PGS the Movie trailer is now up! 

I’m delighted to announce that the trailer for PGS the movie is now online. 

PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System is a 90 minute theatrical film exploring and demystifying intuition. 

It details my global journey to find the source of a voice which saved my life. 

The film will be released in cinemas in Australia through Fan-Force from early October, and in the US through Gathr Films in early January next year. 

Check out the trailer – share it – and come see the movie! 

23 thoughts on “PGS the Movie trailer is now up! 

  1. OMG Bill! You have a winner! It is so good. Dale and I thought the rough cut we saw last year was terrific but this is superb! I didn’t think the other version could have gotten much better but it did. Going to send it to a bunch of people and we’ll have a group see it on first night’s showing. But, does this mean there won’t be a premiere in April? Was really looking forward to that. I guess if not we can book a trip to Cannes to see you win the top award for the film next year!
    All your hard work is really going to pay off. Come on January!!
    Hugs to you both,
    Dale and Lynda

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  2. Bill,
    I am looking forward to the film’s release. As you know, I have been very interested in the process along the way and am in total agreement that NOW IS THE TIME, I believe the world is ready!
    I anxiously await the premiere.

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    • Wonderful – thanks Arlene. I hope we can get a screening going in your neck of the woods. Perhaps you would like to “movie captain” a screening? If so Jen and I would come and do a Q&A after!


  3. I LOVE the trailer Bill and cannot wait to see the film. Congratulations to you, Jen, and all who worked on the film – may it bring you all many wonderful rewards.
    Much love –
    Jenny xoxo

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  4. This is so very exciting! I don’t post often enough, but I feel like I have been along for the ride from the very beginning… least from the beginning of your Camino. Sending you love and joyful best wishes from Michigan!

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  5. It looks truly great Bill. I can’t wait to see it and recommend it to my colleagues.
    I feel as if I am having a crisis at my work at the moment. I am in the STOP phase of PGS . For me, crisis always precedes change. I need to avoid this emotional roundabout and listen more to my intuition before the crescent of crisis occurs.


    • The thing I’ve learned in the making of this film Michele is your intuition never steers you wrong. It’s just that most people don’t have the courage to trust it and go with it.


    • Dear Sigrid – lovely to hear from you! I HOPE that we can get it to Austria. We are looking at doing a German translation, and are thinking of having some screenings in Germany in May – so perhaps? If you can get a bunch of people together and host a screening, that would make it possible!! hugs back mate! Bill


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