of interest?

I'd be thinking mid to late April next year, and a small group of between 10-15 people. No more than that.

The way I see this, the Camino – and my PGS – has just put this in front of me as a possibility. Let me know if you think it's a good idea.




39 thoughts on “Would you be interested if…?

  1. Yes, provided speed of walking is not a huge concern
    Can you imagine how great a PGS blog family tour would be?


      • I have other friends that I have directed to your blog and they would probably come along too. The part about teaching us to take great photos would interest them immensely. I feel my PGS is telling me to do this.


        • Ok Donna, that’s fabulous.

          Do you want to sound out your friends and see what they think?

          If there’s enough interest I will post another blog tomorrow and get feedback on what it is you’d want to do – how far, starting from where, that sort of thing – then I could go back to Duncan, my travel agent, and work out some costs.



      • Hey Donna & Bill.

        Yes, of course I’m interested!
        Will depend on timings and costs of course, but as far as wanting to do it – YOU BET!


  2. *Dale and I would definitely be interested!* *Lynda and Dale Lozner*

    On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 10:01 PM, PGS – The Way


  3. Wow Bill, that is an AWESOME idea!! My sister and I would definitely be interested if we could wangle the time away from our families. I’d better get working on my fitness levels….


  4. I’m planning on going late April anyway….but I’d love to be there for the photography tutorials!


  5. Bill, like I didn’t walk along side you on your last one. Of course I would be interested, I could add all the “woo-woo” stuff. I won’t forget my broom this time… 😉 What a group we would be.

    In all seriousness, sounds like that is were you are heading. TIming a bit off for me, unless the Camino keeps saying otherwise. Fact, right now, I am off 3 hours north out of town to see what needs to be done with my Mother-in-law, who is an 87 year old, very sick, but very independed women, who still lives on her own and again has fallen and truly no longer should live on her own.

    We have been able to accommodate her wishes until now, looks like that is about to change and I am not looking forward to it and it is truly a sad thing, she is such a fighter.

    Keep me posted on all this, and just so you know… no spams here, but how come Steve bought off all those scarves, I hope he brings them along on your guided Camino next year.



  6. Bill, a Blog Family Camino sounds like a great idea, but the timing doesn’t work for me in 2014. I have already booked a 5 week trip with my husband, from mid April until late May.
    Keep me posted on the second of your tours as I am sure there will be more than one. I would be interested in Camino del Norte or perhaps Camino Portugues. The photography element is very appealing. Food for thought.


      • An indulgent holiday – circumnavigation of Australia and New Zealand. A very different experience to the Camino. He really wants to do this, so, after having my month in Spain this year, I’ll just have to be happy to go along. I am sure I will cope!! We have cruised several times before and the relaxation and cruise lifestyle will be a great celebration of 42 years of marriage.


  7. Well, I’m already going to Europe this September, and before deciding on that, I’d promised to meet my old university friends (from the late 60ies!!) in Denmark in September 2014, so also going in April 2014 might be stretching it, but it would certainly be very tempting. Will be very interested to hear what you and Dunc can come up with 🙂


  8. There we go! I am using the Facebook option, so you know it is me!

    YES, I would love this and YES, to the camera tutorials, and YES, Sister Simon, I will be your pokey walking partner if the others need to go a little faster. ❤ ❤ ❤ the idea!


  9. Ok, well my first post didn’t show up. Are you screening them now because of the spam, Bill? YES I would definitely be interested! And Sister Simon, I would absolutely be your pokey walking partner! 🙂


    • Hi Julie,

      Yes, in my making the spam filter more sensitive, it picked up your comments, probably because maybe you signed in from Facebook newly, and each new person has to first be approved , or maybe because you put hoe x 3 > , which the filter thought was spam.

      But now you’re approved so it should be no probs.




  10. I am interested but it also depends on whether I will be able physically and financially. I was thinking about doing the Portuguese next April but again it is dependent on my body and my back 🙂 But it sounds very interesting.


  11. The short answer is no, and here is why. For me a guided tour locks me into set itinerary for two weeks or for what ever the length of the tour is. I like to be more flexible with the ability to change my plans mid stream. If I don’t like what’s on the tour for a particular day, I want to be able to do something else and not have to worry about catching the bus. I don’t like the idea that if it’s Tuesday this must be Rome (or Pamplona as the case may be).

    I have some good friends who have traveled the world always with a tour group. It works for them and they enjoy themselves. I’m sure Bill that you would be a good guide and as evidenced by the responses you’ll get lots of takers, I just prefer to go it alone.

    I would go on a guided tour if the places visited require some special skills that I don’t have, like a raft trip through the Grand Canyon, which by the way is on my bucket list.


    • Dana,

      I’m with you mate!

      I don’t like guided tours as well for the same reasons. I like to walk my own walk, without being tied into any predetermined schedule.

      That said, if this were to happen, and it would be a big “if,” then it would need to be loose in structure to handle everyone’s particular needs, yet still structured enough for it to make sense and be worth any additional money it might cost.

      I wouldn’t profess myself to be a “guide” as such, because it’s not like I would have historical knowledge of the places etc, however I would be able to structure something photographically, and also to do with PGS, and intuition.

      But that sort of thing, as you rightly say, isn’t for everyone.



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