A channel, a channelling, a new awareness…

I was led to Amanda Guggenheimer.

She’s a channel – and an amazing one.

She lives in amongst beautiful forests in the Dandenong Ranges at the back of Melbourne, Victoria – and a friend, Peter Warren, led me to her.

This is now how my life works.
I’m guided.
And I don’t resist anymore.
I’ve learned not to.
I’ve learned to relinquish control.
To yield, as Amanda would say.

Her story is remarkable.

After a turbulent adolescence, Amanda at age seventeen retreated into the wilderness to train under the guidance of a very experienced channel. At the age of twenty-two, after completing her apprenticeship, she began channeling professionally.

She’s written several books, two of which I’ve read – The Light-Worker’s Companion, and The Channel’s Companion. 

(These links above take you to Amazon, where you can buy the books.)

The books have been a revelation for me. They’ve explained so much. They’re accessible, written simply, but it’s very apparent that they’ve been channelled because they’re technical. They’re like handbooks.

For me, right now at this point in my life, I’ve found them to be incredibly useful. They’ve helped me join so many dots. And yet I know there’s still so much to learn. I’m still very much on trainer wheels.

One of the things that’s been a huge revelation to me is the concept of a personal “hierarchy.” What’s a person’s hierarchy? Here is Amanda’s definition:

“Every person on Earth belongs to a hierarchy. A human being is either a member of one of the original twelve hierarchies that established the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth or from a hierarchy that joined Earth at a later stage in her development. One’s hierarchy is constructed of geometric light designs and sound, which houses and organises the many parts of one’s soul that one’s soul has chosen to send to Earth and other planetary worlds and realms for experience. One’s hierarchy, while participating in the grand assignment to restore Earth to the light, is connected to the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth and the planet Earth herself.”

Here is a diagram, from The Light-Workers Companion, of a hierarchy.

Screenshot 2016-07-19 09.21.12

Notice the little stick figure right down the bottom of the diagram?
That’s you and me.
Our corporeal being.
Our human being.
See how inconsequential we are in the whole scheme of things?

During the course of my making my film on intuition, I’ve had the privilege to meet some extraordinary mystics and channels. Caroline Myss springs to mind – and Dr. Norm Shealy, and Michael Tamura and James Van Praagh. And of course Lee Carroll, who channels for Kryon. These are remarkable and gifted people.

I regard Amanda as their peer.

She is a shy reclusive young lady. She lives with her family in a beautiful house in the Dandenongs, and last week Jennifer and I went and visited them. They live amongst the trees, they’re vegetarians, and whilst not being rigid about it, they try to eat only organic produce, a lot of which they grow themselves.

They are very sensitive to energy and eschew wifi and mobiles, where possible. It’s a life of wonderful simplicity, and yet they are very much connected to the real world. Amanda has a thriving business doing channelling work for clients all around the world. She’s  normally booked up two months ahead.

She’s a strong advocate for connecting with nature as a means for spiritual growth and healing. This comes through very strongly in her first book, The Light-Worker’s Companion, where she details various nature spirits.

I did a ninety minute interview with Amanda for my film. It was wonderful. On several topics she gave me quite a unique viewpoint. Later, she told me that after the interview, she felt a lightness – as though by talking with me she had fulfilled a longstanding contract – an agreement.

Amanda has promised to help me with the film, and with my personal growth, in any way she can. She is very generous. She has now done three channellings – two for me, and one with Jennifer and myself. She channelled Saint Germain and Archangel Gabriel. I was given information which I regard as very beneficial.

Do you believe this stuff? Do you believe in channelling, and spirits, and Ascended Masters, and angels?
You don’t have to.
I believe it.
Over the past two years filming around the world, I’ve seen things, read things, heard things that simply must have come from other realms. There could be no other way.

And remember, I started out a skeptic.

I’m currently reading John Steinbeck’s To a God Unknown. I came across this passage yesterday: There are some things won’t stand reason, but are so just the same.

If you want to contact Amanda for a session, you best get her on: info@amandaguggenheimer.com
Here is a simplified version of a person’s hierarchy, inclusive of the various levels and dimensions…
Screenshot 2016-07-19 09.40.58

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  1. Can’t keep up with you…not that I need to…but boy you are crisscrossing on some of the stuff I am pondering….

    Gosh I hope this movie is done soon…it’s going to be a mind bender.

    Light and Love Ingrid

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  2. Oh Bill, I wish that I had been with you and Jen on your visit to Amanda’s place. It sounded like a most remarkable light experience that i would love to have been a part of. It is so heartening and confirming that there are so many light workers doing their jobs on Earth. Just imagine the big beautiful night if we each held a lighted candle -where ever we are in this world.


  3. Thanks again, Bill, for trying to entire me off that bottom rung and apropos nothing much at all, I’ve just finished reading a wonderful book by Manisha Jolie Amin ‘Dancing to the Flute’ and was struck by this sentence: “No use worrying about the future, when the present was new enough.” 🙂


    • Thanks Britta – and yes, that sentence that you quoted is pretty neat. If you keep that attitude, that the present is new and exciting and fresh, then it’s a wonderful way to approach life.


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