Now’s not the time to be judgemental ~

It’s very tempting at the moment to be judgemental.

To be judgemental against China.
To be judgemental against laggard politicians.
To be judgemental against hoarders,
or cruise ships,
or landlords,
or those millennials who aren’t taking the current crisis seriously.

I’m sure you have your own personal list.

We’re currently in survival mode. And when we’re in survival mode we lash out at those we believe are threatening us, threatening those we love, threatening our way of life.

We lash out at those that seek to undermine our sense of certitude.
We have shifted into a time of uncertainty.

Everything we took for granted as being certain is now no longer certain. It used to be certain that you could go to the supermarket and buy toilet paper. It used to be certain that you could hold a BBQ in your backyard and invite your friends over. It used to be certain you could hop on a plane and fly wherever you wished to go. It used to be certain that you’d have a job, or have enough money to pay next week’s rent, or have enough food to feed your family.

Nothing is certain anymore.
And we’re going through a range of emotions as a result.

Some of us have gone to denial.
Some have gone to anger.
Some have gone to depression.
Some have gone to blame.
And many of us have gone to judgement.

But what is judgement?

At the heart of judgement is the notion that you are in some way superior to the person or the concept or the institution that you’re judging. That you have superior knowledge, or greater insight or wisdom, or you have some kind of elevated status that gives you the authority to be judgemental.

Implicit in judgement is a lack of humility.
Implicit in judgement is an ego dominated outlook.

When I catch myself being judgemental I try to stand back and ask myself – 
What authority gives me the right to say/think this?
Is this my ego speaking?
Does saying/thinking this lift or lower my vibrations?
Does this come from love or fear?

Now’s not the time to be judgemental. There will never be a time to be judgemental. I am not better or superior to you so I don’t have the authority to judge you.

I am a spark of Spirit, as are you, as is everyone, as is everything.
Within that spark judgement does not exist.

9 thoughts on “Now’s not the time to be judgemental ~

  1. Hi Bill,
    It is especially important not to be judgmental about those who say we should not judge.
    Hope your and yours all stay well.


  2. So well stated, always a pleasure to read your wise words. Sending love to all of my fellow “Pilgrims” and friends. Wishing you all the great health and well being during this unique and uncertain time. 🙏😇🙁🙏❤️


  3. Hi, Bill!
    I’ve read some months ago your camino memoir, hilarious, tender, wise. When you write about the Burgos cathedral’s stars, and about intuition on the walk, I think you’d LOVE “Resonance”, a book by the german philosopher Harmut Rosa.


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