How I sleep at night in a crisis ~

Are you like me, finding it hard to get a good night’s sleep right now?
In the middle of this unbelievable global attack?
By something that’s not even living? That’s just malicious genetic code?

These are scary times.

Maybe it doesn’t help that before I go to sleep, I read a chapter or two of Stephen King’s The Stand – his epic novel on a plague that brings the world to its knees. Somehow I find this soothing. But that’s me…

Then around about 3am I wake up and I find it hard to get back to sleep.

I’ve tried meditation, I’ve tried mantras, I’ve tried herbal sleeping tablets. None of them have worked.

So then I figured I may as well use the time productively, so lately I’ve been listening to Paul Selig’s latest book on – the audiobook app. The book is the seventh in a series that he’s channelled from his Guides. Paul claims no authorship – he says it is purely the work of the Guides.

Paul is the real deal. I’ve read all the books and they’ve had a huge influence on my life. I interviewed Paul for my intuition film, PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System. I also interviewed him for my upcoming film, Facing Fear. He’s become a dear friend.

His latest book, Beyond the Known: Realisation builds on the previous body of work in a profound way. And so I put in my EarPods and I listen to Paul narrate the material – and suddenly everything is put into perspective. Here is a passage I listened to last night:

If you wish to be in fear about the events of the world, pat yourself on the back for claiming fear and don’t complain about being frightened. It is your choice to fear. Now, the world would tell you that you need to be fearful, and, as you acquiesce to that, you join the throngs looking to fight, looking to yield, to conquer, to know itself in the old paradigm that has been claimed as war.

To align to peace simply requires you to know that peace is there, and, in that awareness, you become the emissary of peace. If you are called to fight in some way, and any battle you may see or claim as a fight may be understood still again as an opportunity to learn, you may choose to do so as the True Self, who will bring light and peace and healing to what she encounters, and not more damage, not more rage, and not more calamity.

The Divine Self, while she is not the author of peace, abides in peace and will claim peace by nature of her presence. She may authorize what she sees, but she cannot claim it for another. The independence of the soul requires each one to know who they are in their own way, but what you may do is know the Divine—underline know, it means realize—in anyone, and in doing so you authorize them to make the claim for themselves by nature of your witness.

Sometime later I fall asleep, peacefully, knowing who I am, what I am, how I serve…

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  1. Bill, from a Catholic/Orthodox perspective, the opposite of the Vice of Fear would be the three Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope, Charity/Love.

    But I’m thinking that from a more secular perspective, its opposite could be Trust.


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