Easter in Santiago

I’ve been so immersed lately in the detail of this tour – organising hotels, places to eat, checking routes, locking in support facilities etc – that I seem to have overlooked one really important thing –

We’ll be walking into Santiago de Compostela on Easter Saturday, and we’ll be there on Easter Sunday for the Semana Santa celebrations.

The Catholics in Spain take Easter more seriously than Christmas.

They have parades, processions, they do recreations of the Christ story with huge effigies, and on Sunday there’s feasting, dancing, and all manner of festivities. It’s a crazy time evidently.

And we’ll be right in the thick of it.

Yes there’s the walking, yes there’s the camaraderie, yes there’s the good food and wonderful wine – but we’re also walking an ancient pilgrimage route. And we’re arriving in one of the holiest cities in the world, on one of the holiest days.

As most of you might know, I’m not Catholic, and I’m not even sure I’m a Christian – I veer towards Buddhism –¬†however I think walking the Camino into Santiago at Easter will be pretty damn cool…

Cathedral clouds

I’m baaaaaaack! March 1st

Hey gang –

I said I’d put the blog into hiatus until April 1st, however I’ve decided to kick the sleeping dog awake on March 1st.

I want to let you know how the preparations are going for the Portuguese tour, how the training’s going, and all the fun little details we’re finding out about the pilgrimage route from Porto to Santiago.

So, from March 1st the blog is active again. I’m looking forward to us having some fun times together again!

As one of our celebrated followers – Jenny – would say: Hooly Dooly!


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