New look – New title …

I’ve decided to retitle the blog – to just…

bill bennett
being – 

I like “being.”
I’m a human being.
And I try to just “be.”
Each day I am “be-ing.”
Or try to be!

Anyway, this allows me to blog about stuff that’s not Camino related necessarily – because as you know the blog began in April 2013 to document my walking the Camino de Santiago.

But the blog has gradually shifted away from that – to encompass my film work, my novels, and general stuff which interests me and I hope interests you.

There will still be Camino posts from time to time, because my engagement with the Camino is ongoing – but this new look/new title better suits the range of material I am now exploring.

I will also be blogging now at least once a week, and more if something comes up that I want to share with you.

I enjoy writing blog posts. It’s a different form of writing that requires different rules, different rhythms. Writing blogs has informed my writing style in other areas. It’s subtle, but to me it’s been revelatory.

Anyway, I feel refreshed.
Shiny and new!
A new look to go into the new year.

Stay with me because I’m going to have fun!

12 thoughts on “New look – New title …

  1. Terrific idea – and title – Bill! It’s wonderful to read of your new, expanded blog. Thank you for everything that you’ve shared through PGS – The Way over the past six years and for all which you continue to share with your subscribers.
    Love, Camino hugs and best wishes for Christmas and 2020 to you and Jen –
    Jenny xx

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    • Thanks Jenny, you’re always so incredibly generous with your comments and praise. There’s been some good stuff posted on this blog over the years – especially with some of the comments and the interchanges. Perhaps one-day i’ll sift through the posts and publish the best ones in book form. You know, when I have some spare time! Ha ha. All the best to you and Steve over Christmas and into the new year. Big hugs and big kisses, Bill


      • Cheers Bill! And it’s a great idea to compile some of the posts from over the years into a book – there’s been some absolute crackers!

        Every best wish to you, Jen and your families for a happy Christmas and bright New Year.

        Much love –
        Jenny and Steve


  2. Hey Bill! Love the evolution! Looking forward to “hearing” your thoughts more regularly! Happy Christmas! Julie


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