Ahead ~

Tomorrow Jennifer and I head off for seven weeks – to the US and Germany.

In the US we’ll be working on the intuition film, and in Germany we’ll be leading our Romantic Road tour through Bavaria. I believe it’s already started snowing on parts of our route!

We fly into New York tomorrow – and we’ll be there for the elections. On Wednesday I’m doing an interview with Paul Selig, author and channel. I’ve mentioned him several times on this blog. His books have been a big influence on me during the making of the film, and it will be wonderful to meet him, and get his insights on how intuition works.

If you want to read some of his work, start with I AM THE WORD

Whilst in America we’ll also be going to Texas and then to California. Our schedule is jam packed – almost every day is now booked with either filming or meetings. Many of the meetings will have to do with marketing and distribution. The film is quite unorthodox, and it will require non-traditional unorthodox distribution.

Technology and viewing behaviours are changing quite rapidly, and ways of distribution that worked even a year or two years ago won’t be working in a year or two years’ time. It’s crucial for me to find out what’s the most current way to best get my film to audience.

Germany will be wonderful –

We’ll be walking each day, and going from fairytale town to fairytale town along the Romantic Road. We’ll be there for the wonderful Christmas Markets, which are unique to that part of the world.

In between all this I’ll be working on my revisions of PALACE OF FIRES – Initiate, for Penguin Random House. So it’ll be a busy time.

I’ll be blogging regularly, and on Facebook too. Watch out for the posts. It promises to be an exciting time!

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12 thoughts on “Ahead ~

  1. Oh Bill, I so wished I could have joined you on this adventure. Please know I will be living vicariously through your blog though.

    Have fun and enjoy, my friend.My thoughts and well wishes are always with you and Jen.

    Until we meet again, I remain the friend with the New York accent!



    • Ah Arlene – it would have been great to have you along – but there’ll be other times. Wonderful though for you to follow the blog – Jen and I will look forward to your oohs and aaahs!! haha. Take care, have a great Thanksgiving (coming up soon) – and no doubt we’ll speak soon too. Much love, Bill


  2. Hi Bill – Best wishes for every success with your meetings and filming in the US, and for a wonderful, fairytale time in Germany on the tour. In NYC have some lox and bagels for us all, and in Germany have some gingerbread and some gluwein for us all!
    Love and Camino hugs to you and Jen –
    Jenny xxx


    • Dear jenny – many thanks for your wonderful well wishes. Will think of you whilst having Lox & Bagels (from H&H Bagels too!) and yes in Germany too. We’ll have to have a meeting of the Lucky Buggers Club when we get back too, hey? I think that will be required! Take care, hugs to Stephen, and we’ll keep in touch on this blog. With love, Bill


    • Ah George – yes it’s just a fly in fly out stay in Dallas this time. Literally one day, and we are chockers. We’ll be back again soon though, because we have dear friends there and in Houston, and also let’s not forget about the Beneficial Cosmic Rays! I look forward to meeting you… Bill


  3. Have a great time on these converging trips. As always I’ll look forward to checking out your posts, whatever country you might be in and whatever thoughts and ideas you might throw at us! 🙂

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    • Thanks Britta – will keep in touch on this blog and I look forward to your wonderfully Britta-ish comments! haha. I’ve suggested to Jenny and Janet that we get together sometime in the New Year. It would be great to catch up again. In the meantime thank you for your kind thoughts here – take care – and see you in the New Year I hope. With love, Bill


  4. Hope you had a great journey across the oceans. Wishing for all of your plans to come to fruition. Read your entry on our way back from Mexico.

    Now back to enjoying what seems to be the last tunes of Autumn.

    Looking forward to all the wonderful foodie and other entries you will have on your Fairy Tales Tour.

    Enjoy, since 2017 is shaping up to be busy and conclusive for your film.

    Light and Love as always, your pilgrim friend Ingrid


  5. Safe and fun travels, Bill and Jennifer! I am still in the DC area waiting for my visa so if you happen to be in the area, let me know and we could grab a quick cuppa! Much love to you both.


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