It’s with great sadness ~

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of my boots.

My boots – a pair of Asolos – walked my first Camino, the Camino Frances. They are three years old, and I estimate they’ve tramped about 4,000kms.

Finally though, they’ve carked it.

IMG_1316 IMG_1317

They’ve been sturdy, robust, and trusted friends.
They have taken me wonderful places.
They have done so largely blister free.

And tonight, I will reverentially place them in their final resting place –

– the garbage bin.

Today I received their replacement – a pair of Meindl, from Germany. I have a pair of full leather Meindls for when I walk my Caminos, but these are lighter and better for training, particularly on roads and hard surfaces.

I got them from Cotswolds Outdoors, a UK based online hiking company that does good prices, with fast and cheap freight.

So I am about to begin a new friendship with my new boots. They are a little stand-offish at the moment. A little stiff, a little reserved, not ebulliently friendly like the Asolos.

But that’s the difference between Germans and Italians, I guess.


8 thoughts on “It’s with great sadness ~

  1. A man after my own heart! How I can relate! When I moved into my new place earlier this year I had to say goodbye to 30 pair of boots. Alas, it is the only thing I collect and each pair has many Dance stories to share! I hope you and your new pair have a lovely time getting used to each other! I love and miss you and Jen! ❤️


  2. Well, Bill, you certainly got your money’s worth with the old boots. Let’s see if you’re as happy with these newbies!! 🙂 I’m currently out there pounding the streets again on a daily basis and my Scarpa ‘Kailash’ are still going strong and keeping me blister free 🙂


    • I tied the new ones up too tight, then went on a 15km walk, and I bruised the bejesus out of the top of my foot. Sore as hell now. I am such a dummy.


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