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Anyway, here is what I’m currently reading, in preparation for doing an interview with the author, Amanda Guggenheimer, early next week in Victoria.

Thought some of you might find it interesting – the following of a spiritual path…


“When individuals work to create a stable foundation they build a home life and/ or working life, social life and activities so as to keep passion and interest in living. If they have a family, they work to ensure the financial security of the family and endeavour to be helpful and useful in the extended family and community.

For the most part, this is considered a happy life. Why then, do so many people seem unhappy with such a plan? Others, seeing the result of the plan, believe they can safeguard against unhappiness and try to make changes such as earning more money, not having children, travelling overseas, educating themselves or living alternatively in some way.

Regardless of the alterations to the formula, the individual comes to the point where they have established their framework for life but feel unfulfilled as though there must be something more. For some, the awareness of being unfulfilled does not come quite so easily and may follow a personal crisis or trauma. Whether it is a smooth transition into this level of awareness or a painful one, it is here that the individual may choose the spiritual path.

They realise that finding happiness may not be solely based on making changes to external things. A faint urge or calling emerges from within and grows louder and stronger by the day. Those that listen to this calling and allow it to guide their next move find the doorway of spiritual awakening.

Although they may experience fear, they long to walk through that door. There is a level of nervous apprehension mixed with excitement. They can feel that the key to happiness and fulfilment is close. They crave every bit of information they can get their hands on as a way of speeding up the awakening procedure.

Messages may start to come in dreams or through interesting people who cross their path. Where they used to walk around with eyes closed, now they insist on having them open. As a result, they begin to notice the many signs the universe sends them every day. These signs contribute to awakening, connecting, reminding and teaching the initiate.

Their Higher Self gently makes its presence known and the initiate begins to realise that there is more to them than their external measure. The initiate is in fact a spiritual being in a human body, awakening to his/ her true nature.”

From “The Light-Workers Companion” by Amanda Guggenheimer

Lightworkers Companion

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  1. Bill, I have been a follower of your blog from almost the start. Reading your blog helped my wife and I move away from over planning our entire Camino journey and letting the Camino provide. I have continued to follow your blog and look to let my intuition guide me in life decisions.

    I would like to share a recent experience where intuition and letting go of fear played a key role in my life. Back in early April of this year, my wife Lisa and I traveled to Kansas City to visit her son and fiancee, At the time, we lived in Columbus, OH. We had a wonderful visit and Lisa realized she was never going to live close to her son again. Lisa is a high school French teacher and as we were sitting in the airport on our way home, she saw a posting on a French teacher Facebook page for a job in a Kansas City suburb. She asked me if she should apply and I said, “Sure, what the heck.” Two weeks later, she had an online interview and was offered the job. Meanwhile, I initially thought I would retire and find a job in KC. However, my current employer allowed me to keep my job and work from home. The way the job situation worked out for both us, certainly made it feel like this was the path we were meant to take.

    We worked with a realtor to sell our house in Columbus and it sold much more quickly than we planned so we had to scramble to find something in KC. We were working with a realtor in KC and looking at houses online. Our realtor would go look at the houses for us and give us her opinion. We were putting pressure on ourselves to make a decision and we were contemplating putting an offer on a home. However, it just didn’t feel right to either of us. It wasn’t exactly what we were looking for and wasn’t in the area we liked. Our intuitions told us to step back and let the right home come along to us. Less than a week later, we found the home that we moved into two weeks ago, without having actually seen it until the day of the inspection!

    We are happily residing in Kansas City and are close to Lisa’s son. I am pretty sure that we would not have moved so quickly down this path had I not been inspired by your blog. I think the fear of making such a major change at this point in my life would have kept me from seeking out the opportunity that was presented to us by the universe. We followed the signs and listened to our intuitions to guide us in the life adventure.

    We are looking forward to seeing your movie when hits the big screen.

    Buen Camino,


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    • Brent, I find this story of yours so inspiring – and so wonderful that I might have in some small way helped you and your wife make the decisions you were meant to make. Thank you so much for writing here and letting me know – it means a huge amount to me to know that this blog has helped you both.

      I hope the film, when it’s completed, will take these messages out into the wider world. My goal is to let people know that they can trust their intuitive system – that it functions for one reason only, and that is to keep us safe, and to guide us towards true happiness and fulfilment. Again my thanks – Bill


  2. Dear Bill,
    In regards to Brent’s wonderful story, I feel you have helped or planted seeds for many of us to start using our intuition. Certainly Dale and I are included in those you and Jennifer have helped. As for Amanda Guggenheimer’s book, I do believe she’s talking directly to or of me.. I now have another book to add to my growing list. I need a few lessons in speed reading.
    Before my daughter’s passing I had started to feel the need to dig into spiritual matters but now things are constantly yelling at me to learn and discover all levels of the Higher Self and everything spiritual. Not talking about religion but spiritual. I’m getting there.
    Much Love and Thankfulness to you and Jennifer for coming into our lives!

    Many Hugs
    PS. When I saw you were going to be in Victoria I was so excited as it is just across the border from us and then I realized there is a Victoria in Australia 😦


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