How I use my time ~

Following on from my Post the other day declaring that I won’t be doing tours for the next couple of years, I would like to state that a) I’m not getting old, b) I’m not getting tired, c) I’m not admitting defeat to my workload, and d) I’m not relinquishing my superhuman status. 

It’s all about focus, and how I use my time. 

I have met, during my lifetime, some big achievers. Dick Smith is someone who comes to mind. Dick never wastes a moment. Dick financed my first two independent documentaries, and I learned so much from him when I was young. 

One of the things I learned is: TO SAY IS TO DO.

If Dick says he’s going to do something, he does it. 

A lot of people don’t. 

They talk, but don’t do. 

I try and do, too. 

I try not to waste any time. For instance, at the moment I’m editing my film but I’m also writing a book about the making of the film. I do this while Rishi (my editor) is working. The book is now at 60,000 words, and it details how I have made the film intuitively. It will come out when the film comes out. 

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d just be kicking around, waiting for Rishi to finish a sequence. 

This way I can be productive. 

Some of you think I don’t sleep, and that’s how I’m able to pack so much into a day. That’s not actually the case. I regard sleep and rest time as an important part of the work cycle. If you drive a car 24hhrs a day, day after day, at some point it’s going to break down. Then it’s no good to you. 

Same with your body, and your spiritual being. They need rest, nourishment, re-energising. Fitness and good sensible eating are integral to that. 

I remember Edward de Bono once saying: Some people read a book on a flight. I write a book. 

I’ve always remembered that. 

Getting back to putting a temporary halt to the tours – I know that PGS will require travel, and my full attention next year in terms of marketing and publicity. But also, I have to write two books in the WHITE WITCH BLACK WITCH series. (more on that later). To be truly productive, you have to know where to place your focus. And when. 

I can do several things concurrently, but I can only do one thing CREATIVELY at any given time. For me to work effectively as a creative person, I have to lock in on what it is I’m doing. I have to channel, if you like. I have to give it my complete and total focus. I can only do that one thing at a time. 

It’s all about how you use your time. If you’re in a bus or a train, do you stare blankly out the window? Or do you go onto Facebook or Twitter? Or do you read a book? Or listen to music? 

Do you feed yourself? Or do you deplete yourself… We are defined by what we do, not by what we say we’re going to do. That’s the way I look at it… 

So to all you naysayers who thought that I was finally becoming human – nah… not happening! 


12 thoughts on “How I use my time ~

  1. GO BILL !!! I love it! Blessings for everything that you do – you truly are an inspiration – as is Jen for everything that she does.
    Much love to you both – xo xo.


      • Hi Bill –
        Thanks so much for your reply – I really appreciate it. I’ve been thinking about your post all morning and have been applying my time much better today than I often do. It feels good!!!
        One can still daydream but to use time productively is great for (this) one who has her head in the clouds and feet firmly on the ground at the same time!
        Camino hugs!
        Jenny xx

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  2. Ah so nice to hear you, thank you, this was such a wonderful, unexpected surprise. Ultreia on all your ventures. Light and Love Ingrid


  3. See, Bill, I knew you were a friend for a reason … now I just have to figure out exactly what that is 🙂 Hugs and good luck with all your current – and for that matter, future – projects 🙂


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