The Realities of my life…

The major reality of my life is that I am human. With all the failings and weaknesses and dreams and disappointments that come with being human. 

Why would I think I were not human? you might rightly ask.

Because for most of our lives, our human-ness does not call us to account. 

Lately, mine has. 

Here’s something I’ve just read that I want to share with you:

The witchdoctor succeeds for the same reason the rest of us doctors succeed. Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us not knowing this truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each person a chance to go to work.

This quote is attributed to Albert Schweitzer, the physician best known for his work in French Equatorial Africa in the 50s. He also won though the Nobel Peace Prize for his philosophical piece, Reverence for Life. 

What is Reverence for Life? Here is how Albert Schweitzer describes it:

The ethical values that underpin the true ideals of civilisation.

It’s heady stuff. 

I got that quote above from an academic book I’m reading at the moment on shamanism. This is part of my research into the third book in the Palace of Fires trilogy, the final book being called Beast.

I have to deliver this manuscript to my publishers, Penguin Random House, by October 31st. 100,000 words, or thereabouts. In May, I decided that the only way I could do this was by starting June 1st, and writing 1,000 words a day for 100 days. 

Now, you may think that writing 1,000 words is no big deal. Believe me, when you’re writing a complex novel – the third in a series which has to bring everything, and every character, to a satisfying conclusion – and it has to be good writing, well, let me tell you, it’s a huge task. 

I set myself the goal of the end of September to complete the 100,000 words – and it’s the end of September and I’m at 97,685. I have probably another four or five days of writing to complete the manuscript. This then gives me all of October to do revisions, before handing it in on schedule. 

To that extent, it’s like walking a Camino. It’s best not to think about the gargantuan task of walking across the whole of Spain – just think where you’ll end up that night. How many kilometres you’ll need to walk a day to get to Santiago by a certain date.

That’s how I approached this writing task.
Day by day – through the power of incrementation.

In amongst it though I have been working solidly on PGS – with continual marketing and preparing for the upcoming online release, and also the release of the book of the film, which I will announce very soon.

The end result of this though is that I’m knackered – and I simply can’t face the immediate prospect of a long walk – my “Front Door” 3,000km walk which I had slated for November. 

I need to rest. 
I need to recover.
I can’t keep pushing myself like this.
I’ll fall over. 

So, that means I will have to reschedule my beloved walk to next year. 
And next year I want to begin production on my next film in the PGS trilogy: Fear Not.

It will look at fear, in all its aspects, and look at how we can live without it. I see it as a companion piece to PGS, and intuition. 

By the end of this year I will have had two 100,000 word books published by Penguin Random House, I will have written a third, I will have written and had published by Arcadia Press PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System – the 50,000 word book of the film. I will have travelled for five solid months back and forth across the US attending screenings of PGS – and I will have overseen and marketed the online release of that film. 

A massive year.

I need a rest, before I embark on my next journey.

16 thoughts on “The Realities of my life…

      • Bill, my life is getting better each day. I set my sights much lower than you set yours, and at this point, my primary focus is being a good person, and whatever comes after that or because of that is OK too. Life is simple. People are complicated. Seeing my 101 year old mom post 5 hours of surgery, reminds me that I might be here for a long time, yet, therefore, I drive slower and smell more roses. And thanks for sending your best wishes to her.

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        • People ARE complicated Steve, and that’s what makes them so wonderful. You are complicated, as am I. I’m really pleased to hear that things are getting better for you each day. You are a good man. Your mother is remarkable. Her face radiates joy and love. That’s why she’s lived so long. I don’t feel like I’ve set my sights high. Each day I think about what more I could have done. I always fall short. The most important thing we have is our health, and the love of those close to us. Your mate, Bill


  1. Hi Bill – good to hear that you’ve taken the decision to delay your Front Door camino. Doing the winter camino would have been tough in all the ways that you know. And hey – the photography for the book is going to be so much better if you walk at a milder time of year – something to think about!
    Best of luck with all that you’re working on and enjoy the relaxing times too.
    xoxo to you and Jen –

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    • Hey Jenny – thanks for your lovely words. I would have loved doing a winter Camino in fact – I was actually looking forward to that – but the reality is that with this year’s workload, I am exhausted and need time to refresh. A long walk straight after my current delivery obligations would be too taxing on me – for once, I need to be sensible. haha. Hope to see you again soon – before Christmas? WE each have stories to tell, I’m sure!

      Much love,


  2. Dear Bill,
    I think I told you before that you should do your “front door” walk next year. Reason being it would be your 66th birthday and you could call it your “Route 66” ha! All joking aside, I think you both really need some down time and just relax for a bit, stop and smell the roses, enjoy time with family and friends. Ideas that pop into your head can be written down and acted on later. You’ve packed a lot into your life – slow down and enjoy it.



  3. You are amazing Bill. I know you were looking forward to the winter camino but it’s no good if you are tired to begin with. Nurture your beautiful soul and everything will unfold as it should. Buen Camino my friend 💜


    • haha – thanks Margaret – yes I just feel really exhausted right at the moment, and it’s not a good way to start a long walk! Thanks for your very kind words. Big Camino hug, Bill

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  4. Well, Hallelujah, Bill, you’re human like the rest of us … I had been wondering and it’s just good to have it confirmed!!! OF COURSE you need some R&R! The rest of any of us who know you even a little bit, have known that for a long time and I’m so pleased to know you’ve let yourself realise it too! Enjoy Jen and your family, watch the roses bloom, don’t just smell them and yes, please let’s definitely catch up some time before Christmas. Hugs to you both, Britta

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    • Ah Britta – you might have seen that last time we met, I was a bit wrung out. This is proving to be a hellova year – but man o man, hasn’t it been incredible? And it’s not over yet! Looking forward to seeing you again soon I hope! bb xx


  5. It’s sad that you need to postpone your Camino Bill, but it is joyful that you are getting so much done !!

    But then I always say — when you’re on the Way and exhaustion or pain or anything set in, then just rest. Rest, rest, wait ’til you’re better, then carry on.

    And as you know, Bill, my own long rest is coming to an end … 🙂

    As you know, I’ll soon be walking home to home …

    As I’ve explained elsewhere, I’m starting that 4000 K Camino probably in December, then maybe
    6 to 8 months walking.

    The route I’m following will be Chemin Provençal from home to Arles ; a bit along the Arles Way probably to Revel ; then down through Foix to Andorra ; then down the Camí d’Andorra through Urgell to Lleida ; up the Camí Catalán to a bit further than Zaragoza ; then a bit of the Camino Castellano-Aragonès ’til I finally leave it behind and head to Valladolid and beyond along the Duero river valley ; then down Via de la Plata a revès through Salamanca then via whichever variant to wherever turns out best, maybe via Cáceres, and then West to Fátima ; Camiño Portugues to Compostela ; Camino Francès to SJPP ; Voie du Piémont through Lourdes, maybe back to Foix ; then up back through Revel, Arles, to home again on the Arles Way and the Provençal.

    As always, this is being thrust into my lap, fairly out of the blue.

    And of course it’ll be hard ; but it’s necessary, that’s all. 🙂


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