Day 31+ Dedication

I dedicate this pilgrimage walk to Jennifer Cluff.

For thirty one years she’s supported me, believed in me, tolerated me, loved me.

She is the wisest, most spiritual, person I know.

And the most beautiful.

The last 31 days have been for you, my darling. For the last 31 years you’ve given me.


14 thoughts on “Day 31+ Dedication

  1. what a beautiful and lovely tribute you are the MAN!!!! and a lucky one at that!!!!Congratulations Les


  2. Very sweet. I have really enjoyed your blog. I look forward to new entries. We start ours on 2-June. Weather/shower/laundry/water-just a few things I’m curious about. Thank you for taking the time to write it.


  3. God bless you Jennifer. The waiting, the anxiety, the worry of how Bill is coping – all behind you now. I would love to read the blog of the one who waits at home. Maybe another time. Go forward together with greater strength and deeper love. Blessings. Anne


  4. β€œThe soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.”
    ~ Native American proverb

    Bill, I see rainbows right now… What a lovely way to say Thank you to your loved one. Ingrid


  5. Jennifer looks more beautiful than ever, how sweet your reunion must be.
    Congrats again on your stamina and achievement.


  6. Bill thank you for bringing tears to my eyes, now I know they are rainbows! Oh my goodness what a special treat it has been to follow you. Will you be going to Fisterra? I wait with my heart filled with excitement for the day I too will follow your footsteps. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Congratulations and a big hug from South Florida.



  7. Congratulations on your successful Camino !!!

    From the previous post :

    And a strange thing happened – the pain went away. Or at least, it retreated to a position of tolerability. So too the blisters which had emerged. They too were painful, but I put my thoughts elsewhere, and they didn’t bother me

    Eh !!!

    It’s truly a shame that you overcame that particular threshold on your final day !!!

    The walking gets MUCH better after you move on past that one… (and the blisters tend to just go away after that, too)


  8. Congratulations Bill, we have been privileged to be with you on your journey. You have given us many insights to what we will experience and yet many questions of the unknown of our journey. You forged through with pain and discomfort and still kept steady pace to get to Santiago. Truly amazing! Thank you for blogging your inner most self and wonderful humor not to mention the grand photography of your keen eyes and soul.

    Your Jennifer is beautiful and we thank her too for her part in supporting you at home. Tears were in our eyes as we read your dedication to her. Joe and I will be married 34 years in September and your love for her will be seen anew through the eyes of your Camino.

    We look forward to your after thoughts as we will be on our way Monday. I’m sure there has been a change for you that you will feel and sense the rest of your life’s journey.

    Best wishes and heartfelt thank you!
    Nancy and Joe


    • Dear Nancy & Joe. – thank you for such kind sweet words. Writing this blog, and providing it with some of my photos, and then interacting with wonderful people such as yourselves, has been nothing short of a privilege.



  9. Hi Bill,

    I’ve been keeping up with your blog for the last couple of days, I found it on the camino-forum, I’ve been spending too much of my time on there because I miss my own camino (we arrived in Santiago at the end of June 2012) very much. I just wanted to say congrats, and wanted to let you know that you’ve brought tears to my eyes with your last posts. You’ve made a 25-year-old girl from halfway around the globe that doesn’t even know you cry πŸ™‚ Maybe that’s the true spirit of the Camino, touching the lives and hearts of others with kindness..

    Greetings from Belgium,


    • Dear Inne, thank you so much for your lovely comment. I too have found the whole thing very emotional.

      For the record, my wife’s attitude to my dedication was, as to be expected, very dry. She said that 31 days of pain still didn’t balance out 31 years being married to me…

      Ah, that’s why I love her.

      Again, thanks for your beautiful post. It was very touching.



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