PGS – help us get it out to the world!

Two weeks today we launch a crowdsource funding campaign.

It’s to raise funds to help us get PGS the Movie out to the world!

The campaign will be on Indiegogo – and we’ll be seeking funds to create foreign language versions, DVD premium extras, such as extended interviews and “chapters” we didn’t include – and it will also go towards marketing the film world wide.

Here is a sneak preview of the video we’ve created for the campaign-

We want to make the world more intuitive, and we’re going to need your help!

6 thoughts on “PGS – help us get it out to the world!

  1. Hi Bill,
    All the best with this crowdsource funding campaign.
    How wonderful it would be to have PGS viewed worldwide!

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  2. Thanks, yes, am home – have visited my granddaughter too! and enjoying being back in Sydney sorting through my 10eds of photos!! 🙂


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