My phone has been found!

My phone has been found, miraculously!

When I lost my phone several days ago now, I went onto the Find my Phone app on Mac OS, and there’s a function which allows you to put a message on the locked screen. So I used Google Translate to write, in Italian, that if the phone was found, please call Jennifer’s phone number, and I will pay a reward.

Well, Jennifer got a call this evening from a man who, in broken English, said he had found the phone. He didn’t want a reward – and he’s going to take it to the hotel where we stayed in Piedmont – the Da Fabiana near Bossolasco (a fantastic place) – and the wonderful people there are going to mail it to me in Australia.

No one wants payment, even for the postage – and no one wants a reward.

Jennifer always said the phone wasn’t lost, and I would get it back. She was right, as it turned out. And these are the NICEST people.

Just incredible.

I couldn’t ever imagine that the phone had been stolen. It made no sense, given the energy of the place, and of the people there. I truly believe in the innate goodness of people – their honesty and generosity.

Yes there are thieves, and there are people who for whatever reason do things that are harmful to others. Are they bad evil people? No, I don’t believe so. They have their reasons, that’s all.

They are still beings of light, as are you, as am I – as are those people who found my phone.

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  1. Bill,
    I, too never believed it had been stolen, but who am I, just a friend who felt in her bones the phone would be returned to you.
    I am so pleased to learn of the kindness of my fellow man.


    • Thanks Arlene – I think if you give out love and generosity of spirit, it will be returned to you. I hope you had a lovely birthday!! bill xx


      • Yes, Bill, I am having a wonderful birthday, currently awaiting the arrival of #1 son and his partner to join me for dinner.
        A good motto to follow is Be Good, Do Good, it will always and forever come back to you.
        Love to you and Jen,

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  2. Bill,
    So glad you found the phone. I would be lost without mine.
    Have been watching some updates on the Film Festival. Looking through the massive crowds for you and Jen but have not spotted you as yet. Hope all is going well and you are managing to get the meetings and backing you need.
    Love to you both


    • Ah – we stay away from the crowds as much as possible Lynda. We come in, do what we have to do, and get out. That’s the best way to handle Cannes – that’s unless you have a film in Official Selection, and then it’s a whole other ballgame!


  3. Wonderful news Bill ! There are angels everywhere and wow … don’t we all know that!
    Best wishes for the Festival, for your meetings, and safe travels.
    Love and Camino hugs to you and Jen –
    Jenny xoxo


  4. upsolutely wonderful… Love that you continue to see mostly “light” in all people.

    Well, I am going to take this opportunity to announce to our PGS family that on Wednesday, I am off again, Camino bound. I created a group on facebook Ingrid – The Intrepid Peregrina. I will be posting as I usually do, when WIFI is working. I would be honoured if some of you would join the group and cheer me on. Since it is a closed group, just ask and I will approve.

    Itinerary: Leaving Toronto May 24, Arrival Toulouse May 25. 26/27 Lourdes where I meet up with my South African travel companions. We start waling 28, via Oloron Ste Marie and Somport Pass to Jaca, to follow the Camino Aragones to Puenta de la Reina. (here it meets up with the CF)
    Not sure what I am doing after that, hoping of course to hook up with Jenny Heesh on the Meseta.
    July 1-15 volunteering at the Pilgrims office in Santiago
    July 1-July 31 hospitalera at the Albergue in Grado (1st state out of Oviedo ) on the C. Primitivo
    Will then walk out with the pilgrims that morning to complete the C. Primitivo.

    Whatever time I have left, I will wing it.

    Take care everyone and hopefully meet you in the group. Light and Love Ingrid

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    • Ingrid, what an amazing walk it will be. How many kms do you estimate? I’ll certainly be following you in your group. Safe travels over, and best wishes on a wonderful life experience coming up! Hugs, Bill


    • Hi Ingrid – I’m SO hoping that we can catch up on the Meseta, or in Santiago during your time volunteering at the Pilgrims Office.
      I’ll be setting out from Burgos on Monday, 5 June. My friend David and I will be walking together for around a week or ten days, before he has to return to the UK. We’ll be walking as pilgrims, doing first aid, staying in albergues and we will be walking very slowly, so I hope that you will be able to catch up with us. I’ll keep in touch via Facebook.
      Best, best wishes – safe travels and safe walking – take joy in every step on those ancient and magical paths.
      Buen Camino and see you soon! Celebrations!!!
      Jenny xxx

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    • Yes, please, Ingrid, could you give permission – however that works – for me to follow your blog. Your walk and other plans sound just wonderful. Have the very best time every second and every step of Your Way 🙂 Britta

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  5. I’ll dip my toe – and thoughts – in also, Bill, as I too didn’t think the phone was lost, although I could never explain why I felt that way! I’ve basically stopped saying ‘I lost’ and now just say that ‘I’ve misplaced’ as invariably things turn up. It could of course just be that as I get older, I am more forgetful, but I prefer to not think so! 🙂

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