The Book of Mastery ~

I’ve just finished a wonderful book that’s helped recalibrate the way I look at the world.

And myself.

It’s called The Book of Masteryby Paul Selig.

Paul Selig is a New York based channel. He’s written three books prior to this one, all of them channelled. I’ve seen interviews with this guy on Gaia TV – and in one he did an impromptu channel. It was extraordinary.

He’s clairaudient, and he’s truly the real deal.

The Book of Mastery is a bit like A Course in Miracles in that it asks you to fundamentally rethink all your perceived points of reference. It’s not as dense as A Course in Miracles – in fact the text reads simply – but it has levels and levels of understanding, and I’ve found that I’ve had to re-read sections quite a few times to really get it.

Selig channels what he calls “The Guides,” and they’ve told him that they’ve structured their teachings according to the level of awareness of whomever reads them – in other words, you can appreciate the teachings at whatever level you approach them from.

Here are some sections – about fear…


The Book of Mastery – Paul Selig

If you perceive yourself as the victim of a life, you will continue to create from a passive place of self-loathing, or fear, or the requirement for others to tell you your value because you cannot do it for yourself. Now we are being very direct with you this morning for several reasons.

There is no placation here of the small self, “Well, don’t I have the right to be the victim?” Well, you do have the right if you want to choose it. We are not taking away your will. But what we are saying to you is: How you decide to be in encounter with any situation will call to you the next series of events that you will learn through.

Each time you make a choice to be a certain way, to align to the self in a certain way, you claim the potential of that choice to ricochet and propel you forward. So the choice that is made of how to perceive the self in regard to any situation calls to you how the response is manifested in the physical realm.

You will feel the shift once you make the choice not to participate in the lower vibration. If you could all understand that when you agree to a low-vibratory thing you are in consort with it, you will understand that every time you see the news and you are taught to feel terrible you are in consort with the very thing you wish to see differently.

When you see the truth in something, you are actually instigating change—you are helping to transform the thing to the truth of the Divine. Now if you understand that the Divine Self knows no fear and cannot perpetuate fear, you will understand that this teaching will never cause fear.

If you encounter it on your path, it’s as an opportunity to overcome. When there is a battle, you may enter the fray if you choose by pulling out your sword, or you may lift the battlefield to the level of vibration where there are no swords. Do you understand this example? It’s very important for you to understand that this is an active thing and it does change.

Now we say these words to you intentionally: The requirement for change at this level of incarnation is to bless all that you see. Hear these words: What you bless, you lift; what you damn, what you curse, you cast out. Now when you cast something out, you align it to the darkness and there has been a teaching that things should be cast to the darkness for the good of all.

But what is cast to the darkness grows in force, and the intention of the darkness, as you understand it, is to cast a shadow to preclude the light, to stand in its own defiance. When you lift something to the light, you give it the opportunity to heal. When you cast something into the darkness, you actually give it power.

So the intention to damn anything you see, to put it outside of God, is actually to empower it. Blessing all that you see, even when it disguises itself in great fear, will support you in aligning to the light that will dispel the darkness.

Now some of you believe if you bless something, you condone it. “Look at that terrible thing, I cannot bless that terrible thing.” To understand what a blessing is is very important, and a blessing is the placement of God upon the thing you see.

If you can imagine this, that there is a dark being slithering on the floor, you can run from the dark being, or you can bless the dark being. By blessing the dark being, you bring the light to it, you bring the action of the Divine to bear on this very thing, and it transforms, in its own way, to meet the choice of being blessed.

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  1. Interesting, and believe it or not my mate, I completely agree with the simplicity of perspective and attitude. Yes, this is a book I will read. Thanks.


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