Romantic Road Tour – D4 / Rothenburg

Today was spent in the picture postcard town of Rothenburg – or, as our wonderful friend Texan Vedic Astrologer Extraordinaire Joni Patry calls it, a “gingerbread” town.


It was a free day for those on the tour to do whatever they wanted – including:

  • A walk along the top of the town’s ancient stone ramparts, which encircle Rothenburg.

stairs-to-ramparts ken-angie-and-jen-on-ramparts

  • A visit to the magnificent German Christmas Museum

ext-christmas-shop int-christmas-museum

  • Morning tea, which included a big slosh of Amaretto in our cappuccinos.


  • A visit to the magnificent Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas shop


  • A visit to the St. James Cathedral – an integral stop along the German Camino

angela-at-st-james-church ken-at-st-james-church bill-jen-by-st-james st-james-church

  • Lunch, of course. My meal was Wild Boar goulash with dumplings… with a Franconia Riesling.

It was a wonderful relaxing day, to be topped off by dinner at our favourite Bavarian tavern this evening.

Christmas is everywhere along the Romantic Road. And what better place to spend these pre-Christmas days than in a town like Rothenburg –


9 thoughts on “Romantic Road Tour – D4 / Rothenburg

  1. Hot a good giggle out of this one…. you call it tea time and you then drink spiked coffee.

    Nice memories of Rothenburg
    .. one of the towns we visited on our honeymoon.



  2. Fantastic pictures Bill. It doesn’t appear as cold as the other day, am I correct in this assumption?

    This tour is certainly wowing me!



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