PGS shoot – South Australia

A quick post to let you know that the South Australian shoot for my intuition film is going well.

We’re getting some amazing footage for sequences that will link between the film’s chapters.

Scott Last is the Drone Operator who is doing this shoot. He’s using his new fancy-pants DJI Inspire drone, that is quite incredible. For the tech heads, it has a Micro Four Thirds chip and interchangeable lenses. We have a 24mm, a 30mm, and a 90mm lenses. (35mm equivalent)

We sill have several more days to go – but we’re camped at the Nullarbor Roadhouse at the moment for two days getting some unique footage.

It will give the film a very cinematic feel.

We’re on track to complete the film by end of June… and release? Not sure yet. Sometime next year. Because there will be a big marketing push ahead of release.

9 thoughts on “PGS shoot – South Australia

  1. The use of the drone technology in your filming is going to be awesome Bill.
    Best, best wishes for the filming in South Australia and safe travels back home.
    Love and Camino hugs to you and Jen –
    Jenny xxoo


  2. WOW, Bill, what atmospheric shots. Enjoy your time on the Nullarbor … as we’ve talked about, I’m just a tad envious! 🙂


    • Hey Britta – being the intrepid traveller and explorer, you’d love it out here. And yes, we’re getting some truly wonderful images. Love. Bill


  3. Hard to be more off-topic than this but …

    WOO-HOO after two THRILLING matches against City, Monaco is into the Champions League quarter finals, against Dortmund

    The first match against Manchester, and their 5-3 victory, is simply a Champions League Classic.

    I think we’ve a great chance to get into the semis — and we’re still top of the League, in the League Cup Final against Paris, and in the French Cup Quarters. Best European attack shared week-to-week with Barça, but mostly there’s an amazing osmosis between the previously underrated veteran internationals, the backbone of the club out of our most regular and group-minded players, and the amazing skills of the young breakout talents from the training ground.

    It’s a heck of a good season for the red & whites !!!


    • Mbappa is a star, pure and simple. Why he was brought off when he was made no sense. Mendy too. It was a very exciting game, and Pep G should be worried now about the future of City in Champions League, if they aren’t out already.

      White and red, and red and white for the Swannies Julian – ha!!


      • Mbappé is still VERY young, and he can usually only manage his full performance level for 60′, not 90. Also, Monaco are still qualified for all three national competitions, plus the Champions League, so Jardim really does need to manage player fatigue and turnaround very very carefully.

        Mbappé’s just been called to the France international squad for the first time BTW

        Yeah, he is an incredibly talented young player — think it’s 14 goals in his last 12 matches, now …

        City are out, Monaco eliminated them. 🙂 We’re in the last 8, and up against Dortmund in the Quarter Finals. Two of the other Quarters are Juve-Barça and Real-Bayern, so those’ll be the matches grabbing the most attention internationally. The last one is Tottenham-Atletico.

        Next up though is the French League Cup final against PSG, which will likely turn out to be another Champions League level match … last Championship match against them was incredible, on both sides !

        Yeah, hard to go wrong with the red and whites, Bill 🙂


        • Julian – I am going to keep an eye out for these games. In Sydney while I’m editing I don’t have access to the games, but I do on the weekends when I go back to Mudgee. And yes, you’re right about Mbappe – he is young, and I see what you say about not fatiguing him or having him get injured. In cricket the coaches go easy on the young fast bowlers, because many of them get injuries even though they are hugely talented – their young bodies can’t handle the sustained pressure of extended play.

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