There’s no such things as angels. Oh yeah?

Before making PGS the Movie, I didn’t believe in angels.

Now I do.

What changed?

I met people way smarter than me in this stuff who told me about angels, and how they work, and I began to sense their presence, and see first hand how they were helping me.

I got this letter today from a bloke I don’t know – a Professor – who saw my film via a good friend, Kurt Koontz, at a private screening in Costa Rica.

Here’s what he wrote –

My wife Paola and I met Kurt Koontz in Costa Rica this June and he invited us to a private screening of your movie about intuition. We sat in a yoga centre in the jungle of Costa Rica and watched the film quietly with about 30 other people that we did not know. During the film I noticed a level of discomfort that I was experiencing however I could not pinpoint what it was.

Driving home from the screening, I told my wife, “there is no such thing as angels”, and “intuition is over-rated, it’s all just confusing nonsense.  What you don’t know about me is that I have embraced my thinking mind more and more over the years.

I am University Professor and a researcher and seemed to have been pulled into my head without realizing that I was. In fact, I have become a sceptic, and after viewing the film felt the discoursing disconnection with my own intuition.

The same week as the movie screening I was asked by a yoga centre teacher if I’d like to come for a 3-hour meditation. This was my first meditation longer than 15 minutes. I reluctantly joined and two days after the screening found myself sitting in the same room and in the same exact location that I was sitting when I saw your film.

What happened next was completely unexpected. During the mediation, I felt three forceful pokes on my back. I spun around, and no one was there. In that moment, I was visited by two angels that surrounded me on my left and right. I felt a connection to god and the universe in that moment that I have never experienced before.

I am now fully embracing my intuition and give you credit for this newly discovered tool that I can use; my intuition. I flow through life now without planning and over thinking. I follow my intuition and allow it to lead us forward with grace, beauty and ease.

Thank you for making that beautiful film.

Chris Cale, PhD
University Professor & World Adventurer

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  1. I have to say while my physical encounters with angels were less on this Camino and my being an angel to others increased, I definitely felt presence of them many times so that I would often turn around and I couldn’t “see” anyone but definitely felt reassuring presence.

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