Yesterday I lost my phone / Yesterday my phone was stolen ~

I prefer to think that I lost it.

And that if someone took it, then they must have really needed it.

Good for them.

It won’t be much good to them, because the way iPhones work, unless you know the passcode, the phone is useless.

I wonder if they figure out the passcode is 1111?

haha – it’s not.

It should be 4444 – but I’m not that stupid.
I’m just stupid enough to have lost my phone.

I use my phone a lot. I’m a communicator, and for me my phone is an essential tool. And I’m away working. I am on my way to the Cannes Film Festival, and I have meetings lined up and the only real way people can get in touch is via my cellphone.

Also, I’m still in post production on my film on intuition – PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System. I’m coordinating the post whilst away – plus I’ve also begun the early stages of marketing. So I need my phone right now.

Each morning when I meditate, I ask that my teachers, my guides, and my Higher Self bring forth to me the lessons that I need to learn so that I can accelerate my growth.

So what lessons can I glean from this loss / theft?

You might say that I’m being told that I shouldn’t be so reliant upon technology.

Or that I shouldn’t be so covetous of material things – like my glorious iPhone 7+, which is simply a thing of beauty and wonder.

Or that I shouldn’t leave my phone on the roof of the car and wander off to take photos, then later drive off forgetting that’s where I left it.

I prefer to think that it’s a lesson in mindfulness.

Because when I track back on when I last saw my phone, and what I did with it, I draw a blank. A complete and utter blank.

Maybe I did drive off with the phone on the roof of the car. Maybe I left it in the cafe moments before, and it was lifted by some quick fingered thieves. Fact is, I don’t know. Which makes me think that I’m not very mindful of my actions – and I should be.

I see it as a lesson in mindfulness – asking me to be more aware moment to moment of how I walk through this world.

And also, possibly, it’s a lesson never to leave my phone on the roof of a car…

The last shot I took on my glorious wondrous iPhone 7+ – in the Cathedral of Alba, Piedmont Italy.

17 thoughts on “Yesterday I lost my phone / Yesterday my phone was stolen ~

  1. ‘So sorry to hear the news about the loss of your phone Bill – what a major inconvenience the loss of it is – particularly when you’re overseas and time is at a premium. I hope that it can be replaced without too much hassle and that all your data can be loaded on to it without delay.
    Best wishes for the Cannes Film Festival and for all your meetings.
    Camino hugs to you and Jen –
    Jenny xoxo


    • Thanks Jenny. Yes it is a real nuisance, however these things happen and I am fortunate that in all my traveling, this is the first time. Hugs to you and Steve too – and will keep in touch with how things go! Viva la Cannes!!

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  2. Hi Bill,
    Love your thoughtful approach to this substantial inconvenience!
    All the best with getting it sorted.
    Love & hugs,

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      • … ane yes, Bill, of course you’d not be human and certainly not you, if you’d not been at least annoyed and possibly more than that, when you realised you’d lost the phone, but then isn’t it wonderful to learn, that yes, you’re also this mindful person, who can think and feel your way (with help from the gorgeous Jennifer) through that potentially anxiety-laden situation, to come out the way you did. May you be able to keep that in mind for these next couple of weeks … after all it’s ‘just Cannes’!!!!
        Hugs to you both, Britta


        • Well Britta, you know how much I live on the phone! It was upsetting and stressful for a while, and right at the moment with all the traveling I’m very tired and I have so much on my mind with work stuff, and the film and so on – so I guess it’s understandable I would do something stupid like misplace my phone – however I have now acknowledged that it’s gone, and I need to get through the next week or so before I return to Australia and use Jen’s phone when needed, and relax… Hard for me, I know!! haha. hugs back mate!!


    • That was one of the first things I did Chris, but the phone is Offline. It doesn’t show. I have now used the Erase Phone function, so that if someone does pick it up, then the contents of the phone will be erased. Basically I’m acknowledging that it won’t be found by me. I now have to move out of here to Cannes today. Thanks for your comment though!!


        • Thanks Chris – yes you’re right about overlooking the obvious. In fact I was so stressed about the loss of the phone it took me a couple of hours to remember the Find my Phone app. And as for Cannes, this will be my 21st year there! For me it’s work…

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    • Hi Julian, I hope that didn’t happen where we had drinks or dinner. If so let me know and I’ll check there. Jennifer and I haven’t yet left La Turbie. That aside, it was great seeing you last night, and I hope you got home ok. Bill


      • Yes it was great seeing you both, and thanks for the lovely time — yes please do check in those two places, and if you find it, please leave it at the hotel reception, and I can pop up and get it ; it’s a Microsoft Lumia.


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