Blood on the sheets ~

A year ago, I woke up to blood on my sheets.

I’d been coughing in the middle of the night – coughing so violently that I’d coughed up blood. A lot of blood. My sheet was sprayed with it. Literally.

It freaked me out.

I’d had this cough for nearly two years.
Yes, two years.

I couldn’t shift it.

I’m not one to run off to doctors at the sign of a sniffle. In fact I don’t believe in using the resources of western medicine unless you have no other choice. I firmly believe in the body’s ability to heal itself through right thought, right action.

Anyone who had any interaction with me during that two year period knows how bad that cough was. Often I couldn’t speak on the phone without interrupting the call because of a coughing fit.

Despite my antipathy towards doctors I finally went to get medical help. My doctor did all sorts of checks and tests. I didn’t have bronchitis or pneumonia or any kind of chest infection that he could determine. I was coughing, and coughing badly – there in the surgery – but he didn’t know why. Irrespective, he prescribed me antibiotics.

I dutifully completed the course of antibiotics. I was still coughing. I did a second full course. I was still coughing.

I went back to the doctor and he examined me again – gave me another course of antibiotics, this one more powerful. I again dutifully completed the course. And a second course. It did no good. I was still coughing.

He gave me a third course of different antibiotics – flummoxed now as to why I was still coughing. He suggested I have a chest X-ray. I didn’t want to have a chest X-ray. Like I say, I have an antipathy to western medicine.

The third lot of antibiotics didn’t work either.

The cough wasn’t debilitating. I could live my life. But I couldn’t carry on any kind of conversation without coughing. I couldn’t even sit in a room without coughing.

Last year I walked the Via di Francseco in Italy – 250km through Tuscany and Umbria to Assisi – and it was tough going for me because of the cough.

A few months later I had to go to the US for filming for my documentary on intuition. This time last year I found myself in Mount Shasta, to interview one of America’s leading psychics and healers, Michael J Tamura.

The night before the interview, in the motel in Mount Shasta, I woke up to that coughing fit and discovered the next morning that my bedsheets were blood splattered. Not pretty.

Later that morning I went to Michael’s house, he took one look at me, and knew immediately that something was wrong. He asked if I wanted him to heal me.

I said: “Yes please!”

He sat opposite me in his lounge room, and he “zoned out.” His eyes fluttered uncontrollably, his fingers felt the air around me – his hand reading my energy field – and it was very apparent to me that he was well and truly somewhere else!

He then opened his eyes, and he didn’t ask me, he told me about someone I’d known from a past relationship in my early 20s. He was very specific about this person, including a physical description, which left me in no doubt who he was talking about. He also told me about the nature of the relationship – which again was specific, and correct.

But how did he know of this person?
No-one knew of this person.
He hadn’t been “fishing,” throwing out generalised comments.
He told me swiftly, without hesitation, as if he had just seen her.
As if he knew. 

He told me this woman was still angry with me, and she had her hands around my throat, energetically, and she’d been trying to strangle me.


Then he went back into his “zone” and he his eyes fluttered again, and he felt my energies again, and then his eyes popped open and he told me that in a previous life, a couple of hundred years ago, I had been a political activist. He told me that I’d been speaking out against injustices and I’d been caught by the authorities, shackled and put on display in a town square, and to make an example of me and warn others not to speak out, they’d slit my throat in such a way that I’d died slowly.


Michael asked me if I wanted these energies cleared from my system.
I said: “Yes please.”

And here’s the thing, I haven’t coughed since.

I am serious.
Ask anyone who knows me – who knew me before Michael Tamura, and after.
I haven’t coughed since.

It’s mid winter here now in Australia and I’ve been half expecting the cough to return, but it hasn’t. It’s gone for good.

Michael showed me, clearly and demonstrably, how energy and spirit work. I am living proof and I am still in awe. What he did for me that morning in Mount Shasta, twelve months ago, has been integral to my awakening.

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  1. Hmmmm. I am reminding myself that just because I don’t understand it does not make it untrue. You certainly have the most unique experiences of anyone I know. No cough after the healer. No glasses after the Camino. Who knew? I would be totally skeptical if these situations happened to anyone other than you, my mate, whom I know to be totally honest. I guess by not being a true believer, I am denying myself certain experiences.


    • Steve, you are denying your spiritual self. Sometimes you are on the verge of accepting it, and then you pull away. I’ve seen it a couple of times now. While ever you deny it, and while ever you believe that the Universe is random in its engagement with you, you will continue to be given lessons. Some of these lessons in the past have been tough, as you know. But you are the most spiritual non-believer I know mate! Time you bit off the big one.

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      • Hello, Bill & Steve! This interchange between the two of you here IS the healing. Communication, whatever form it may take, is the doorway to all healing. Steve, you make a most important statement that just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it untrue. Bill says that you are the most spiritual non-believer he knows. We are all limitless and eternal (in other words, spiritual) whether we believe it or not. We all love and are all loved whether we believe it or not. Part of the process of awakening to truth begins when our belief in what is not true fall apart. At first we are devastated, the seeming solid ground of our “reality” collapses. We become disillusioned. That is almost always the beginning of our awakening, not our failure. When what we firmly believed in before is no more, we begin to seek beyond all belief to what is true. Truth requires no belief, it purely stands on its own.

        Steve, you know Bill is a most honest person. You KNOW. You don’t believe he is, you know he is. That is direct experience you have of him. Not belief. You have long gone beyond belief, yet you have had some difficulty in trusting in yourself that you KNOW. We don’t go backwards in our learning and growth. We move forward. You are quite far along in your spiritual development – more than you believe. But, now, you need not look for what to believe in, you need to know the truth for and within your own being. The great news is that you already do that – all you need now is to trust that you do and act upon that. Most of your inner pain has been that you know so much, yet you trust so little of yourself. You believe that you have to be much more than you think you are to trust yourself. That is why you have been constantly striving to improve your body and mind. You, the spirit, needs no improvement. You already are complete as you are.

        The communication between you both is the true demonstration of why we all need each other to truly awaken. None of us can realize our true self without seeing that in each other. When we see honesty or greatness or extraordinary ability in another, it is the necessary step to seeing it in ourself. When we can accept the miracle in another, it is a giant step toward us being able to accept it for ourselves.

        Life offers us the miracle of friendship that we may each find our true self. I’ve learned long ago that our friends teach us about love and our enemies (those we believe have hurt us) teach us the truth (by pointing out the lies we believe in that we believe have hurt us).

        Thank you to both of you for providing a space for communication and healing for many.

        Peace be with you always. With gratitude and love,


        • Dear Michael – sorry for the delay in this – it was in the spam folder and I was traveling yesterday and didn’t realise. That aside, Michael what a truly wonderful response. Thank you. As you know I greatly value my friendship with Steve, even though it seems such an unlikely alliance in many ways! (Steve, I think you’d probably have to agree with that!) – and yet it is a bond that goes beyond explanation, as though we had made a prior agreement in a past lifetime. Perhaps that agreement was such that my role was to give Steve the impetus he needed to awaken in this lifetime. These agreements are always a two way street though, and Steve has taught me so many things already. Big things. I am a far better person for having known, and for knowing, Steve. And aside from that, we’ve shared some very funny times together. Steve is a very powerful person energetically. And his capacity for compassion is boundless.

          Michael, you write so eloquently, and you are so wise. Thank you for interceding here. Each time I hear from you, either through your writing or via email, I learn so much. Thank you. Bill


  2. I have just been forced to use my pilgrim staff in combat.

    As defensively as possible, but it is ghastly to have had to actually do so instead of simply reading about the occasional necessity of it …

    Been having a very, very crappy day all ’round …


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