Cinema on Demand release for PGS in the US!

I’m delighted to announce that Gathr Films has come on board to release my film PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System in the US.

Whilst in Los Angeles last week, Jennifer and I met with the President of Gathr, Jake Craven. He saw the film, loved it, and now they’ll be releasing it theatrically, on demand, throughout the United States and its territories.

I’ve chosen to release the film via Cinema on Demand because I believe it’s the best way to get the film out to its audience – and to give the investors the best possibility of making some money out of it!

The beauty of Cinema on Demand is that the rights aren’t cross-collateralised. In other words, profits made from one type of release aren’t “crossed” against losses from another. Having now made 16 feature films as a producer and director, I’ve seen how the Hollywood “creative accounting” system works – and believe me, it doesn’t work in favour of producers or investors!

Going Cinema on Demand, we get to release the film theatrically to an audience that wants to see it – that demands to see it!and we get to keep the Video on Demand rights for our 444 release at 4:44pm on 4/4 – being April 4th 2018. We also keep all other rights, such as various TV rights.

We are in the early stages of locking in Cinema on Demand for Australia and New Zealand, and possibly UK and some other territories as well. I’ll let you know when those deals are done.

We are also bringing on board a team of publicists out of New York, and a couple of social media mavens – one out of Prague, the other out of India – to begin rolling out a global social media campaign, to be coordinated by our Impact Producer, Kerrin McNeil.

As for when the film will begin its Cinema on Demand run in the US – well, we’ll be figuring that out in the next little while, but most probably some time in January 2018.

Jennifer and I are thrilled to be working with the team at Gathr. They are good people, they love the film and see a big audience for it in the US, and we’re excited at what the future holds for this groundbreaking film on intuition.



It’s all too much ~

Yesterday was it.
Enough is enough.
I mean, it had gone beyond a joke.

Yesterday, twice yesterday in fact, they did it one too many times.
Or at least, two too many times.

Yesterday I felt compelled finally to document it in a photo, which is below. It’s a none too elegant photo, but it serves as documentary evidence as to what they’ve been doing to me this entire trip – these past four weeks while traveling around the US.

I got a park right in front of where I needed to be.

I had a meeting at 10am on South La Brea, in Los Angeles. Anyone who knows anything about South La Brea at 10am would tell you that street parking is difficult, especially outside one of the coolest coffee shops in the area.

But there it was, straight out front.

Now, you might say that this was just coincidence.
A lucky break.
But this has been happening to me time and time and time again on this trip.

I began to laugh about it with Jennifer.

Every time we’d go somewhere, even to a Starbucks on a busy Saturday morning, a car space would be there for me literally right by the front entrance. When every other car space was full.

A few days ago in a crowded 4th of July carpark, where getting an empty spot was near impossible, someone pulled out in the perfect spot, allowing me to slip right in. And it was right by the entrance to the store we needed to go to. It would not have been possible for me to get a closer car space.

So what’s going on here?

In my film, PGS – INTUITION IS YOUR PERSONAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM, there is a short section on the so-called Parking Angel. Lee Carroll, the famous channel for Kryon, says that it’s a heightened intuition which has a bigger overview than you.

As part of the film I went to the Vatican, and I interviewed a high level theologian who “swore” by the parking angel. He said: To get a park in Rome, it requires a miracle, but all I do is ask my parking angel, and I get one. 

It’s about setting the intention, asking, and trusting.

This trip though, it’s been ridiculous. I don’t go to Starbucks and set an intention for the best park. I’m more concerned about getting my double-shot tall cappuccino, regular milk,  for Bill, into my energetic system (sadly) as quickly as possible.

They’re giving it to me now, unasked.
Like I said, time and again.
When I park now, I let go. I trust.
And the trust is delivered upon.

I’ve come to realise that when you start to sit comfortably into an intuitive life, as Jennifer and I now do, things become easy. They become light. They become effortless. The fear dissipates. Fear of loss. Of missing out. Like missing out on getting a parking space on a crowded 4th of July holiday morning.

Okay – here’s the thing. And here’s what I think is going on. They are telling me, reminding me, that the energy of finding the perfect parking space so effortlessly can be applied to other aspects of my life.

My work life, my personal life, my family life.
Every aspect of my life.

As Lee Carroll says in my film: People say you’re just lucky. There’s no luck about it. I’m working on my intuition!



Bridges of Hope ~

From my “inciting incident,” to use a film term, which was hearing a voice that saved my life, to right now, it’s been eighteen years. That’s how long it’s taken me to make this film.

For those of you unfamiliar with what happened, in 1999 I was in the US working on a movie, and early one morning as I was driving to the airport I heard a voice which told me to slow down.

I was approaching an intersection, I remember I had a green light up ahead, and if anything I wanted to speed up to get through on the green because I was running late for my flight, but the voice said again slow down, so I slowed down.

As I entered the intersection a huge truck ran a red light on the cross street, thundered through and missed me by inches.

That voice saved my life.

And even though I didn’t realise it as the time, not only would that voice be the trigger for this film I’m currently making, but it would change my life fundamentally.

I didn’t immediately think: Wow, there’s a great movie in what just happened to me! No, in fact I got busy making the movie I was doing at the time, and then my father died, and I forgot about it for quite a long time.

But it kept tugging at me, gnawing at me, and it wouldn’t let go.

it took me many years of just thinking about it before I shifted into the next phase, which was reading and researching. Even then though I didn’t consider a film.

The research was fascinating – but it was daunting.

To research intuition properly you have to go back to the classic religious texts, to the classic spiritual texts, then to the more modern works on spiritual learning – not to mention the latest findings in psychology, neuroscience, and of course quantum mechanics.

The research took years. And gradually it occurred to me that perhaps there was a film in all this.

That’s the “backstory,” to use another film term!

During the many years it took to finally put the film together, I met many people who immediately “got it,” and promised me the finance to make the film.

Some were very colourful and over dinner wrote me out promissory notes for millions of dollars on the backs of napkins. Then wouldn’t return my phone calls the next day.

Some were what I would call General-Ledgerists, and of course the numbers would never add up to their satisfaction and even though they felt in their hearts it was a good prospect, the General Ledger numbers spoke louder to them than their heart.

Some were very wealthy entrepreneurs who delighted in the concept of intuition but when it came down to writing a check they couldn’t get over their fear.

And some I came to understand just liked wielding power, and dangling the prospect of major finance in front of me, requiring me to take step after step as they kept moving backwards, forever backwards, until they finally disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

I look back on all these people now, now that the film is financed with legitimate and supportive investors, and I could look at all those people I dallied with and I could be snarky and bitter and call them time-wasters, or wannabes, or simply bullshitters.

But I’ve come to realise that no, they were an important and vital part of making the film.

They were what I called “Bridges of Hope.”

And I really do believe they were part of the guidance I received in making the film. A crucial part. Because they kept me in hope. Even though as it turned out that hope never materialised into anything real, they gave me hope nonetheless.

The provided a bridge for me to get over long periods where nothing happened. Where there was just a void of nothingness. They were the bridge over that void.

To give you an example – for nearly three years I kept in regular contact with a financier who promised me total funding of the film. We swapped deal memos, we spoke on the phone regularly – and it all sounded upbeat and great.

But there was always a reason why the money never came. Actually it’s not that it never came, it’s that it was always late. There was always a reason why it was late. Usually it came down to a bereavement.

This happened many times in fact – in dealing with many such so-called financiers, often the ultimate excuse was that there was a bereavement, or some life-threatening illness, that prevented or delayed interminably the flow of funds.

You’d think I would have the right to kick the cat.

(I don’t have a cat.)

But no, I now thank these people – some of whom will probably be reading this blog right now. I thank them for being a Bridge of Hope.

You guys kept me going.
Without you I might have given up.
Without you I might have spiralled into depression.
Without you the film might never have got made

I don’t harbour bad feelings. I don’t blame you for wasting my time, and money. I spent a lot of money on some of you – traveling to meet with you, entertaining you, in legals and whatever.

None of that matters.
You kept me going, by giving me hope.
You helped make this film.
Thank you.

Religion is a FATBURGER (reposted)

(This was posted 15 months ago. At the time it created a bit of fuss. I’m reposting it now because of our recent talk about spirituality vs religion.) 
We have different types of hamburgers.
We have McDonalds
We have Hungry Jacks.
We have In ‘n Out Burgers.
We have Fatburgers.
They’re all hamburgers, but they’re different.
They appeal to different tastes, they sit at different price points, they come with different sides.
Some appeal to the young, some to Baby Boomers, some spend a lot on marketing, some are popular through word of mouth.
But still, they’re all just hamburgers.
They’re all essentially the same, selling the same thing – meat in a bun.
They’re like religions.
Religions are all different. They appeal to different cultures. To different beliefs. To different nationalities and historical predelictions.
But they’re all selling the same thing, which is God.
You don’t need to go to Maccas, or Hungry Jacks, or Fatburger, to eat a hamburger.
You can make one yourself.
And you can make it just the way you like it, not the way a fast food joint makes it.
The fast food joint makes it for the masses, to appeal to a broad based clientele. The more generic it is, the more popular it’s likely to be.
The fast food joints want to appeal to the masses, because that’s how they make money. They don’t mind that their hamburgers are generic.
But you might not like your hamburger generic.
You might like it different, to your particular taste – with those special things that make it appealing to you.
Chilli sauce, Turkish bread, avocado spread instead of butter, pineapple…
It’s still a hamburger. But it’s the way you like it.
That’s spirituality.
Versus religion,
Which is a Fatburger.

Spirituality vs Religion – redux

As those of you who follow this blog know, I have a bug up my bottom about religion. 

In my film PGS – INTUITION IS YOUR PERSONAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM, I state that I don’t believe religion has served humanity all that well in the past. The film by the way is not anti-religion, but it states clearly that you don’t need to believe in religion, or God, to believe in intuition. 

It’s a system that’s innate within us all, and available to us all.

I woke up at 4:34am this morning and picked up Paul Selig’s new channelled book, THE BOOK OF TRUTH, and found myself reading this section below, which perfectly articulates my attitude to religion versus spirituality:

The idea of the Christ as savior is not a wrong teaching, but it is also not a religious one. There is confusion here for many of you, and we must take the moment to address it now. 

The Christ exists in all mankind. It may be realized in fullness, which is the work we bring to you, but in its realization it becomes itself. It assumes the being that it is in. You become the Christ as you know who you truly are, and not the only one. 

The teaching of Jesus is in fact a very high teaching. We do not discount it, and his teachings are present here because a teaching that is true is always true, as Jesus was the Christ, one who moved toward realization, embodiment, and complete expression of his Divinity. 

In other words, he knew what he was, he knew how he served. His claim was made for all mankind. It may be realized in truth. 

The confusion you all have is that the embodiment of God, while it is God, is also in all men. So seeking to worship another is never a true teaching. 

Aligning to the truth, and to be in vibratory accord with the Divine Self, is to be in Christ. 

If Jesus is the way shower that you require, he is a beautiful one. But the religion that has been claimed in his name has been distorted, is fraught with fear, and the politics of all religions seek to obscure the beauty that is inherent in all of them. 

When you know the truth of the teaching, the truth will set you free. And the biases you may have about the language of religion will fall away as well. 

At their essence, all religions are teaching the same thing. The Divine is present in all manifestation. And the only one who may know it is the one who knows who he is in consort with the True Self in Divinity expressed in all ways.

Rejection ~

In the course of making my film on intuition: PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve been rejected.

Rejected by financiers, rejected by distributors, rejected by potential investors, rejected by those whom I thought were my friends.

I started seeking backing for this film around about 2006.
That’s over a decade of constant rejection.

I used to take it personally. And truth is, it got me down.
And at times, it made me question whether there was even merit in doing the film.

But here it is, nearing completion. And not only is it looking great, but the response to it from work-in-progress screenings has been hugely gratifying.

I now have 27 wonderful and supportive investors from all around the world, and the film is better for all that prior rejection I faced. In fact, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good a film if not for that rejection.

How come?

Because I came to realise that rejection was just the Universe shunting me in the right direction.

Say what?

Seriously, I discovered that rejection is merely the Universe shunting you in the right direction. 

When I think back on all those times I was rejected – whether it was from a distributor, or an investor, or a financing entity – I thank God for that rejection. Because had that distributor or investor or financing entity come on board the film, it would be a different film. They would have tried to impose their energy upon it, and it would have been the wrong fit. The film would have suffered.

Rejection forced me to make the film intuitively.

I began, in 2006, trying to put this film together the way I’ve put every other film together – and remember, I’m not new to this. By 2006 I had produced and directed 15 feature films and more than a dozen independent documentaries. I know how to produce a movie.

But I kept on getting stone-walled on this one.

Everyone would tell me what a great idea it was, and what a great film it would make, but no-one would back me. The traditional way of financing and producing a movie just wasn’t working.

It forced me to look at what I was doing, why I was doing it, and I realised I was imposing my will on the process. It had worked in the past, but it wasn’t working this time. Not with this film.

So I started to look at rejection – and I began to ask myself why? Instead of taking it personally, I began to try and look at the bigger picture. Why was this happening?

And it occurred to me, not immediately but over an extended period of time, that those rejections, as disappointing as they were at the time, were crucial in leading me to either think differently about the film, consider other more energetically aligned options, or to leave myself open to a better fit from some other person or opportunity.

And that happened.
It happened time and time again.
And it continues to happen.

I now look at rejection in a totally different way. I am thankful for rejection.


Because I know that the Universe knows better than me. That there are better things around the corner. I have now learned to trust that rejection is the redirection I didn’t realise I needed. Or perhaps deep down I did realise, but common sense or my wilful intellect led me to the door of rejection anyway.

There is such a thing as Divine Timing. I believe that now. I’m impatient. I’m an impatient person. I want things to happen now, in my timeframe, to suit my grand plans.

It doesn’t work that way.
I know that now.

I have learned, through the making of this film, that my timing is irrelevant. And if I try to impose my timing on something, then invariably things don’t work out as best they could.

I now trust in Divine Timing, and I wait for things to align.
And they do.
You just have to trust.

People say that persistence is the key to making things happen.
I would disagree with that.
Within persistence there is a strong element of force, and will.
For me, that now doesn’t work.
It used to, but not anymore.
What works now is trust.

Ultimately this is all about intuition. Knowing that your intuition is a guidance system that’s designed to keep you on your destiny path. Believe it or not, rejection is part of that guidance system. Sometimes it’s a rude and brutal part, but it’s guidance nonetheless.

It’s the Universe shunting you in the right direction…

Photo by W Eugene Smith, from his Newcastle Railyard series.



Lee Carroll, who channels for Kryon, likes my film!

This morning in an auditorium south of Asheville in North Carolina, Lee Carroll and his partner Monica Muranyi watched my film – PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System.

If you don’t know who Lee Carroll is, well, he channels the spirit guide Kryon.

Lee Carroll is one of the most famous channellers on the planet. He holds channellings and seminars all around the world to large crowds, some as large as 3000 people. He’s constantly traveling the globe, and his events and seminars are invariably sold out.

He’s written nineteen books, published in 25 languages, and his website (which hosts all his channellings for free) gets about 30,000 hits per day. Take a listen to one or two –

Monica, his partner, has written three books, bringing together many of Kryon’s teachings into something akin to anthologies. They’re fabulous.

Jennifer and I are doing a bit of a roadshow around America at the moment, showing the work in progress cut to some of the key players in the film. We can’t get to everyone on this trip – we’ll have to come back again later – but we were able to catch up with Lee at his Asheville event. And this morning we showed him and Monica the film –

– and they both loved it.

They both applauded spontaneously at the end, and Lee described it as “spectacular.”

I’ll take that!

He was particularly interested in what the Indian interviewees had to say – including His Holiness Pujya Swamiji Chidanand Saraswati, one of the spiritual leaders of the Hindu religion, and head of the Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, on the sacred Ganges.

Lee also loved the cinematography, which he said was so good it almost distracted him from the rest of the movie! And the subtleties in the editing didn’t go unnoticed too –

He’s a former award winning sound engineer for movies and tv, so his technical appreciation for what we’ve done was tremendous. He was impressed with the sound design, even though it’s still a temp mix.

Wayne & Lib and your team – take a bow!

So there you go. Very pleasing, and once again a huge relief for me. It’s nerve-wracking showing these people the movie. But so far the response has been very gratifying.

During the two days at the event, Jennifer and I met quite a few wonderful people who have expressed great interest in the film, and have given us their details so we can begin to think about Cinema on Demand screenings in their towns and cities.

A few days break before we head over to the west coast to continue the screenings…